On the Hunt


We waited for another five minutes. Nothing came through on my phone. Nothing moved at the house. The goosebumps wouldn’t completely leave, but I shoved them out of my mind. Probably just nerves. Maybe Zahur had the bulk of his men inside. I silenced my phone and gestured everyone over. The grappling hooks swung again. I glanced at Teddy. He nodded and lifted a packet of explosives. He and two other guys would stay on this side, waiting for the final signal to blow the wall. The first three mercs made it over. Then, another wave.


Carp swore as automatic gunfire split the night, and floodlights flicked on. I launched myself at the ropes to get over. We had to move before Zahur’s guys wised up and unhooked our only way over. We could always blow the wall early, but I didn’t want the cops here any sooner than necessary.

On the other side of the wall, it was already chaos. The “handful of men” Killian had seen suddenly tripled in number, raining bullets down from
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