The Academy of Pleasurable Desires

The Academy of Pleasurable Desires

By:  Shantae Red  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eric Young never thought he would see the day where he actually attends a school for his favorite thing, sex. When he attends the school, he meets a hot succubus teacher and he even gets a sexy roommate, who's a werewolf. And that's all for now... until school starts, that is.

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14 Chapters
The Invitation- Eric's Point of View
        "Did you fuck her?" My best friend, Anthony, asked me on the phone. "Did you fuck Amber?"        I smirked to myself as I walked home late Saturday night from Amber's house. My best friend knew how I got down. Sleeping with multiple women was my specialty and that evening, Amber was my next client.She said she wanted to Netflix and Chill with me and that's exactly what we did. I shoved my right hand into my pocket while my left hand held the Samsung Galaxy S10 to my ear.         "So?" Anthony asked into the phone.        "Man, come on. You should already know I did."        Anthony did not respond. I waited for a minute, but after a minute became minutes, I decided to see what was going on.
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Dumped- Lia Dean's Point of View
        Dishes flew across the room, smashing against the living room's aqua colored wall. My emotions were all over the place and it was due to my fucking husband, Carter Dean.          "Calm the fuck down!" He shouted at me. "You're always fucking lashing out at someone!"           "No, fuck you!" I shouted back at him. "You thought I would be okay with you asking me for a fucking divorce?!"           I grabbed the papers and threw them at him. He moved out of the way, his eyes glaring at me with annoyance.          "You're fucking draining me!" Cartwe shouted. "I can't fucking breath! Every fucking night, Lia! Really?!"    &nb
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Without Permission- Meilani's Point of View
           "Here's your schedule and your room key, Ms. Black." The secretary, Ms. Jameson, said.          She handed me an envelope and a red and black painted key. I looked down at the key and noticed the numbers: 338 was written in white. I smiled at Ms. Jameson before I left the front office. My eyes scanned the college that was painted black and red in the entire place. They were letting their colors be known throughout the whole school, I thought to myself.          There were a lot of students in the school that came that day. They wore their uniforms and I hate to admit, I was a little nervous. The way the girls skirt were looking, I was unsure if I felt comfortable to show my ass around the whole campus, in front of the men. But, I have to say it was better to be h
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The Heated Session- Eric's Point of View
      “Holy shit, this is big!” Anthony exclaimed as we walked into the school.   I glanced around the area. Red and black paint was all over the school building. Students walked around in their uniform and I hated to admit, but the women looked good. The tartan skirt showed just the right amount of skin for my liking. The way the women moved, their ass jiggling as they walked to their destination was a turn on to me. A couple of them passed by, waving at me. I nodded at them before I turned to Anthony, who was checking out his schedule.   “What are your classes?” I asked him.   “Man, basic shit.” Anthony said.    Anthony put his schedule up and turned to me.    “What did you get?” Anthony asked.   “Probably the same thing you got.” I shrugged.  &
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Preparation- Lia's Point of View
   I prepared my classroom, Room 2B, for the upcoming semester. My BDSM course was going to be the best of the best that year. I wanted to teach the students everything that year. I glanced around the red and black room that was now decorated with chains, whips, paddles, candles and other things.    As I placed the kits I had bought from an online kink store, onto the back table, I couldn’t help, but to remember the past. That time when Carter and I did bdsm for the first time during our marriage. It was the best time and he enjoyed me being in control. That’s when I found out about the Academy of Pleasurable Desires. Ever since then, I’ve been teaching the students about exploring their sexual kinks. Last year, I didn’t get a lot of students. Apparently, there’s not a lot of students that want to be whipped and chained to the bed. Ugh, mortals, I thought to myself.    “Hm, bdsm and
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Sneak Peek- Meilani's Point of View
      I was angry. That guy just barged into my room! Who in the hell did he think he was? Getting a glimpse of my nude body like a fucking pervert. I decided to take the situation to the Principal. I threw on my uniform, already feeling disgusted about the massive skin showage. I threw my red and white converses on, then rushed out the room like I was on a mission. I waited for the elevator and I turned my head to the left of me. The girl I met in the elevator was headed that way as well. She stood next to me, not saying a word.    “Hi." I told her. “I never got thank you for earlier today.”      The girl turned to me and raised an eyebrow.    “You're thanking me for helping you with the elevator? Just how old are you?”   “I’m 18… And a half.”    The girl chuckled. I gr
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Late Night- Eric's Point of View
Eric:                Meilaniwas gorgeous in my eyes and when she put those matching black pajama set on, I swear,I wanted to fuck. However, she was stuck up. She complained about me being nearher and most of the time, it wasn’t even my fault. That didn’t compare to whenit hit nighttime and we had to share the bed, though. Every time I moved, shemoved farther away.                “Stay inyour spot.” She told me.               “Man, whyare you acting like that?” I asked her. “You’re making things difficult.”                  
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Eric- Lia's Point of View
              He excited my demon. Seeing him in front of me without a shirt woke her up. After I walked away, I rushed past him to not let him see me. After I got from the rooms, I pressed against the wall, trying to calm myself down. How could a student, an arrogant asshole at that, wake her up. She never wanted a student that badly. He piqued my interest and… He was the one to pique my satisfaction. Taking a deep breath, I moved off the wall, only to run into the bastard, Mr. Jergins.               “Hm, you seem to like spying on our students.” He said as he moved closer to me. “Is it that they attract you more than older men do?”              “Why are you here?” I asked him, actually able to tolerate his seat that moment. “I see you learned how to
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Lost Virginity Meilani's Point of View
                  Eric came back to the room and I could smell those girls on him. He walked into the room and he smiled at me.               “Where’d you go?” I asked him, already knowing.              “Why?” He asked. “You’re not my mom.”              “I was just asking.”                            He smiled as he walked over to his bag and pulled out a pair of shorts. He turned and walked over to the bathroom. He stopped at the doorway and he turned his head to me.&nb
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The Orientation-Eric's Point of View
The next day was orientation day. All the students were to wear uniform and head to the auditorium. Anthony and I decided to go together. As we walked behind other students, I could not help, but to look. The females at the school looked so good in their uniform. The way their ass jiggled as they walked, had me in a daze. Anthony noticed as well."They are beautiful, aren't they?" He asked me."Very." I said, then I turned my eyes over to him. "So, how is your roommate?""Oh, I have an Asian chick. Her names Kyko and boy, is she gorgeous. Her body is amazing and her moans... Oh my god.""Wait, you fucked your roommate, too?" Anthony turned to me and smiled. "Last night." He said. "She was quiet at first, then we were talking and a movie came afterwards. A few minutes later, into the movie, she leaned over and we kissed. You already know what happened next." I chuckled. We finally made it into the audito
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