When Adalyn met Margot

When Adalyn met Margot

By:  Amethyst Periwinkle  Ongoing
Language: English
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When two women have an encounter at a train station, they strike up a powerful bond which causes them to miss every train but when the last one arrives, will they continue to live their burning passion or say their last goodbyes and illustrate a forgotten love.

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When do you think you’ll update? This story is amazing! ?❤️
2020-09-18 23:07:51
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Kim Camarines
ilove this story
2020-06-06 21:55:57
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The new book cover is great!!!
2020-06-19 09:32:07
14 Chapters
•6.00 a.m•
∆ Adalyn's p.o.v ∆Who would have thought I was going to marry the Shakespeare of my high school.Today was a big day, I was going to meet his parents for the first time. Stress was at its paroxysm. Apprehension fulfilled my body as I was getting ready early in the morning so that I did not miss the train to Seattle.I was in love with him but it seemed as if it was planned. On my 24th birthday, my friends set up a blind date and me being the shy person I was, I didn't decline it and forced a smile to seem happy about it. Let me say that when I saw Jerry; my husband which at the time I identified as a geek, I was shocked yet it was intriguing. The whole time I spent with him was him bragging about the new investments he made or the new house he was planning to buy and let's just say it was not my cup of tea. Conversations in general were not what I mainly liked so imagine sitting two hours with someone who k
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•7:00 a.m•
Margot's p.o.v ∆I woke up with the sun rays beaming on my face, I checked the time on the clock which was on my nightstand and saw '7.00 a.m' . I quickly hurried to put some decent clothes on and tried to tame my hair but obviously giving up and putting it in a low bun. I was an adult now. Already 18, I couldn't believe it. My family insisted for me to come to my hometown;Seattle for the special event. I had no interest to show up there after everything that happened but somehow, my mother managed to convince me. I would stay only for a week, it can't be that bad... Right? I hadn't gone there since I was 16. I always wanted to be independent and have no one control what I say and do. They did forbid me from doing anything on my own but I didn't listen as always and only took in consideration what I though and only what I wanted to achieve. Let's just say that when I ran away from my town
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•7:30 a.m•
∆ Adalyn's p.o.v ∆•I gathered all the little to no courage I had to start the conversation and thanked her again since it was entirely my fault if she was late. She kept saying that it was no big deal and that either way she didn't want to go to Seattle which I find funny as a coincidence that we both don't necessarily want to go there•"It's not like I wanted to go to Seattle anyways." She said nonchalantly"Neither do I, but I still have to be on time. My life depends on this.""I don't think your life should depend on anything else but your own perception" •I raised a brow at her confused since I had never thought about this before. This statement kept frustrating me. I usually tend to understand things or even simplify them, but this appeared to be more complex. •"What do you mean exactly by my own perception?" "Well it depends on your current situation."
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•8.00 a.m•
∆ Margot's p.o.v ∆•The adrenaline was the one acting when I asked Adalyn to stay a little more. It's not that I regret it, it's just that it surprises me. Never in a million years I would've acted like this, but it seemed that she showed me a side of myself I didn't know yet. A confident and decision-making person.•"Don't you find it hilarious?""What?" I asked out of curiosity"The fact that we barely know each other and still decided to be late; again only to get to know each other more.""I'll have to admit this is some kind of gold comedy right here." I said sarcastically"Agreed!" She said laughing"So about what you asked..." "Oh yeah I almost got distracted and forgot.'" Something horrendous happened two years ago, I was only 16 at the time and didn't know what I was doing. I acted without taking into into consideration the conseque
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•9.00 a.m •
∆ Adalyn's p.o.v ∆•I was dumbfounded by what Margot said but at the same time I had to show empathy towards her situation. Losing a loved one is not the easiest path to go through, it may  even seem impossible but some aspects of life only show the awful side of it, I can easily tell that Margot is a tenacious and  independent person but the simple fact of mentioning the unfortunate accident of her sister could bring her down to the lowest form of herself. We were at the coffee shop and Margot just stared blankly at her coffee which I understand. Sharing this story with someone you barely know is tough and yet she had the courage to do it. She trusted me and I can't make her regret what she did.•"So about what you said, I want you to know that I can comprehend the fact that it destroys you, that telling me mustn't have been easy and I want to thank you for trusting me."•I could already see a smile on her face after what I said and
