The Alpha's Luna

The Alpha's Luna

By:  Priyal Dessai  Completed
Language: English
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The island of Bellpond is a welcoming place for tourists—and a home to werewolves. Vanessa Martin, a member of the Silver Crescent pack knows that Jordan Hale is the forbidden fruit—someone off limits. He belongs to the rival pack. And yet, she's attracted to him in ways she cannot explain. When a tragedy befalls him, Nessa wants to be there in some way to comfort him. She goes out of her way, ignoring all words of advice and warnings from her peers and her grandma and soon, a friendship blossoms between them. The smooth wheel rolling down breaks when they find a body washed up on the shore, and soon a couple more follow, piling up. Nessa and Jordan pair up, vowing to get to the bottom of this, but as they investigate more, they realise the matter is more sinister than they expected. Will they stop and expose those involved in these gruesome murders or fall down the rabbit hole trying to uncover the mystery?

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Priyal Dessai
The book is complete with a sequel on the way. Please consider leaving a review once you're done reading!
2022-08-26 22:52:28
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Priyal Dessai
Don't be shy! leave a review and let the author know what you think! 😉
2020-12-25 03:50:32
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Shadow And Bone
Very intriguing. But the ending left me shattered. When's the next book coming out?
2023-07-02 16:54:30
37 Chapters
If she knew before that this day was going to be her last, she would have appreciated her last moments with her mate a little more. She could not remember the last words she said to him but she remembered what she felt just right. Embraced in his arms, huddling against the warmth of the burning wood—she remembered she was happy. Happier than she had ever been. She didn't remember telling him how she felt, maybe she did not because she was too involved in enjoying the moment.  She remembered the way his eyes glistened against the fire, holding hers—his scent, calming in a way and at the
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Chapter 1 - Where it all began.
"Psst. Nessa? Ness! You shouldn't be staring at him," Riley, my bench mate tells me in a rushed whisper, trying but failing to be discreet. Her thick brows are raised and knitted together, even though her eyes look straight ahead at Mrs. Robinson — our biology teacher — who is blabbering about frogs. Ew She places her hand over mine, trying to grab my attention. But I ignore her. Despite her continued whispered warnings, I don’t take my eyes away from him. I want to, but I just can’t. Not today. I don’t see it, but I know Riley's bulbous eyes are widening as her voice grows restless. She sounds surprised. Riley isn’t a friend — even though we sit together in every class we share and she hangs out with me and my boyfriend, Niall. I can’t label her as an enemy either. She’s just a human cousin that I have to tolerate since we were born in the same year on the same island, Bellpond, which is isolated from the mainland by a long, wide bridge. "Why are you staring at him?" she asks
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Chapter 2 - The Keychain
I curse under my breath and close my eyes, attempting to calm my erratically beating heart that threatens to burst out of my ribcage. I huff, fixating my eyes on the lean figure of my teacher, pacing back and forth along the length of the classroom. The words coming out of her mouth fail to register in my mind, despite all my efforts to comprehend her simple speech. I can feel Jordan's eyes burning into my back. If only I knew what was going on inside his mind. Does he think of me as a creep? Oh, no. As I begin thinking it's impossible not to dwell on what just happened, my mind eases, finally absorbing Mrs. Robinson's words and starting to numb. I let out a yawn and lean forward, resting my lower arms on the cool surface of the desk. I'm ready—any second—to sleep right there. But then the bell rings, and Mrs. Robinson finally seals her lips, leaving the class after one disapproving glance at me. Riley snickers, gathering her bushy hair into a large ponytail. "How long are you goin
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Chapter 3 - The Tour Guide
My family are the betas of the pack, which means my life is better than the omegas and less stressful than the alphas. When I was young, my grandma would tell me tales of when she was young—of how the pack lived together in one place, a big pack house. The harmony and peace that existed, but she would also soon shift to talks of fights and bloodshed, and that was my cue to pretend I had fallen asleep. My grandma doesn't like how the modern world has changed the ways of how packs work, even though the Silver Crescents never fail to celebrate our pack event every month. We gather in the holy temple of the luna, sing, and eat together, as discreetly as possible. The sun is high up in the sky, blazing down at me. It's a good day, I try to convince myself, pretending to think that the incident in the classroom never happened. The waves rise high and crash onto the irregular rock bed and sandy shores. The sight makes me want to draw out my surfboard and spend hours in the sea. But that's ba
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Chapter 4 - The Luna's Temple
