The Alpha's Luna

The Alpha's Luna

By:  Priyal Dessai  Completed
Language: English
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The island of Bellpond is a welcoming place for tourists—and a home to werewolves. Vanessa Martin, a member of the Silver Crescent pack knows that Jordan Hale is the forbidden fruit—someone off limits. He belongs to the rival pack. And yet, she's attracted to him in ways she cannot explain. When a tragedy befalls him, Nessa wants to be there in some way to comfort him. She goes out of her way, ignoring all words of advice and warnings from her peers and her grandma and soon, a friendship blossoms between them. The smooth wheel rolling down breaks when they find a body washed up on the shore, and soon a couple more follow, piling up. Nessa and Jordan pair up, vowing to get to the bottom of this, but as they investigate more, they realise the matter is more sinister than they expected. Will they stop and expose those involved in these gruesome murders or fall down the rabbit hole trying to uncover the mystery?

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37 Chapters
If she knew before that this day was going to be her last, she would have appreciated her last moments with her mate a little more. She could not remember the last words she said to him but she remembered what she felt just right. Embraced in his arms, huddling against the warmth of the burning wood—she remembered she was happy. Happier than she had ever been. She didn't remember telling him how she felt, maybe she did not because she was too involved in enjoying the moment.  She remembered the way his eyes glistened against the fire, holding hers—his scent, calming in a way and at the
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Chapter 1 - Where it all began.
"Psst. Nessa? You shouldn't be staring at him," Riley told her bench mate in a rushed whisper, trying but failing to be discreet. Her thick brows were raised and knitted together, even though her eyes looked straight ahead at Mrs Robinson—their biology teacher—who was blabbering about frogs. Ew  Despite her continued whispered warnings, Nessa didn't take her eyes away from him. She wanted to, but she just could not.  Nessa didn't see it, but she knew Riley's bulbous eyes were widening as her voice grew restless. She sounded surprised.  Even though she sat beside Nessa in every
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Chapter 2 - The Keychain
Nessa cursed under her breath and closed her eyes, trying to calm her erratically beating heart, threatening to burst out of her ribcage. She huffed, fixating her eyes on the lean figure of her teacher who was pacing back and forth along the length of the classroom. The words coming out of her mouth never registered in Nessa's mind, despite all her efforts to comprehend her teacher's simple speech.  She could feel Jordan's eyes burning into her back. If only she knew what was going on inside his mind.  Did he think of her as a creep? Oh, no.  When Nessa began thinking it was impossible to not think of what had just happened, her mind eased, finally absorbing Mrs Robinson's w
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Chapter 3 - The Tour Guide
Nessa’s family were the betas of the pack, which meant her life was better than the omegas and less stressful than the alphas. When Nessa was young, her grandma would tell her tales of when she was young--of how the pack lived together in one place, a big pack house. The harmony and peace that existed, but she would also soon shift to talks of fights and bloodshed and that was Nessa’s cue to pretend she had fallen asleep. Her grandma did not like how the modern world had changed the ways of how packs worked, even though the Silver Crescents never failed to celebrate their pack event every month. They would gather in the holy temple of the luna, sing and eat together, as discreetly as possible. The sun was high up in the sky, blazing down at Nessa. It was a good day, she tried to convince herself
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Chapter 4 - The Luna's Temple
The tree branches were mostly bare. Even as Nessa and Cole hiked through the woods, stepping carefully on the stony ground underneath, dry leaves descended from above on them.  It never snowed in Bellpond, but winter always graced the island. As the cold wind swept past them, Nessa saw Cole shudder. The temperature had dropped suddenly and he had declined wearing a jacket even though she had advised him to. She offered him her jacket, knowing that her body was naturally adapted to the climate but he declined politefully.  "How further is it?" Cole asked her, rubbing his palms together. Under his feet, a dry twig crunched. "I didn't think it would get this cold."  "I did tell you it would. Are you sure you don't want the jacket?" 
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Chapter 5 - Bringing About A Change
The breeze from the sea was warmer on her face. Nessa stepped back, further away from the water and Jordan followed her trail until she stopped and turned around to face him, her face underlined with concern.  "Is everything alright?" She asked.  "Yeah. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for the way I behaved earlier," Jordan mumbled, earning a long look from Nessa. She wanted an explanation and good for her, he gave her one. "It's just that—I was shocked, okay? You're a crescent." His eyes were unsettling, darting left and right. One of his hands reached up and scratched the scar on his left brow.  "So? What does it have to do with whatever I said?" Her voice was sharp in the dark of night. She folded her arms, leaning her body weight more on her left
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Chapter 6 - The Other Alpha
Nessa's path ahead was foggy; the morning air cold and harsh on her face. I should've carried a scarf, she realised too late. The street was covered with dried leaves, rising in the air with every
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Chapter 7 - Shifting
Even with the strength of thirty young people, it took them hours to make the Westside beach look clean. More of them had spent their time talking and bonding than doing any actual work but Nessa could not complain. After all, it was one of their aims : to get the two packs together.  The sun was right above Nessa's head, sending trickles of sweat down the sides of her forehead. She filled the last of empty plastic bottles and such she could spot into a black trash bag.  She wiped the beads of sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand and approached a group of girls standing close by. Her legs had become stiff. She liked the sand but walking on it was another matter.  "Thank you for being here, girls. It means a lot," She said with a genuine smile, wipin
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Chapter 8 - The Fight
It’s alright, Nessa tried to assure herself. Pretend it never happened.  
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Chapter 9 - The Haunted Beach
Nessa walked with strides larger than usual, impatient to get to her destination. Her hands swayed on either side of her body, the sun setting above casting its long shadows on the road behind. The air was cool on her face. Riley would have shuddered in her place. As a werewolf, she was born with more tolerance to harsh climates and winter had only begun. Soon she would be able to sense better. A week and half, she
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