Chapter 85

August's POV

I was terrified as I looked at the towering entrance of the Academy. A deafening sound was coming from here because of the loud banging of the orcs. I don't know what they use to do that. Wood or their body itself? I do not know.

"The barrier won't last if they keep bumping," Kaye said the worry on his face was obvious.

"I know. No matter how strong the foundation is, it can still be torn apart by desperate orcs." I said that there was a lot of tension. That's right, what's the difference between beautiful and desperate flirting? haha

But before the others could react, the barrier suddenly rattled and creaked loudly as it fell and created a deafening noise and thick dust.

I closed my eyes because I almost fell asleep. Angel Grace immediately intervened and created a shield so that we would not continue to be hit by the sleeping dust because the orcs might attack while we were closing our eyes. Maybe we will lose right away from the start of the match.

I slowly opened my e
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