The Alpha's Curse: The Enemy Within

The Alpha's Curse: The Enemy Within

By:  Best Writes  Completed
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Warning! Mature Contents! ***Excerpt*** "You belong to me, Sheila. I alone am capable of making you feel this way. Your moans and body belong to me. Your soul and your body are all mine!" *** Alpha Killian Reid, the most dreaded Alpha in all of the North, wealthy, powerful and widely feared in the supernatural world, was the envy of all other packs. He was thought to have it all... power, fame, wealth and favour from the moon goddess, little was it known to his rivals that he has been under a curse, which has been kept a secret for so many years, and only the one with the gift of the moon goddess can lift the curse. Sheila, the daughter of Alpha Lucius who was an arch enemy to Killian, had grown up with so much hatred, detest and maltreatment from her father. She was the fated mate to Alpha Killian. He refused to reject her, yet he loathed her and treated her poorly, because he was in love with another woman, Thea. But one of these two women was the cure to his curse, while the other was an enemy within. How would he find out? Let's find out in this heart racing piece, filled with suspense, steamy romance and betrayal.

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The Alpha s Curse The Enemy Within by Best Writes is a steamy werewolf novel with five stars. This tells a dark erotic romance and betrayal. Shiela is the daughter of an Alpha named Lucius. She was planned to be betrothed to Killian, the arch-enemy of Lucius to gain power and wealth. But Killian is unfortunately in love with another woman and disregarded Shiela for that. Shiela has to win Killian to receive treatment but Killian could have problems with his own spirit as an Alpha - he is cursed. Will he save Shiela from her sufferings or will he choose to prioritize himself and find the cure that would get him out of the curse?

