Taste Your Own Medicine

Taste Your Own Medicine

By:  RK Riya  Completed
Language: English
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Ares Walker and Zeus Allen are good friends but their friendship ruined when their parents forced them to get married for business benefits. Although Ares was willing to marry Zeus because he fell in love with him, Zeus never saw Ares as more than a friend. So, after marriage Zeus started to humiliate and torture Ares mentally. He didn't even treat him as human. When Ares lost his patience, he decided to make Zeus taste his own medicine. He was determined to give Zeus every humiliation he got from him.

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Really loved reading this book, they've come a long way... thank you author
2024-02-09 22:36:41
30 Chapters
Ares Walker and Zeus Allen were good friends but their families were business revals. It's didn't effect their friendship cause it's their family matters. It's none of their business. So, they often hang out together. But their friendship ruined when their parents found out about their friendship and forced them to get married for business benefits. Although Ares was willing to marry Zeus because he fell in love with him but Zeus never saw Ares as more than a friend.So, after marriage Zeus started to humiliate and torture Ares mentally. He didn't even treat him as human. When Ares lost his patience, he decided to make Zeus taste his own medicine. He was determined to give Zeus every humiliation he got from him.
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Name: Zeus AllenAge: 25Zeus Allen is the CEO of Allen Corporation. He is cold hearted person. He is a successful business man. He is married to Ares Walker. He is forced to marry Ares because his parents arrange it. He has a grudge against Ares because of the marriage. So, After marriage he decided to make Ares's life a living hell.Name: Ares WalkerAge: 25Ares Walker is the CEO of Walker Corporation. He is kind and cheerful person. He has always smile in his lips. He is a successful business man. He is married to Zeus Allen. Though it was an arrange marriage but he was willing to marry Zeus. Because he loves Zeus secretly. But his life become a living hell after married to Zeus.Name: Crystal WalkerAge: 45Crystal Walker is Ares Walker's mother, a successful business woman. She loves her only child Ares Walker very much. Ares's happiness is most important to her. She can't see him in pain. If anyone dare to bully or hurt his son then he will take care of herself. But she is unawa
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Chapter - 01
One of the room in a big mansion heard the sound of moaning and groaning. In another room of the same mansion heard the sound of silence crying and sods. In the room one beautiful man was crying while holding his ears. He felt like his heart is tearing apart. He couldn't fall asleep because of the sound of moaning. He couldn't sleep in nights because of that sounds. Alcohol didn't help him anymore and today he forgot to buy sleeping pills. The man who was none other than Ares Walker stopped crying. He was tried of crying. His eyes couldn't bring any tears like his all tears had been finished. He pitied himself. He regretted to fall in love with Zeus Allen. He couldn't believe he fall in love with a man like Zeus. But Zeus wasn't like that before. He changed because he married to Ares. But what could Ares do? Wasn't it a arrange marriage? Then what's Ares's fault? Was it Ares's fault to agree to this arrange marriage? But Ares didn't thought his marriage life would turn out like that.
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Chapter - 02
In Zeus-Ares MansionAres Walker is waiting for Zeus Allen in the wedding chamber but there was no sign of Zeus Allen coming home. He decided to wait in the living room.In midnight Zeus Allen entered inside the mansion. He saw Ares Walker was sleeping in the couch of the living room. He became very angry after seeing Ares Walker."Why are you sleeping here?" Shouted Zeus.Ares jerked up from his sleep. He started to stutter "I ....I was...waiting for you.""Waiting for me? Why? Did I tell you to wait for me? Huh?" Asked Zeus."Zeus it's our wedding night." Ares said and lowered his head. He felt hurt."Oh, right! I forget it's our wedding night. So what you expect me to do. Mnnn... Let me guess. You want me to love you. You want me to make you mine. Isn't it AresAres?" Zeus mockingly said and in the last he shouted.Ares Walker became speechless. He felt like crying. He could smell the scent of alcohol from Zeus Allen while he was talking. Ares brought his courage to ask "Are you dru
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Chapter - 03
In the morning Zeus Allen wake up from his sleep. He just slept only 3 hours. He took a shower and left the room. He went to the living room. Today the mansion was dead silent. He scanned the living room and went to the kitchen. He felt strange. It's not normal. On the other days, Ares Walker would have already woken up and prepared breakfast for both of them. But today there is no sign of Ares. Zeus knew that Ares couldn't fell asleep in nights because of the noises he makes. But Ares didn't woke up late. So why today he wasn't here. Did he go to the office? But it's only 7:30. Ares went to the company at 8:30. Zeus was well aware that Ares drank alcohol every night. It's became his habit. But he didn't know that Ares took sleeping pills. No matter how much Ares drank alcohol, he will woke up in the early morning. But today was the first time Zeus didn't saw Ares in the morning. 'Is he sick?' Zeus thought and decided to check on him.Zeus went upstairs and headed to Ares's be bedro
