That Girl In Glasses

That Girl In Glasses

By:  C.J  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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I had a caring, loving, and steady boyfriend and we were so much in love but our breakup was one I didn't see coming and I fell into an endless maze of twists which left me broken and lost. . . Mary, daughter to Mr. Nyomvi was given out to a husband at a crucial time in her life. Desperate to save his company from debt, he merged with a stronger company. A good deal. How far will he go to save his company? What price does Mary pay due to her father's actions? A tale of family lies and secrets, hidden behind closed doors and disguised by money. A touching story of the one chain that binds one to another... Family.

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Philomena Egbune
wonderful story!!! love love love ...
2021-09-22 03:20:55
user avatar
Michael Shelby
Enjoying this right from the start
2021-04-15 07:01:56
user avatar
Interesting start and a good cover. I like the way to describe your characters and their feelings, with a subtle touch of humor. Nice work! 🙂
2020-11-28 16:41:35
user avatar
Your book is amazing CJ. I love your story line and whole plot over all. Your writing style is so good, I can't seem to want to stop reading.
2020-11-17 13:54:12
user avatar
Angel Grace
great work princess cj ???
2020-11-16 12:07:33
user avatar
Praise Odulesi
I read part of it. And I'll be back to read more.? Nice work!
2020-10-02 05:01:47
user avatar
Taiwo Lasore
I love what I've read so far.. I'm anticipating already for coming episodes...
2020-08-02 10:33:40
user avatar
Angela Lynn Carver
This story starting out to be interesting!
2020-08-01 12:25:54
user avatar
Jessie summers
The blurb looks captivating...
2020-08-01 19:31:38
51 Chapters
Eighteen years earlier."I don't want to separate them Tom, " Mary cried with red puffy eyes."We have to." Came the cold reply. He never really loved this woman. The marriage was planned and he absolutely detested planned marriages.His parents just wanted their company to be partners and this was the only condition necessary."Okay," She replied while placing a kiss on the little bundle in her arms and handing it over.She knew better than to argue with him on such a matter although she couldn't stand the undescribable pain in her heart at having to separate her twins."Where are you going to keep her?" She asked as her milky chocolate brown eyes scanned his tired face.She truly was a beautiful woman. Her brown eyes shone up at him pleading for an answer. Her silky soft brown skin seemed to glow under the light.She wa
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1. One dab for good luck, two for success.
 Present day Morowa. "Just choose something comfortable." I suggested without looking away from the book in my hands. "That's the problem!" Val exclaimed throwing her arms up in frustration. I was in Val's room like any other day and today she's preparing for some date and she's totally paranoid over nothing. The guy she was going with would probably be going in a plain Tee shirt and denim pants and here she is fussing over the color of the dress she would wear and what type of dress. In all honesty, I'd pref
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2. Pillows aren't alive are they?
 Warren.My head hurt as I try opening my eyes. The soft yet harsh light coming from where I'm thinking is the sun tortures my eyelids.I try adjusting the pillow on my chest so I could take a shower when the pillow grumbles in it's sleep.I could feel my eyes pop out of their sockets. Wait. Pillows aren't alive are they?I notice the blonde hair of a human girl (not a pillow. Thank goodness) I slightly remember draped on my chest as she snuggled into my chest with her once red matte lipstick staining my chest as I adjusted her so I could get up.The girl who I now recognise as the girl from the bar yesterday night. I can't really remember her name but that's the least of my problems at the moment.I leave her on my king sized bed and head for my masters bedroom where I take a shower while trying to remember which bar I
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3. I almost killed a human.
 Morowa. That day in Kampala where I had ate my first rolex. Not the watch. The local street food of Uganda. The street full of life at night. All the available clubs were open for business. People moving in all directions kind of like a confused ant colony but I knew they were anything but that. Manny booked an hotel close to the airport so I practically had to drag them out of their comfort zone. "Okay okay, we'll come along only because we don't want to search for you when you get carried away." Manny had said this with a smile, happy that she could find some entertainment there too. The music was some
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4. Because I'm not her type.