The tree branches are mostly bare. Even as Cole and I hike through the woods, stepping carefully on the stony ground underneath, dry leaves descend from above on us. It never snows in Bellpond, but winter always graces the island. As the cold wind sweeps past us, I see Cole shudder. The temperature has dropped suddenly, and he has declined wearing a jacket even though I advised him to. I offer him my jacket, knowing that my body is naturally adapted to the climate, but he declines politely. "How further is it?" Cole asks me, rubbing his palms together. Under his feet, a dry twig crunches. "I didn't think it would get this cold." "I did tell you it would. Are you sure you don't want the jacket?" "Hmm, yes," he claims through chattering teeth. "We're almost there," I assure him and hear a sigh from behind. After a few more steps, the naked trees surrounding us clear up, and the temple we're looking for comes into view. I'm always mesmerized by its humble beauty. I know that I alwa
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Chapter 5 - Bringing About A Change
The breeze from the sea is warmer on my face. I step back, further away from the water, and Jordan follows my trail until I stop and turn around to face him, my face underlined with concern. "Is everything alright?" I ask. "Yeah. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for the way I behaved earlier," Jordan mumbles, earning a long look from me. I want an explanation, and good for me, he gives me one. "It's just that—I was shocked, okay? You're a crescent." His eyes are unsettling, darting left and right. One of his hands reaches up and scratches the scar on his left brow. "So? What does it have to do with whatever I said?" My voice is sharp in the dark of night. I fold my arms, leaning my body weight more on my left leg as my neck cranes to look at him. He looks down at me, pulling up a defensive face. "I didn't expect it. We're rivals, right?" "I don't know, you tell me," I challenge him, leaning forward. "Are we?" For some reason, I don't understand, my words make him laugh. It's a
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Chapter 6 - The Other Alpha
My path ahead is foggy; the morning air is cold and harsh on my face. I should've carried a scarf, I realize too late. The street is covered with dried leaves, rising in the air with every swoosh of wind that strikes them, only to drop lifeless back on the wet ground beneath. On either side, the naked branches of wide trees look down upon me. The scenery isn't exactly encouraging. In fact, it does all it can to dampen my mood, but I, the beta werewolf, continue on, rubbing my palms together and huffing air. Niall lives in a cottage house. His mother loves plants—more than she loves her only son, I believe, and the front-yard garden does not shy away from the fact. Green floods my vision, brown, red, and yellow sprinkled here and there. Winter hasn't touched those potted plants yet. I tear a bunch of leaves from one of the pots on my way to the door—a habit I cannot get rid of—and ring the bell. As I wait for the door to open, I wonder what had come over me the previous night. Nial
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Chapter 7 - Shifting
Even with the strength of thirty young people, it takes us hours to make the Westside beach look clean. More of us spend our time talking and bonding than doing any actual work, but I cannot complain. After all, it's one of our aims: to get the two packs together. The sun is right above my head, sending trickles of sweat down the sides of my forehead. I fill the last of empty plastic bottles and such I can spot into a black trash bag. I wipe the beads of sweat on my forehead with the back of my hand and approach a group of girls standing close by. My legs have become stiff. I like the sand, but walking on it is another matter. "Thank you for being here, girls. It means a lot," I say with a genuine smile, wiping the sand from my hands on my jeans. "Oh, Nessa," a girl named Emily waves her hand. "I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my Sunday morning." She wears a smile on her freckled face, but I'm not sure if it's as genuine as my own. They stride off, the exposed skin
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Chapter 8 - The Fight
It's alright, I try to assure myself. Pretend it never happened. But the scene replays in my mind clearly. I see Jordan's face—the scar over his left brow, his amber eyes almost a dark brown in the shade. And I feel the tingle on the back of my hand again, wrapped by Jordan's hand. I realize again just how tiny my hands are compared to his. “What are you going to wear for the dance?” Riley asks, sipping some fruit juice from a can. We're sitting on one of the wooden benches of the park. The one that's right below a huge tree whose name I do not know. On other days, it provides us shade from the scorching sun, but now it's naked with dry branches spreading out, and the sky above is filled with grey clouds. A crow sits perched on one swaying branch, cawing down at us, its eyes glued to the burger in Riley’s hands. “NESSA?” Riley shouts in my ears, startling me. My own can of juice falls to the ground, its content spilling in all directions. “Riley, do that again. I dare you.” Riley
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Chapter 9 - The Haunted Beach
I walk with strides larger than usual, impatient to get to my destination. My hands sway on either side of my body, the sun setting above casting its long shadows on the road behind. The air is cool on my face. Riley would have shuddered in my place. As a werewolf, I was born with more tolerance to harsh climates, and winter has only begun. Soon, I would be able to sense better. A week and a half, I think sullenly. When I first received Jordan's text, disappointment flooded my brain, mixed with confusion and mild grief. That night, after learning of the fight, I stopped by Niall's house. He complained of slight pain in his back where Jordan had kicked him, and for some reason, I never asked Niall how it had started. He was in a sour mood. I missed his wide smile, the way his eyes closed a little when he laughed, and even when I tried to make a joke, he had only passed me a smirk, clearly unimpressed. I had been afraid to even raise the matter of the next beach clean up. Everything wa
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