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Chapter - 04
After finishing his breakfast, Ares Walker laid down on the couch and started to play with his cat. Today he didn't go to Xiao Corporation and decided to spend the time at home peacefully cause at night this mansion would turn into a hell.In the afternoon, Ares got ready. He wore a black pant and a white t-shirts with red court. He went to the garage and took out his sports car. 30 minutes later he reached a fancy restaurant. He went inside and take a seat in a corner. He sat besides a window and started to enjoy the scenery of outside.5 minutes later, a man who wore a red shirt and black pants come and sat besides him."Sorry. I am late." Said the man."It's okay Paul. I didn't wait long." Said Ares and smile.The man who was Paul Jonas, Ares's close friend smile at him and said "Then I am glad.""Mn. Then let's order something. I am hungry." Said Ares and poutedn while Paul Jonas laughed at Ares's silliness and nodded his head.They ordered some snacks and soft drinks. While waiti
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Chapter - 05
"Mom I..... I...." Ares Walker started to shutted."How can you do this Ares?" Madam Crystal Walker raised her voice at her only son for the first time.Ares lowered his head. Tears were rolling down his soft cheeks. For the first time in his life his mom raised her voice at him. He really hurt his mom very hard. Paul Jones decided to keep his mouth shut. He didn't want to interfere between mother-son conversation.Madam Walker went to her son and hugged him tightly and tears also started to fall from her eyes. With the familiar warmth from the hug, Ares burst into loud cry. He couldn't hold back anymore.After sometime they both calm down. Paul Jones excused himself to give them privacy.When they settled down on a private room in the restaurant. Ares Walker said in a low tone "Mom I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Please forgive me mom."Madam Walker didn't answer him insisted asked "When did all this start? When did Zeus Allen start to torture you?""Mom, Zeus didn't torture.
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Chapter - 06
"Mom, I want to punish Zeus. I want him to know how it feels when you can't fall asleep because of others sinful sounds. I want him to feel what I felt in last six months." Said Ares."And how you will do it? Do you have a plan?" Madam Walker asked."I have. But I need your permission." Said Ares."My permission? Why?" Madam Walker asked."Mom I want to become a playboy. I want to fool around. I want to become drunk and bring a new girl in my so-called home like Zeus Allen. I want to sleep with a new girl everyday. I want to be wasted. If these expose to the media public will critize me and our famuly. I don't care about myself but it will effect on our business. That's why I need your permission." Ares said in one breath. He and his mother were like best friend. He shared everything with her. That's why he told what's he wanted to do.Madam Walker couldn't believe what she heard. Her innocent baby wanted to be a playboy. He wanted to sleep around. But what could she expect. Ares suff
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Chapter - 07
In Zeus Allen's office cabinetZeus didn't finish the food. He became habitual in homemade foods. But he didn't understand why Ares didn't send him food. He remembered he didn't do anything wrong to made him upset. Well he admitted he did everything to made him upset. He decided not to dwell on it.Zeus finished his work and headed to his usual destination which was one of the most famous clubs of the city. On his way Stephen stopped him."Zeus can't you stop doing this? It has been six months you keep going on clubs, get wasted and brought a new girl in your home everyday to hurt Ares. Can't you stop it now?" Stephen asked Zeus. He was also Zeus's best friend.Zeus looked at him and coldly said "It's none of your business. So stay away from it.""I know it's not my business. But Ares is also my friend. I feel bad for both of you. I pity him. You keep punishing him for something in which he has no hands." Said Stephen."Keep your pity with you. Ares don't need your pity. He made the bi
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Chapter - 08
It's 11 p.m. of the night, Zeus Allen was sitting on the couch of the living room. He was waiting for Ares Walker. But there was no signed of Ares to come back home. Zeus was thinking what should he do now. In the end he called Ares's assistant Dylan Watson."Hello Dylan." Zeus said when Dylan received the call after trying of few times."What the hell Zeus. Why are you calling me at this time. Do your slut failed to satisfy your needs. Do you want me to find you a new slut for you?" Dylan asked. He was very irritated with Zeus's call. He hated Zeus to his core. He knew everything about Zeus and Ares.Zeus ignored his cursing. He knew Dylan hated him but he didn't care. "Where is Ares?" Zeus asked and Dylan frowned. "What do you mean where is Ares? He must be in your mansion." Said Dylan."No. He isn't here that's why....." Zeus was talking but Dylan didn't let Zeus finished his words."Zeus what you did to Ares? Don't tell me you forced him to leave the house. Or ....or did you kill
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