Mr. Clark- Meilani's Point of View

    After getting my tasks done for the school, I decided to wonder around the school. Meeting new faces and interacting with the students was very exciting to me. I even got to meet the teachers that I was going to be learning from. Very exciting for me and I could not wait to start school. As I walked through the school. I saw Eric walking with Yani and Lily. It kind of bothered me to see him with those two since I already knew what they were doing. I wanted him to myself to be honest, but the Principal made it clear that he did not want relationships forming at the school. Basically, that school was more... No strings attached and that was something that bothered me the most about it. I walked around the school, I began to remember where places were and where I had to be. Turning around, I accidentally bumped into the Principal himself. Almost falling on my ass, he ended up catching me in mid air.

    "Not a go

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Amber Cox
when is there going to be an update, would like to read more
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Jocelyn Gomes
When are you going to update?
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Amber Cox
how often do you update? looking forward to more chapters.

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