The Alpha Mates

The Alpha Mates

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“Nobody knows what love is. It's just the way people think it is and how they feel. Sometimes destiny just seems to be in mood play you." Aman is a royal alpha lion. On the day of his birth, the astrologers stated that he is destined to be with two Alpha mates and He will not be able to live even without one of his mates. They will be able to have his child. On the first day of school, he got entangled with his mates. Who are his seniors Jack and Noah are no.1 rivals in college? They are both alpha werewolves in two different rival werewolves' pacts. Now, will he be going to get his mates?

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On a stormy night, there is heavy rain and thunder and lightning in the sky. There is a beautiful villa of Frost family who are waiting for someone to arrive. There is suddenly a cry of a newborn in the villa heavy rain, Thunder and storm stopped like they are waiting for the arrival of the baby. They welcomed him wholeheartedly. After hearing the cry of baby Albert frost the villa owner and the father of the baby stopped walking in the hallway and started to stare at the door. After some time nurse come out with the baby and handed him to the man and said: "Congratulations sir you have a baby boy. After some time you can see your wife ." He carefully placed the baby on his arm and kissed the baby and said to the nurse "thank you." He held the baby like it was a precious gem. After about an hour later in the room he carefully placed the baby on the arm of his wife and said"Indra baby look our son is so handsome." she carefully hugged the baby and after looking at her lit
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☆ After 18 years ☆In these 18 years. Aman became a calm, mature, strong, handsome boy. When he is 13 years his father had an accident he lost his legs at that time. His mom started to take care of his dad and his business. He started to take care of business and clan affairs with help of his mother to ease her tension. He had already taken over business on his 18th birthday. In the business world, many people are afraid of his ruthless moves to destroy or take over other's businesses. It is a Monday morning of the 2nd week of April. In the room of black and white curtains on windows with a bookshelf filled with files and an office work organized table near the windows. There is a huge bed on the side of the table. It is around 7 a.m. A handsome boy is sleeping. He gets up and put on his robes because he is only wearing shorts while sleeping. He slowly walks towards the window and slowly pulls the curtain to open the window. He goes to the bathroom and takes a shower. Today he w
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Aman’s PovI walked towards the boys and while looking at them and calmly said "Excuse me, please step aside I want to go ." And he waited for them to step aside but they didn't. So again repeated, "please step aside ." They suddenly both ask at a time"what is your name?" And I said" Aman and yours "They glanced at me and said "why you wanna know" I calmly said" I wanna know your name because you asked mine" they again said time" Jack ' Noah". And I said, " so how can you please step aside I want to go."They step aside and I calmly start to leave while passing by I realized that they both are a little short of me and Maria suddenly came and grabbed my arm and said: "leave with me, Aman." I calmly said "Ok Maria " to not embarrass her and we both left from there after coming other there I asked "why you did do that? you know they are my mates. My first impression of them is already not good. She smiled and said, " don't worry I will leave as soon as possible and good luck with your
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Jack's PovAfter getting Aman's class schedule. He got know he is in sports class with me. So I was waiting for him outside the gym class. I saw him coming talking and smiling with his friends and I entered the room and get changed into gym clothes. He came in with his friends. He started to change his clothes I can see he has a superb body. I just stared at his body for a second. After changing, everybody gathered in the locker room. Now I announced to them" hi boys, I am Jack Martin. Your captain of the basketball team A and third-year senior. So this week we are going to have practice with team B and who is going to play well in the match with team B can be a regular member of team A. Now introduce yourself one by one". After the introduction," so get ready in five minutes boys, and go to the basketball stadium. "We started to leave towards the basketball stadium after five minutes. When we reached the stadium I saw team B is already there and Noah is frowning at me. But I don't
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After I went back Home. I greeted mom and dad. I took a quick shower and went to the dinner table to do dinner with mom and dad. When I saw them I hugged them and sat at the table to eat dinner. While at the dinner table I told them " Mom dad I found my mates."Mom looked at me "wow that's great news, Aman. Make sure to take them home and let them meet us. I want to meet them." Dad also nodded and said" yeah make sure to take them home. We want to meet them. " I looked at them "Mom Dad it's not easy to do you know who my mates are. They are Jack Martin and Noah Wilson. I think their relationship is not good. I am afraid they will not accept me but will kill each other. So I didn't tell them yet who I am and I am an alpha. Right now I want to ease their relationship first. " After hearing it dad said" Are you talking about Wilson and Martin families who are werewolves pack leaders? Their enmity is well known in the beast world. It's not going to be an easy son. So be careful. " " I
