The Alpha Witch

The Alpha Witch

By:  Daisy Sparks  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I don't understand what is happening here, I know that I've always been strange but I never expected to be that strange." Alessia has always been queer, she was born half Alpha werewolf and half Dokar witch. Ever since she was born, she has been told that she has a higher calling, she lives a normal life until she turns eighteen and her powers manifest. Her powers are not the only strange thing to manifest in her life as she finds out that she is mated to four males, and that too not ordinary males. She's mated to one wizard, one Alpha, one hybrid like herself, and one human. How do you think she will be able to handle all four of them and how do you think they would be able to handle sharing her, seeing that and Alpha can get really possessive.

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9 Chapters
The cry of a child slices through the air and her mother smiles and heaves a sigh of relief as her child is handed over to her, she has just battled a very long, painful, and complicated childbirth but none of that matters anymore as she holds her bundle of joy in her arms.She is in exile from her people because she fell in love with a forbidden creature, a werewolf. Destiny works in strange ways, the witches and the wolves have been enemies for a long time, neither cross each other's boundaries and it is highly forbidden to ever mate with each other.Over the years, witches have been mated to wolves, but once the council finds out, they cast a spell to sever the bond immediately. The spell works, but the victim's life changes completely and he or she becomes an outcast, the spell also weakens his or her original powers causing such a person to become weak.It is indeed a dreadful thing, every year once the mating season comes, those that are mated to wolves ac
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1. Growing Up
{Alessia} My name is Alessia and am I not just the queerest person ever. "Alessia, get back here!" My nana shouted. I'm always inside the house and I don't think that's fair, I turned sixteen yesterday and I think that I am grown, shouldn't I be allowed to roam outside the four walls of the packhouse. "I'm not going beyond the walls nana," I shouted back and took to the winds. She could never catch even if she tried, there are few people that can keep up with me. My father can because he's an almighty Alpha, my mother wouldn't even try, she'll just magic herself in front of me or she'll just magic me back. Boy, do I sometimes wish I could do that. I don't even go to school, I am homeschooled though, homeschooling is something that I never really complained about since it's actually fun and I get to do a lot of training. My father is the Alpha of the Blue moon pack and my mother is a Dokar witch, though she had since bee
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2. Leaving Home
{Alessia}Just as dawn broke, I felt a hand tap me softly, I woke up immediately since I was a light sleeper.It was nana."Time to go hun." She said and handed me a bag.I knew my way, my parents had taught me the path to the fairies glade as soon as I could talk, they told me to head there straight if trouble ever broke out.Fortunately, for all sixteen years of my life, never once did I have to go there. Trouble had come, but it had always been trouble that we could handle.I sensed that this trouble was bigger than any we had faced before and that was why my parents were sending me away.I was going to be a big girl and handle leaving my parents real mature, but I did not want to leave without seeing them, I did not know when next I would see them again."Can I say goodbye?" I asked, I was determined not to cry though my heart was breaking."No," Nana said, I tried to hug her, but she didn't let me touch her. "We don
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3. The Fairies' Glade
{Alessia}*Coughs*"Wake up, wake up Sia." A voice called to me softly.The minute I opened my eyes, it felt like I was in heaven, that's if night creatures do go to heaven.I was laying on a soft bed and the smell of flowers tickled my nostrils.Everywhere was so bright, the air was cool and I noticed trees surrounding us.The person who had been calling me dripped a sweet liquid into my mouth and I lapped it up immediately.My eyes cleared immediately and so did my mind."Where am I?" I demanded immediately and got up from the bed.I took my defensive stance, I was in a strange place around strange-looking people and I did not see Cole anywhere."Where is my friend and what have you done to him?" I asked again looking around.I was standing beside the bed that I had just woken from, it was a bed of leaves and cotton, it was so soft and it looked so elegant."Hi, I'm Ophelia." The voice that woke me
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4. The Fairy Godmother.
