Taming Mr. Black

Taming Mr. Black

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Welcome to Club K. Home for the finest and wealthiest men in the country. Owned by playboy Billionaire, Killian Black. The handsome, cocky, and dominant bachelor with a shitty reputation. He has one simple rule: Never mix work with pleasure. Born and raised in a family who worked hard for what they get, Naomi Alderson despises privileged men, especially this particularly attractive, and annoyingly sexy Billionaire, Killian Black, who happens to be her boss. A man who doesn't even know she existed. She has one simple rule: Never get involved with privileged men, especially Killian Black. But what happens when the mysterious, Arrogant Killian Black sets eyes on shy, innocent Naomi Alderson? A girl he never knew existed. And one thing's for sure, Killian is willing to break every of his rules to get her in his bed. Even if he has to win her heart first.

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65 Chapters
01. Naomi
" Naomi!" The sound of my name makes me jolt up from my bed at once. I clean my eyes and stare at the person next to my open door. My younger sister Rachel stands next to my door with a toothbrush in her hand as she smiles at me. " Good morning. Mama said I should tell you that you will be late for work soon." Rachel says and disappears down the hallway, leaving my door open. I groan and get out of bed. I quickly take my bath, get dressed in my previous day clothes and head to the living room. The house looks lively and smells beautiful. " Pancakes." I say as I walk towards the kitchen. Mom's making pancakes like I predicted. " Good morning, Mama." I say and kiss my mother on the cheeks. " Good morning, baby. How did you sleep?" Mom asks and scoops pancakes on a plate and pushes it to the edge of the counter for me to take. I give her a grateful nod and brew coffee for myself. " Good." I say, while adding sugar and cream to my coffee." Mmm…"" Is this about that boyfrien
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02. Naomi
The first person I see the minute I step inside the club is Keiran. He's a bartender, works the bar frequently and he's my very good friend. Keiran is hot. Short blonde hair, one sleeve tattoo on his left arm. He's pretty tall, not that tall and he's attractive. He's literally the ladies' man. Most female customers who drink by the bar every other night always flirt with Keiran and drop him a lot of tips. He's beautiful to the eye and you just can't ignore him even if you try. I walk towards the bar and sit myself in front of Keiran. I'm pretty early today. Since it's Friday, I decided to come early. Fridays are one of the busiest days in Club K aside Sundays. In less than a few hours there will be men dressed in suits all over these expensive couches with girls on their lap. There's a strip club at the top. It is the VIP area. You need a pass or a ticket to get up there. Most celebrities or wealthy bachelors and married men hang out there. It's their favorite spot in club k.
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03. Naomi
There's one thing I don't appreciate as a server in club k. And that thing is our uniform. A sleeveless white buttoned shirt tucked inside a black mid thigh flare skirt and paired with white sneakers. How could someone make waitresses who serve alcohol to men wear short flare skirts? I literally can't bend down to pick anything. Each time I'm dropping anything the customers ordered for, I cautiously bend down a little. This is literally one of the reasons I hate the job. And the other reason, these arrogant men don't even try to hide their disgusting attitudes. They flirt with you when they feel like it. And Killian Black is the other reason I feel like quitting my job. He did nothing to me, trust me. I just didn't like the son of a bitch. It's a little weird hating someone who doesn't know you exist. Who's never ever looked at you before. I just find him annoying for no reason. And thinking about taking this drink to his special VIP quarters is just challenging for me. " What
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04. Killian
KILLIAN'S POV" Are you still thinking about what your mother told you?" Raymond, the head of the marketing department in my company, and also my friend, asks. It's Friday. A beautiful day to get wasted, get drunk, fuck, and go back home. And my club is the best place to do that. And that's exactly why I'm in my club. It's a routine for me. Coming out here to drink, smoke, take a girl home is part of my weekend routine. When you have money, a lot of money to be precise, nothing seems interesting anymore. Everything seems just the same. I feel like that lately and my mother just happens to add more salt into the open wound. Reminding me about my older brother, Keith, getting married two months from now, and ringing it in my ear to get settled down too. She believed I'm getting old and I needed to find someone as soon as possible so that I can start giving her grandchildren as soon as possible. Fuck's sake, I'm only thirty, and she's making me look like I'm forty. Plus, Keith is a
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05. Naomi
Oh shit. What did I just do? I can't believe I just slapped Killian's perverted friend. I stare at the three men, with Killian's perverted friend glaring at me, a murderous glare. Maybe I shouldn't have slapped him. That was just over dramatic and he had it coming. He's a perverted dirty asshole. How dare he touch me? I have a rule about touching and God, I hate when men, especially men like Killian's friend, try to touch me. And he's also a jerk. Directly throwing it at my face that I was cheap and just pretending to play hard. As much as I hated what I did, because obviously I was gonna lose my job, Killian deserved more respect from me. I shouldn't have slapped his friend right next to him, that was disrespectful. I turn on my heels and run out of Killian's quarters before I lose my head before losing my job. Debs sees me and tries to stop me, but I don't slow down. I rush straight to the elevator and press my floor button. The elevator opens and I quickly step out. Keir