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We all walked down. Jack and Noah wore black suits. Jack wore a black suit with a white shirt and a white rose print on the left side of the coat while Noah wore a white shirt and white pants with a black rose print. We sat down with our parents in the living room around 9 O'clock and urged us all to eat dinner We sat down at the dinner table. Today I sat opposite my dad and on my right side was Jack and on the left side was Noah. Our servants served us food. Our servants served us food, especially in a way only some meat and Indian vegetarian dishes (because he is very allergic to some food like seafood, and beef, because he is Indian and because of his mom's religious belief.) For others, there is everything like beef pork, seafood, etc. But Aman didn't touch that he calmly ate his food. He can feel Jack and Noah looking at him while eating. So ate my dinner slowly. After eating my meal, I told my mom " Mom I going to take a walk." Mom was about to tell me to take them with m
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Noah After hearing everything Aman's mom turned towards us. She came towards slapped both of us and said " I don't care what happened there but one thing I know is that my kid Aman is at stake of death because of you both. I will make sure to destroy you both and your families if Aman dies. You will have to face my wrath because I won't leave you alone until the end. I didn't say anything because we were in no position to talk to her. and she continued, " Both of you will take care of him. If he dies then you both will burnt alive with him. I promise you this. No matter what I have to go for that." she told us her words and left from there. We all were waiting patiently for the doctor. He told us he had internal bleeding in his body. Since the cause is not found what caused it? It can be only due to the rejection. It's better if his mates keep him company. Otherwise, he will go into a coma maybe he will never wake up again. He can also die we can't say anything. Aman’s fa
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Jack I saw Aman with his hand on a boy's waist who he half a head shorter than him after he was out of his car. He suddenly found someone else to be with him. Who is he? my wolf was angry with me before for rejecting Aman now it's angry and whimpering over the fact that he found someone because we rejected him. Aman's POV Now I am again going to college but this time with my boyfriend because of his mom. She is afraid they will do something to me. So I let it be. He is also in my class. So today I wore a white tee with white pants and blue denim over it for college. Because of my mom, I quit basketball and joined the football team. Jackson and Andrew followed me. Because they also don't wanna see them. So today is the 10th of June I am going back again to school. But today is a chance that he will be there with his boyfriend at least they have already become friends. So after doing breakfast and some office work around 9:15 AM. I arrived at the college to pick up Mark
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Aman stopped after walking some steps and said, "Want to talk, then come to my house at 7:00 PM today." walked away without looking back. At parking in Aman's car Aman looked at Mark and said " I know you don't like me and take me as a friend. But I think we need to talk. You like Jackson. If I am right. " He nodded. "So don't worry if you want to be with him. I will help you any way we are friends. But let's stop pretending for mom's sake. You know how much I want my mates.Its hurt me to see them hurt because of me." 'But if they did something wrong I will tear them apart and die myself too' he said in his mind. We dropped them at his home and told his parents. We are not good together. We broke up. They understand our decision. I leave their home. But now it's time to talk to my parents. It's not going to be easy to talk to them about the matter of letting my mates near me. I reached my home. My mom and dad were sitting on the couch and greeted them as usual. I looked at
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Jack and Noah followed Aman outside. He walked towards the garden and sat down there. Noah and Jack sat down in front of him. They were silent. Aman starts "Are you going to talk or not? For that, you are here." Noah started, "We are sorry for what we did. But we want to give our relationship a shot. Please we will try to understand each other. "Jack continued, "We are sorry. Please can you forgive us? " "Forgive for hurting me I already did but for hurting my mom I told you before " Aman said with a slight anger but then smiled and said, " I am giving you a chance to repair what you did. I already talked to my mom that's why you were in our house other you will be kicked out even before entering. That's why you were greeted at least. We can move into our house here and and make sure to get forgiven by my mom this is the one and last chance to get me. If she will forgive you in these three months. Then it's ok I will marry you. But she thinks you are not worthy of me I can't do
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