The Orientation-Eric's Point of View

The next day was orientation day. All the students were to wear uniform and head to the auditorium. Anthony and I decided to go together. As we walked behind other students, I could not help, but to look. The females at the school looked so good in their uniform. The way their ass jiggled as they walked, had me in a daze. Anthony noticed as well.

"They are beautiful, aren't they?" He asked me.

"Very." I said, then I turned my eyes over to him. "So, how is your roommate?"

"Oh, I have an Asian chick. Her names Kyko and boy, is she gorgeous. Her body is amazing and her moans... Oh my god."

"Wait, you fucked your roommate, too?"

Anthony turned to me and smiled.

"Last night." He said. "She was quiet at first, then we were talking and a movie came afterwards. A few minutes later, into the movie, she leaned over and we kissed. You already know what happened next."

I chuckled. We finally made it into the audito

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