The Alpha King's Forbidden Mate

The Alpha King's Forbidden Mate

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As the son of Isabella and Elijah, Isaiah takes his legacy as the King of werewolves seriously! He is a just and fair King, but something is missing inside him. His mate. Although he is still young, he longs for that true love that all of his family have. Everyone else except for him has found their mates. He is happy for them. But also kind of jealous. Ivy was born between two strong parents, but there was a problem. She was forbidden. A love child born of a werewolf father and fae mother. She is a hybrid. Something that has been forbidden from the Goddesses since before anyone living can remember. When her mother dies, her father remarry his mistress and Ivy is finally kicked all the way out of the family. She is a Princess by right, but treated as the family's personal punching bag and slave. What happens when Isaiah finds his mate in the most unlikely of places? Will he accept her, despite her status as a hybrid, or will he reject her because of her heritage? Can the world survive with a hybrid as their Queen? Will they accept her? Follow the story of Isaiah and Ivy, who both are looking for their rightful place in a world on the brink of a civil interspecies war. Can the young people change the fatal outcome of bloodshed and hatred? Will hybrids once again be allowed and accepted? The Alpha King's Forbidden Mate is the sequel to Her Second Chance Alpha.

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Michelle Cornick
Great book so far. I've read Her Second Chance Alpha and I loved that as well. Can't wait til u add more chapters???
2024-04-24 02:19:39
20 Chapters
Unwillingly a slave
Ivy P.O.V. “Get out of my way, Poison Ivy!” My little sister Briell says, as she kicks to the bucket of soapy water and spills a lot of it. She snickers, while my stepmother Ashti scowls down at the spill on the floor. “You need to have that in order and be out of sight before the guests arrive.” She sneers, before walking along, not missing an opportunity to kick me while I twist the cloth over the bucket and get to work. Again. “Momma, how long is she going to be living under our roof?” Briell asks, looking down at me with loathing shining in her eyes. Ashti ponders fakely for a moment before a slow and cruel smile creeps onto her face. “Well, she is going to be of age soon.” And by soon she meant a week ago. “So, I would say we need to speak to your father about it. But I don’t think he wants to lose his favorite slave, even with how useless she is.” Briell laughs, as they continue their plans on my behalf down the hall. I roll my eyes. Hard. Ashti married my father after he
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The Kingdom of Fae's
Isaiah P.O.V. It’s been a month since my birthday and coronation. I sent word to the King of Faes, Edor, the day after, to schedule a visit for diplomatic reasons. He was slow to respond, but about a week ago I got a call from the Court. The King had decided to meet with me at last, but on the condition I would meet his daughter and take her with me home. He would even pay me to take the girl off his hands. When I told mom and dad they were livid, and they decided they were going as well. They wanted to meet the man who seemed to have so little respect for others that he would trade away someone in his own family. All I could think about at this point was, I would take the girl home, but I also need to find my mate while I am there. I just know in my heart that the girl from my dreams and vision is my mate, and she is clearly not in good condition. The words of the Goddess, because mom says it can only be her, keeps repeating themselves in my mind. They are living rent free at the
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Meeting my mate - and his family
Ivy P.O.V.The guests have been here for a day now, or so the gossiping girls in the kitchen says. I wouldn’t know day from night if it was not for them. I can hear them through the door of my room. There has been no one here to see me. Well, almost no one. The King was here earlier to give me another beating and tell me how much he hates me and is going to enjoy breaking me even more. He is touching me in places he should never touch. Places that are sacred to the person the Goddess would pair me with. But he doesn't care. My feeble attempts to push him off me has him laughing in my face. “Oh, Ivy. I am going to take great pleasure in breaking you. I am going to do all the things to you I can’t do to Ashti. I have so many ideas and toys I always wanted to use, and now you are going to be the one to fulfill that dream.” He licks my dirty face, licking my ear and pinching my breast, before slapping me across my already blue and yellow beaten face. “You are just a dirty horny whore!
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This place is disturbing
Isaiah P.O.V. Earlier that day A man knocks on my door, where we all are gathered to go down to breakfast together. We have been discussing last night's events since sunrise, and I am still unsure how to think or feel? The King and his family are hiding something, or rather someone. I was placed besides the Princess, who by all means is beautiful, but also very selfish and entitled. She is spoiled in every sense of the word, and I did not like her from the start. Especially not when I asked her about her sister's illness, and she scoffed and told me she has no real sister. That the girl is tolerated as the first Queen’s child, but nothing more than that. I exchange a look with my mother, who then politely asks about the first Queen. Princess Briell laughs a shrill laughter that attracts all the guests around the table. “What seems to be the matter, daughter?” King Edor asked, and she explained the issue. King Edor paled slightly.“My first wife was sadly killed by our enemies..”
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Confusing, but enlightening, talks