  Devin.Her voice came out in a soft whisper beside me. "This is just breathtaking. I'm impressed."Hair dancing to the tune of the wind like a snake to an animal whisperer.With one of her eyes a hazel colour and the other the natural brown colour, she could easily be classed a freak of nature but that's not the case at all.People just don't understand that she is rare and you don't judge rare because of their conflicting eye colors. You accepted then because they were one in a million.I squeeze her smaller hand tighter, enjoying the warm heat she radiated.The beach was just a few feet below us as we stood at the rocky cliff. How we even got here is a mystery to me though."As am I." I replied without looking at the view which she was openly admiring.S
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5. I kill Cereal not people.
 Morowa."Have I ever told you your eyes are to die for?" gushes Sky in a high pitched voice trying to imitate a crazy fan girl. "You mean my eyes could kill people with shock?" I raised an eyebrow throwing my head back to laugh. I liked my reputation in school for one thing. No one judged me for anything and the normal gossiping only happens between Kris's circle which I'm sure Sky is part of but that's really not my business if I'm being honest with myself. "You know I always wondered who your parents were because of your conflicting eye colors" he sighed as he placed his chin in his arms still in the fan girl act. "My parents" I mumbled trying to conjure up any image of them but it's always a failed attempt seeing that I was too young when they passed. "They went to the sky
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6. A blonde at Fifties?
 Warren."What do you think about the school trip?" Kris asked from beside me. She twirled one of her curls on her index finger."I think this trip is some opportunity for teachers to slack on the job." I said before looking at the front of the class and taking a glance at the door.Why is class always lacking the teacher until thirty minutes into first period? I'm lazy and all but that doesn't mean I don't want to learn."I heard there's even a whole tour on the tower." quipped in Vivian, one of Kris's friends in a way,  even though she's not as mean or scandalous as Kris while looking at me from beneath her faux lashes."Yay." I said with enthusiasm as fake as her lashes. "What if—""Don't ruin our mood with your what ifs again." Ken cut me off from my other side."Besides, this trip could b
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7. Urgh you're so cheesy.
 Morowa.Golden flecks buried deep in hazel orbs,  he finally asked the question I was sure lingered on the tip of his tongue. "So you're coming right?""I don't think so." I replied reluctantly. It wasn't that I didn't want to see him play but I didn't want to send out the wrong signal.The whole female population would have my head, if they found out that Sky, the popular of all popularity (no pun intended) had personally invited me (a.k.a unknown individual) to this game and I actually loved my head no matter how much the hair could be a pain in my butt on a good day."So that's a maybe?" He still had a hopeful glint in his eyes."I'll think about it." I said after closing my locker to get a good look at him. "Why do you want me to be at this game so bad anyway?"His expression remained blank but I knew he was ha
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8. Who's the beauty you came with?
Vector."Yeah,  and that touchdown at the last minute was totally unexpected." Callum smacked the surface of the almost metallic table of the booth we occupied. "You should have seen Fraser's face."He went ahead to immediate what only looked like the expression of a chocking whale to me.Laughter erupted from the throats of everyone in the booth causing the air around me to vibrate.I didn't even know why I agreed to come here if this was all they were going to do. Like I wasn't at the game too. We all were."So who's the beauty you came with?" Aidan, who had added only two words to the banter finally asked.Heads turned including mine to concentrate on the girl who sat beside Sky, her bronzed skin looking air brushed to although visible stretch marks could be spotted,  it only added to how real she looked.Her d
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9. I should walk you home.
 Warren. "So what is this proposal you have for me?" Benjamin cut to the tea of the matter because formalities were definitely not his line of expertise. "I know you help my father with his work when he wants to discovery a mole in his business." I spoke before taking a sip from the hot coffee on the table. "Yes, I am on a strong professional relationship with your father and his business but I don't know what exactly you could possibly want me to do for you, " he replied before picking his cup and repeating my earlier actions. Mr. Boyer was definitely the man job with his professional approach to everything. His eyes light and curious. He looked at everything around him
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