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Chapter 1
Sheila's point of viewMy shaken legs could no longer withstand the tension charged in the room. My entire life had changed the second the words "mate" left my lips.I gripped onto the white pillar in the courtroom for support, the knife-edged tension within the court growing brutal by the second.Our pack warriors were behind their Alpha, Lucius Callaso, no doubt prepared to attack, just in case a fight managed to break out with the warriors from the Crescent North Pack.My father, Lucius, was in a heated conversation with Alpha Killian about me. It was funny as hell how the confrontation a second ago about my father sending rogues to the Crescent North Pack soon changed into an intense conversation between my father, Alpha of the Silver Mist Pack, and Alpha Killian of the Crescent North Pack, my mate.It still feels like a dream to me how my entire life changed for the worse within a minute.It was as if the universe hated me, and the moon goddess despised me.At that moment, he was
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Chapter 2
Sheila's point of viewI was trembling hard. My fear and confusion were imprinted on my face. I looked around at the warriors that surrounded me, my fearful eyes meeting those of my mate. His stony expression weakens me the more.At Killian's command, I was grabbed roughly on both arms by the warriors. My broken gaze refused to look away from Killian's. "What is the meaning of this?" My voice came out as a whisper, my voice totally betraying my emotions. "I am your mate." The words left my lips, and I watched them shatter before Killian's frosty gaze. But he didn't seem to care. That didn't matter to him."This will teach you exactly how to behave in my pack." He regarded me with icy stares. "Take her! " His cold words pierced me deeply where it hurt the most, while he had his arms around the other woman, his lover.I was dragged into the castle, down the corridors, and thrown into a dark dungeon, and the wooden door slammed behind me.I crashed on the harsh, cold floors with darkness
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Chapter 3
Third-person point of viewKillian was training with some warriors at the training field on the east side border of the pack, which was a distance away from the witches' quarters within the pack. He stomped his feet into the ground, gesturing the warriors to charge at him, and one after the other, they lunged at Killian.His eyes gleamed brightly, indicating his wolf, Ryker, was sharing partial control with him. In a flash, one by one, Killian pounded on them and thrashed them against the dusty earth. Xavier was behind him. His claws were extended, almost on Killian, but he caught him just in time, pinning him to the ground as well. That was close. No one had been that close to gutting him whenever they trained. Killian knew part of the reason was that he was distracted, and he hated every bit of it.His eyes went hazy, he was being mind-linked by his beta, Allen. Killian pulled a hand up in the air to halt the warriors, connecting with Allen."What?" Killian grunted in his usual deep
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Chapter 4
Sheila's point of viewMy eyes held fear as those words left Killian's lips like they meant absolutely nothing. He was rejecting me. I felt a dying in my chest. Even though burning tears had gathered in my eyes, I tried to convince myself that it was for the best.Suddenly, Killian paused, almost as if the words were stuck in his throat. I could see the shock and confusion in his eyes through glassy vision."Why did you stop?" My lips moved faster than I would have liked, as I listened to the fast beating of my heart. His hold on me tightened hard. "Finish it, reject me, and let's get this over with," I yelled, tears rolling from my eyes."No. This isn't possible." He whispered under his breath to himself, but I could hear him just fine. My eyes were similarly perplexed.Killian's eyes hardened more, and his hand choked me deeper to the wall. "What the hell are you doing?" He asked, looking intensely into my eyes like they were showing something in them. something that confused him.W
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Chapter 5
Sheila's point of viewI froze.I whipped my head to where the loud growls emanated from. It came from the entrance of the hall, and a very angry-looking Killian moved hurriedly to us. My eyes darted back to the stranger. His eyes were on Killian's as well, showing no emotion."You are not invited to my party." What the hell are you doing here? " Killian said, barely in a low tone, his eyes lowered distastefully on me in the arms of the stranger. It was then I realized the cute stranger was still holding me by my waist. I quickly steadied my shoes on the floor, regaining my balance, and sent a thankful smile to the stranger, whose flawless hazel eyes regarded me with something in them. Something that called out to me, yet I couldn't just decipher. Strangely, they made my heart ache."Thank you for---" I began but was abruptly cut off by Killian's pointed words."What are you doing here, Kaiser?" Killian was looking straight at the man beside me, Kaiser. From Killian's tone, it seemed
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Chapter 6
Sheila's point of viewAs I scanned around the lone hallways that led outside the castle, there was not a single soul. My heart was pounding hard in my chest as I quickened my walking. I could feel the presence trailing behind me, drawing closer.Fear jammed my heart. I swiveled around, and to my surprise, there was no one behind me. I turned around and instantly, my blue crystals fell on the figure before me."Who are you?" I asked, sending a hand to my chest. I really didn't know what I was thinking, or why I suddenly became too frightened, but a second ago, I swear it felt like I was being followed."I deeply apologize for startling you." The woman spoke softly as I took her in. She looked unfamiliar. I hadn't noticed her during the ceremony, because she would have stood out. She looked older, maybe in her thirties or so, wearing a grayish-colored dress with a black cloak worn over her body, allowing her ebony hair to fall to her side."I saw you leaving the hall, and I simply want
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Chapter 7
Sheila's point of viewMy entire body felt like it had been struck by lightning, and my senses were on overdrive. I couldn't think. I couldn't breathe. With Killian's lips on mine.His scent and touch consumed my body, making me weak and needy inside. It ignited electrifying sparks that caused my body to respond to his. He held my waist firmly and tugged on my bottom lip and sucked it gently.I moaned, Killian took the opportunity to dive his tongue into my mouth. My legs going weak and losing their strength, I collapsed into Killian's strong arms, and he welcomed me with his hands around my body.Killian sent his hand into my hair and tugged me closer to him while his lips kept exploring my mouth. It was magic. Being kissed by Killian made everything around me disappear and seem irrelevant. I had no idea what we were even arguing about a minute ago. I got lost in the sensation.Oh, goddess! What was this man doing to me? Was it safe to feel this way around a man that didn't even belo
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Chapter 8
Third-person point of viewKillian rushed out of her chamber, panting hard. His breathing was deep and rigorous.Fuck! he still could not believe what had just transpired between him and Sheila. It shouldn't have happened. It was a costly mistake he had committed. Kissing Sheila was the last thing on his mind, but then, he did it. He had completely lost it seeing her in the arms of another man, even worse, it happened to be one of his enemies, Kaiser Black. It made him lose his control, it made him act so stupidly.Killian cursed at himself for losing control like that and making such a mistake. He couldn't blame Ryker; he knew he was as guilty as his wolf was. They allowed rage and jealousy to cloud their senses.With a few hasty steps, Killian rushed into his chamber, taking off his silken shirt. He felt hot, battling with emotions he had struggled to keep buried. Emotions he never thought he'd feel. He could still feel the sweet, lingering effect of his mate's body on his. He could
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Chapter 9
Killian's point of view I woke up earlier today. I left Thea asleep in her bed, naked. I didn't want to wake her up. For the past few days, I've been spending my nights in her chamber. This is an attempt to get Sheila out of my mind. Frankly, it hasn't been much of a success. I'm trying my best, and so is Ryker, but I just can't seem to forget the insane moment that I felt Sheila's lips on mine. Her soft and warm body folded against mine. It's driving me crazy. She's all I think of these days, even when I'm with Thea. At this rate, I might lose the sanity I'm fighting to keep. I just finished my morning training with the pack's army and showered in my chamber. I left my chamber and headed down to my office. There were some pending matters relating to the pack that I needed to attend to. My wolf, Ryker, paced at the back of my head. He's been doing that for the last couple of days. He's been strangely restless and on alert, as if expecting something bad to happen. Well, I simply thin
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Chapter 10
Sheila's point of view "May I help you?" came his deep, throaty voice. I swear I would have been turned on if it wasn't for the anger brewing in me. "As a matter of fact, you may," I bit out angrily, squaring my shoulders while folding my hands against my chest. My eyes held his stare. Killian pulled away from his table, he carelessly tossed the quill pen in his hand on the table, his eyes coldly sizing me up. "First and foremost, you are to knock and wait for my response before abruptly barging into my office," he warned, glaring coldly at me. "And secondly," he placed his hand under his chin. "When addressing me, you lose that damn tone." His voice was brutally cold, which only seemed to aggravate me further. "What do you want?" I held my stance, still locking eyes with him. "I'd like to think I'm not a prisoner in my own pack. I've been here for days now, and I haven't stepped out of my chamber, not once, let alone left the castle walls. You know, I am not a dog that you can k
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