{Alessia}As soon as she touched me with her scepter, I knew that I was safe and that I was home, I remembered her from when I was a baby, she was not yet queen then and she had been the one to tend to me.She was not a servant and it was not a job that she was mandated to do, but she had loved me immediately I was born and she had dubbed herself my fairy godmother, and not that I would have disagreed, I loved her as well and she had been one of the first people I had bonded with as a baby.She was also the one who enchanted the bracelet on my arm to keep me safe.I did not know if her powers worked like that of Cinderella and her fairy godmother, but I was sure that if I ever was in trouble, she would help me."Welcome Sia, I've been expecting you for some time now." She said and went back to her seat.Sia.I guess that's her nickname for me, I had many nicknames, my mother mostly called me child, but her nickname for me was Lisa, Na
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5. The New Besties
{Alessia}Since I couldn't exactly make sense of the dream, I decided to let it go and face my new life at the fairies glade.I noticed that the fairies got up way earlier than we usually did, but Ophelia being the darling that she was didn't wake me and she let me get up from bed in my own time.When I got up, she was already dressed and the Sprites were already setting a small table for breakfast.I wondered what fairies normally ate.I got up and got dressed after taking a shower and then I moved towards the table, Ophelia was just too courteous, she had not even touched the meal, she was waiting for me."Dear, you look beautiful, join me for breakfast." Once again her voice got to me.I really did love to hear her speak."Thank you Phee." I smiled and sat down beside her."Phee?" She asked."Yeah, it's my nickname for you, now that we're bffs," I said and she stared at me in complete ignorance.
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6. Nana's Death
{Alessia}I could not believe what I was seeing, Nana was dead and her body was being carried to the burial grounds. I screamed loudly and tears began to pour down my face.I could not believe that Nana was dead.No, it wasn't true, this was just a reflective water I was staring at, it had to be a glitch or some kind of mistake or even a sick joke."I-is t-this t-true?" I asked, my voice shaking."I'm afraid it is, the reflective spring shows no false." She said and my tears multiplied.She enveloped me in her arms and let me cry on her shoulders.My granny was gone, my nana, oh my beautiful nana, why did she have to die and leave me?I was just gone for barely two days and she had already died, I hadn't even hugged her goodbye, I wish I had now, I wish I had defied her warning and hugged her tightly.Because now she was no more and I couldn't hug her ever again.My heart broke into a million pieces.I watc
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7. Two Years Later
{Alessia} After I found out about my grandmother's death, my life really changed and I became more serious, the bead around my wrist was tightening and I noticed that it was no longer expanding to fit my wrist as it usually does, the queen told me that it would soon fall off of its own accord and then I would have my powers. For the past two years, I took part in training and I learned whatever magic I could learn, it was all weird, practicing magic and spells without real powers, but I comforted myself on the fact that it would all be worthwhile once I turned eighteen. For the past two years, I had been living for the time when I would turn eighteen, everyday I looked at my parent's at the reflective spring and I hoped that one day they would call me to go back home, but for the past two years, that had not happened. Phee was getting ready to be mated to her fairy and she was getting sadder as the day of the ceremony approached, she did not like the
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8. The Deliberation.
{Alessia}There was no way Cole would leave his child with the fairies since he was partial towards abandonment because of the trauma he had suffered as a kid.He would have to stay in the Fairy glade with his mate and she would become queen with him beside her as her King, I think.So, the deliberation, it was.Othello did not take kindly to hearing that he might not mate with the princess and become king, he was annoyed and he nearly started a riot. Thankfully, the queen took control of the situation, and peace was restored, momentarily.The deliberation was set to the next week and Cole was asked to stay away from Phee, I could see it in his eyes that he was dying to be with her, but he understood and he was not one to break rules, but I knew this would be one of the hardest things he had ever done.Phee was all smiles and she was excited about the fact that she might be mated to Cole rather than the obnoxious prince.I was happy f
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