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06. Killian
I slowly open my eyes as I take in my surroundings. I'm in my bedroom with two different female arms wrapped around my body. " Fuck. What's the time?" I grunt, pushing these unfamiliar women off my body. I don't even remember them or their names. The only thing I remembered last night was getting pissed because Naomi rejected me and ran away. I was kind of furious over the matter. I mean who knew rejection tasted this sour? I've never been rejected by anyone before. I can't even remember a woman telling me no. All they know how to do is say yes especially when there's money involved. I went downstairs last night after Naomi ran away, to the other side of my club that I barely visited and a lot of people were surprised to see me downstairs. I asked Preston where Naomi was and he told me one of the servers saw her get dressed in a hurry and left. She probably thought I wanted to fire her. And then later, I remember requesting Raymond to get me a girl. I guess that's how I ende
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07. Naomi
" Naomi!" Charlie screams as he runs into me before I can shut the main door behind me. Charlie wraps his small arms around my legs as he giggles loudly. I squat down to ruffle his curly brown hair. He smiles, all teeth and a big grin. My nephew is a really fine young man. We have that gene in our family. I drop my hand bag and lift Charlie from the floor. Shit, he's added a lot of weight. " God, what do they feed you?" I tease him as I drop him on the floor and tickle him. He laughs. " Stop…" He giggles loudly. " Naomi." He cries out while still laughing. I let go of him and he's already on the floor, still laughing." I'm so mad at you." Charlie whines. " I waited for you on my birthday, you didn't show up." He whines and stands up from the floor." I'm so sorry baby." I hold his head and peck his forehead." And guess what I bought you?" I ask as I smile down at Charlie. He stares at me with big brown doe eyes. " A new toy?!" He's already excited. I laugh. I bring o
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08. Naomi
Charlie and I visit a bowling alley. He has always wanted to bowl. We played and I taught him how to bowl. He failed countless times but won just once. He was over the moon when he scored one. I bought him a popsicle as a gift. I was broke, but I had to scrape out cash from where I never thought I'd scraped just to make this boy happy today. He was indeed happy. He giggled and laughed as he rode an automatic toy horse. Later I took him to play dodgeball. It was really fun. Charlie was literally the sweetest person in our family. He's the light in my brother's world and I really loved the kid. By the time we played all the games, I was completely broke by the end of the day. We stopped at a small diner to eat and I bought him a small plate of dessert. I didn't order anything, I just went through the pictures I took as Charlie ate. I lock the screen of my phone and place it down on the table as I smile at Charlie. " Enjoying yourself?" I ask. He doesn't answer, just nods. I sigh
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09. Naomi
" You know your boss wants to fuck you right?" Bianca asks as she applies make-up on my face. I glare at her from underneath my lashes. She looks at me and chuckles. " What?" I roll my eyes, staying still as she continues her makeup on my face. It's Saturday evening and Bianca and I are getting ready to party at Bart's. The club where her new boyfriend or fuck buddy Lucky, is a DJ. I don't feel like partying really, but that will offend Bianca. I already promised her this morning before I took Charlie out that we were gonna party together. Plus, her boyfriend, Dean, broke her heart and she needs me to be there for her. To be there for her, means getting wasted tonight. I'm a lightweight. Two glasses in and I don't recognize myself anymore. " Are you really avoiding this topic?" Bianca asks, closing her makeup kit. She plugs in a curling iron to curl my hair. I shake my head and stare at her. " What do you want me to say?" I ask her, biting my lip. " Well...I don't know
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10. Killian
" So how's business, Killian? Making more money as always?" Harry says, but I'm not paying attention. The loud music and drunk people makes me want to get the hell out of here and go back to my house. Harry and I aren't really friends, in fact I don't even have a lot of friends. I don't know a lot of people in my life that I can call my friend. Raymond and I became friends the first few months he started working with me. Before he worked below me and he got promoted. Guess that was when I even knew he existed. It took me about three months to actually talk to the guy and another two months to call him my friend. And I think Raymond's the only guy I can call my friend, and maybe my cousin, Preston. Well he's also family and that's a bonus for him. All my life what I've known is making more money. Grabbing the next business opportunity and turning it into millions. I didn't have time for friends or even love. And Harry, he's this guy I call an acquaintance. We're familiar wit
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