We Had a Deal!


“They are approaching,” Mostafa said from his position on a hill. “From down the street. Like a ship in the night.”

I tried to lean out far enough to get eyes on them, but the little Egyptian hissed.

“No! They will see you.”

We needed the advantage of the ambush. Even with all the men we had, Mostafa said Khaled might’ve leant some additional security. We had no idea what we were really looking at.

I put a finger to my ear to trigger the communication device Tommaso had suggested for myself and the two other platoon leaders for this big group. We were each supposed to target one door, just as soon as Zahur’s folks closed up.

“Alrighty, that’s the signal,” I said. “Start moving. And don’t forget—you open any doors without me looking at you, you go in a mass grave with the rest of them.”

It was the best plan I’d come up with for making sure the attack was successful. I knew we needed the extra bodies, but shit, I did not trust most of these hired guns. The two other leaders radioed
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