Ivy P.O.V.“What is your name, little faerie?” Mr. Hot and handsome asks me. It should be absolutely forbidden to look so good. I swallow several times, but no words want to come out. Why am I like this? Normally I wouldn’t have trouble giving an answer or some sassy remark. He sighs, dragging a chair to the bed, sitting down in that instead of on the bed as his mother did. Some part of me is very glad he seems to be respectful and mindful of me, and the other small part of me is very disappointed that he didn’t crawl into bed with me. “I understand if you don’t want to talk to me, but I am only interested in helping. You are my mate. My destined love. I wont ever hurt you! I promise.” I take a deep breath. Raven is urging me to talk to him. And she is right. If he was chosen by the Gods to be mine, then I should at least tell him my name. But fear and worry swirls in my stomach. What if he learns of my heritage? Will he dismiss me, or maybe something worse? How would I survive that?
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Taking my mate home
Isaiah P.O.V. Outside my guest room, Aiden and Adam meet me. Mom probably mind-linked them. “We’re going with you. Your dad and Milo can help protect the Luna.” I raise an eyebrow. “Your mom explained the situation, and the mate part I already knew.” Aiden says with a smirk. He’s an idiot, but he is also one of my best friends, and having him and Adam with me can’t hurt. Adam is the diplomat amongst us, which is definitely why he’s coming instead of Milo or my dad. We walk down the hallways in silence, and it dawns on me we don’t know where to meet the King. I sigh. He’s probably going to be either in the throne room or his office. We’ll try his office first. As we walk along my anger rises. I keep thinking about what mom said in the doorway, and the sheer audacity of the King irks me, but when that audacity is regarding my mate, I am fucking livid! He says she is his property and I should hand her over. Like hell I will! She is mine! My mate and my one true love, and he will neve
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Ivy P.O.V.The movement and slight buzzing of the car is really relaxing, and combined with the warmth and safe feeling of my mate, I’m in a cocoon of something I haven’t felt since before my mom died; happy and not concerned. It’s a weird, but welcomed feeling. I wonder if I am going to be feeling like this from now on? Maybe not all the time, but more than before. ‘It’s not really hard to feel more safe anywhere else than that shithole.’ Raven interjects with a snort, and I struggle to not giggle out loud. ‘I can’t believe the King actually gave permission for Isaiah to take me with him.’ The thought hits me like a ton of bricks, and my eyes fly open. Isaiah is leaned back in his seat with his eyes closed. I’m battling with myself whether or not to disturb him with my question, when he opens his eyes and looks down into mine. A slow smile forms on his perfect lips. “I can feel you staring, little faerie.” He says, and I blush deeply. Oh great! I disturbed him either way. “Uh, uh
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Isaiah P.O.V.Leading my mate into the dining room, her arm comes around mine seeking my protection, I think. Everyone in there quiets down when we enter, and Ivy looks around with big eyes. Maybe this is not a good idea on the first night here. Maybe we should just go to our room and eat in there, just the two of us? The thought barely enters my mind before my mate is stolen from my side by my mom, who introduces her to everyone and leads her to one of the available chairs. Ivy looks over her shoulder with apologetic eyes, but I just smile at her and move behind them towards the table. If anyone dropped a pin now, we would hear it hit the ground. I have never, as long as I can remember back, thought I would experience people being so quiet and calm. “Everyone, this is Ivy. Ivy, this is everyone.” Mom says gesturing to the table. Ivy nods to them, and one by one they introduce themselves. “And you already met Elise, Hunter, Gabriel and Flora.” Mom concludes, sitting down with Ivy. M
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Morning with my mate
Ivy P.O.V.The light snore in my ear momentarily confuses me, until I feel the arms wrapped around me and the sparks traveling all over my body. I sit up in horror, thinking for a second it’s someone I don’t know, only to see Isaiah blinking owlishly at my sudden movement. I breathe a sigh of relief, before a new worry overtakes me. Why am I cuddled up against Isaiah? Did we do something while I slept? Did he take advantage of me after all? I look down at myself, the oversized t-shirt still in place. I lift it slightly to see the panties are there as well. Huh?! I guess we haven’t done anything except for sleeping. ‘You rolled over last night, and mate just protected us with his strong and delicious arms.’ Raven says, barking a laugh at my panic. ‘So, we didn’t do anything? He kept his promise?’ She nods in my mind before curling up again. She is not the most talkative of wolves, but she is my best friend and has been there for me so many times. I know she is always here when I nee
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Breakfast lecture
Isaiah P.O.V.Ivy and I enter the kitchen, walking hand in hand. I am proud of her! She has been doing amazingly ever since we found her in the castle, and now she is facing the pack just a day into being here. At the usual table the others are waiting for us. We usually only use the private Alpha dining room for Sunday dinners, and private holidays. I sit down at the end of the table as the Alpha, and Ivy sits on my right. Everyone greets us before going back to their conversation, which is nice because it shows how they are trying to take the heat off my mate. She was the sole center of attention last night, and today she is part of the family and they don’t have to look at her all the time. I stand, asking Ivy what she would like to eat and she just cocks her head. “I can choose?” She asks, her eyes holding that innocent disbelief I adore and hate all at the same time. I keep forgetting how horrible her life has been! “Sure! Come on, little faerie, let’s get a plate and choose
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