The Eros God System - Defeating the Demonesses

The Eros God System - Defeating the Demonesses

By:  Gulity_Crow  Ongoing
Language: English
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In a world with machines and angels, the main character has to become the strongest to avoid getting killed and discarded.

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25 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Eros God System
My name is Alex. I have always been an average Joe in the entire 29 years of my life. I work in a dead-end job, and my life is dull and boring, devoid of any fun. It's sad to admit this, but up until my death from accidentally slipping down of an escalator, I've never been with any girls at all. It was the only regret that flashed across my mind as I bled to death on the ground from my multiple injuries. "⁠Haha... J—Just a day more, and it'll be Halloween, and I can become a wizard... If only..." *Ding [Detecting strong magic affinity.] [Binding host to The Eros God System! The fate of humanity now lies in your balls!] "What's this? A hallucination? I'm hearing strange noises..." [Initializing transmigration to Fiore.] As soon as the unknown voice faded, Alex's vision ceased to function. All he could see was total darkness. All sounds, including his own voice were being blocked out as wel
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Chapter 2: System Roulette
[Now, now, it's proper etiquette for a gentleman to make the girl cum before him. Making a lady orgasm first before him is what distinguish men from boys. A man is considered a failure if he cums first. You just have to stop before you reach the point of no return. Anyway, there are skills to circumvent the r
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Chapter 3: Erza the Lesser Demon (R-18)
Erza was of a particularly small stature. Other than the tiny black wings attached to her back, and the U-shape horn that stuck out from the sides of her head, she looked just like an adorable elementary school girl, standing at about 5 foot. She wore a rosary necklace, and like the rest of the demon guards, her attire was skimpy as well; wearing only a black cross-shaped tube barely covering her undeveloped breast, her bottom consisted only a black rough rag covering her private parts with her devil tail sticking out from behind her tailbone.Lesser demon are weak creatures at the bottom of the demon hierarchy, her poor looking at
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Chapter 4: Erza the Lesser Demon (R-18)
Alex cupped his hand over Erza's breast, it fitted nicely in his hand. For the first time in his life, he finally understands the sensation of a woman's breast, it was heavenly and soft, yet resilient to be squeezed tightly. If Erza's little buns feels like this, he wonders what would it feels like having bigger tits in his hands.Similar to her breasts, Erza's areola was cute and tiny, tempting him to suck hard on it. He pinched and tugged on her nipples, and soon after, there were some moans mixed within her muffled screams for help. Alex couldn't help but grinned, he could see a visible rise in Erza's pleasure meter. It was now
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Chapter 5: Erza the Lesser Demon (R-18)
Erza's tongue intertwined with Alex's, fiercely invading all parts of his mouth, including the gums, and teeth, seemingly wanting to declare them as her own territory, leaving a sweet cirtrus taste in Alex's mouth that was driving him crazy with lust.After a few minutes, she withdrew her tongue, confused on why the man that had kissed her so passionately before, did not respond back despite her best effort, and realising that she had struck him with a immobilisation. Tendrils of their mixed saliva were hanging from their mouths, and Erza sucked it into her mouth before swallowing them down with a gulp.
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Chapter 6: Preparation for the night
Alex returned to the slaves living quarters when he finally catches his breath back. No one was up, all the slaves were exhausted from their work in the mine during the day, there were even some thunderous snores resounding here and there. Though his dick was still hurting from Erza's grip, and he was feeling regretful that he couldn't bust his nut, he was glad that he was still alive. "That was such a close call... My life almost ended there. Erza saved me back there... But what does conquered means? Will Erza obey me unconditionally?" Alex wondered. "In any case, one thing I'd learnt is demons are dangerous. One wrong step, and I'll get checkmate. I need to increase my strength. Only when I'm powerful enough, will my dream of f*cking all the beauties in this world come true." Alex decided to rest, today's event was too stimulating for him. Soon, he fell into deep sleep. _______
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Chapter 7: Humiliated
"Sister Rin, this one is good quality meat, I bet Lord Rena will be pleased with him!" The demoness that shouted and ordered Alex to strip his clothes immediately changed her face and said with a fake smile to the lamia standing beside her. Alex could tell that she was trying to please the lamia. "First of all, I'm not your sister. I am Lord Rena's personal knight! And you will address me as such! Lesser demons that are guarding this mine are mere minions to the lamia clan, and that includes you, so know your place! Is that clear? Or do I have to make you understand?" The lamia knight snapped back at the demon that was trying to curry her favour with huge arrogance in her tone. The lamia knight was standing at about a height of 2 metres not counting the length of her serpentine tail. Like the rest of the lamia army that Alex saw marching into the mine in the morning, she was armed to the teeth with iron armour except for her tail. On her bac
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Chapter 8: Hours before the ceremony
Alex stood perfectly still on a barren piece of land with his fist clenched so tightly that droplets of blood were dripping down onto the ground from his palms. Around him were the other slaves selected to be part of the ceremony tonight. All of them were cluttered together, surrounded by a bunch of lesser demons guards; their naked bodies were being splashed with buckets of clean water, washing their accumulated filth away. Alex's face was all bruised and bloodied, he'd suffered numerous cuts from the metal gauntlet of the lamia knight from earlier, and whenever water touches his face, he would make a painful scowl. The lamia did not hold back at all, punching his face to a pulp just because she felt like doing so. If not for his enhanced storm dragon bloodline, he figured he would be dead by now with his skull crushed by her. "Why did I have to be beaten up? Why am I always on the mercy of them? If only... I was stronger!" Alex said to him
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Chapter 9: The Capsule of Luck
A full minute had passed since Alex swallowed the capsule of luck, but he couldn't sense any changes happening. Other than the humid weather under the hot sun, he did not feel anything special. "Do I have to say some magic word to activate the effect?" Alex wondered as he pats his body, checking if there was anything abnormal that had happened without him noticing. The pill couldn't possibly be a defect right? Just then, a demoness suddenly appeared seemingly out of nowhere in front of the group of guards with a panicked look on her face. "Intruders alert! Fellow sisters, get ready to fight!" Upon hearing the news, the demons that were guarding the slaves went into disarray. Several of them kept asking the messenger what she meant with grim expressions. "There was an assasination attempt on Lord Rena! The lamia knights are engaged with the enemy right now! We
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Chapter 10: Erza's Resolution
Instinctively, Alex tried to stepped back away from her, but before he could do so, he forcefully restrained himself from doing so. "I finally found a girl that likes me! This is the first time I got confessed to by a girl too, albeit it sounding a little different than what I have always imagined." Alex reminded himself. With a swift movement, instead of stepping backwards, he turned and embraced Erza into his arms. He wanted to hug her and fit her entire body into him. He was willing to accept her despite her threatening him. Alex was not an ungrateful man devoid of gratitude. Rather, he was someone that always repay kindness shown to him, and always get revenge on those that harm him. He was thankful to Erza for saving his life twice; one from preventing his ejaculation and one from the brutality of the lamia knight. More importantly, however, he was more afraid of Erza's reaction if he was to shr
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