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• 9:30 a.m •
∆ Margot's p.o.v ∆It would be no surprise if I told you we missed the 09:30 a.m train. What is surprising is the way we missed it. For once it was not our decision; well not entirely. I was abnormally getting lost in Adalyn's blue ocean eyes which were the polar opposite of mine; mine were a regular dark brown but she seemed to like them a lot since she complimented them at any given chance. The way she describes them resembles a description from a book. She described them as darting back and fourth, shining in the sunlight. They were a deep, earthy brown - the color of the earth after torrential rains. But there was something else in them, something glistening. Glistening like an old copper penny being examined in the warmth next to powerful flames that were licking the safety glass door of an old fireplace. Her inspiration most probably comes from her wide knowledge and desire of  reading every second of h
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•10:00 a.m•
∆ Adalyn's p.o.v ∆I could tell by the way Margot squinted her eyes that something was up and I had an eery feeling it was not the most joyful thoughts. I asked what was up with a convincing tone that should make her realize that I had noticed her not so happy face. She simply looked at me with a frown look that read 'I don't see what you are talking about' and just like that, it is almost as if lighting struck her and she quickly flashed one of her signature dimpled smile and dismissed my statement.  I shook the thought out of my head when she continued to list reasons on why a divorce can be beneficial. Most of them were reasonable and made sense but I was still stuck to the denial stage which consisted on remaining calm with a deadly silence. At least this is how my father describes my attitude.  Not noticing that it seemed like I gave the cold shoulder to most people was not the issue. The real one was my
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•10:30 a.m•
∆ Margot's p.o.v ∆I was reluctantly over thinking Adalyn's offer. Help? I had grown up overcoming my struggles with the help of none other than myself. So when she offered her help, I was more than skeptical. I politely declined with no specifications on this conclusion and I could easily tell that Adalyn was not having it.  "You've helped me so much with my issues and I obviously feel the need to do the same." Adalyn insisted "No don't worry about that! It's totally fine." "What I need to worry about is the fact that you always refuse help from everyone and honestly an explanation wouldn't hurt anybody." I sighed. She was right after all, my parents had teached me from a very young age that if you want to have a hero to get help from then look into the mirror because one day everyone will leave.My father is a dreamer who nonetheless doesn't let his coping mechanism consume him.
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•11:00 a.m•
∆ Adalyn's p.o.v ∆The souvenir is far back from college but it is almost as if it occured yesterday since I remember every minor details as clear as day. "You did what?" Isaac asked in frustration "It was not even that obvious!" I tried my best to defend my cause "I don't know if I should thank you or hate you to death." He said grabbing my shoulders in his wide hands and shaking me a little almost as if he wanted me to realize the situation. I only blinked in confusion and looked at him in the eyes confusion written all over my face. Trust me I was more than down to earth than ever when I accidentally gave a hint to Amber that Isaac might or might not like her in some sort of way. I wouldn't say I am clueless but...Okay, maybe I am clueless in some situations but this is the magnificent results of the lack of human interactions. I was sitting at lunch with Amber
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•11:30 a.m•
∆ Margot's p.o.v ∆I was dumbfounded by what she just asked. Not that I feel uncomfortable with this question, far from that. It's just that the last person I was expecting to tell me this bluntly is Adalyn. She had a blank expression on her face. Her eyes being the only source of glimmer and light on her naturally pale face. Surprisingly, the colour and shine didn't cover up the fact that they were blank; no feelings whatsoever. There was something else in them that I couldn't quite catch. I was always the talkative type but Adalyn somehow managed to make me speechless at any given situation. Her coldness and bluntness makes you shiver with just one glance but I know her better than that. She has warmth; a lot of it, but it is hidden behind multiple walls made up of deception and numbness. At that moment all I could manage to say is "I'm sorry what?"  "A woman." She
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