The Morning After


My heart thundered as I stared up at Tom, frozen in his arms. Even with our combined warmth clinging to the blankets, I could tell I was naked, and so was he. The darkest of my memories reached for me, the early days of my captivity, before I had figured out how to deal with what was happening. Had I been wrong about him all along? Had he finally snapped and taken advantage of me?

Memories of last night filtered into place. His gentle hands, his smile. The white-hot pleasure of orgasm. I’d chosen everything that had happened, and he’d let me. I sucked in a deep breath and met his bright-green gaze, finally recognizing the concern within. He was still my Tom.

And morning sunlight streamed in through the windows. Fuck! It was Wednesday, and I had therapy before long. I needed to get up. I started to move, and my skin pulled off his, reminding me that we were both extremely naked.

He’d seen me last night. In the dark, through the cover that night granted. Now, if I stood up, he wou
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