He inhaled sharply. “Okay. I have to go get pajamas.”

I tightened my grasp on his hand. He’d been so far away for so long. I didn’t want him to leave the room, like he’d disappear in a puff of smoke if he did.

“Or I could stay.” He glanced down at himself. “I have an undershirt, and I guess I can keep my pants on.”

“You don’t have to.” My voice rasped out of my throat. I barely believed myself, but I knew that I wanted Tom to sleep, and I knew he wouldn’t in suit pants. He’d be the same man I’d come to know and love in boxers.

“Okay.” His voice became husky. “And I’ll sleep…” He glanced at the couch.

“In bed with me,” I finished.

A knot of tension seemed to leave Tom. He smiled softly. “That works for me.”

I nodded sharply and stood. “I’ll go change in the closet. You, out here.”

He saluted. “Rodger!”

I laughed as I wobbled into the closet where there were no mirrors, still feeling half like I was dreaming. When I stepped into the closet, I closed the door most of the way and le
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