The Alpha's Twins

The Alpha's Twins

By:  Patience Writes  Completed
Language: English
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Miquel and Miguel have always been the best of twins since they were kids despite all obstacles. Their father had always been partial, preferring Miquel whom he thinks is more capable to rule the Pack and over seventy Packs after his demise, but little did he know that, the Miquel he always thought could rule the pack is a lady. Will Miguel accept to be the Alpha after being treated like trash by the whole pack? Mysteries begin to unravel themselves when she leaves for the human world in search of her mate. She was too naive but was determined to bring back her mate to the pack, but will he be ready to go with her after discovering her as the Alpha's daughter despite the ugly and cruel things he did to his family? What happens when the twins and their mates have to be reborn in their next life and their mates refuse to accept them as their partners just like in the past? The evil beta needs the blood of an Alpha to live eternally, but will he be able to get Miguel? How will they convince their partners that they were mates in the afterlife?

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I so much love this story
2023-01-27 01:13:56
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Baby Pat
The story is great and the over is nice I love the Miquel and her boldness...️
2023-01-26 23:23:33
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H.B Temilorun
I can't wait to read more of this. I'm in love with the book already. P.S I love your book cover too.
2023-01-23 06:03:20
default avatar
Too confusing
2023-08-27 21:55:02
99 Chapters
The Alpha's Cursed Child
MIGUEL'S P.O.V I whined, clasping tightly onto the obsolete bed, trying not to tear up in his presence. “I suppose you aren't feeling the pain right, just wait for this'' I screamed in great agony at his next action. It felt as though pepper was applied to my fresh wound. I turned to face him. It was the razor blade again, he didn't miss one thing. I sobbed loudly, holding on to the pillow, trying hard not to wail. “Do you need another memento of why I'm here…to remind you to hang around where you pertained as a weak wolf. I know you stepped on my expensive cloth intentionally, you swine!” He growled with a giggle. His laughter sounded so wrong. I looked away, avoiding eye contact, I could feel my tears rolling down my cheeks. I felt as though I had been abandoned by everyone who was around me. Furthermore, I began to weep harder and cried out of fear. The sharp edge sliced through my skin again. I heard the door slam open and mother entered the room. She is a savior. “And what do
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MIQUEL'S P.O.V “What's with you today, you mastered this skill days ago, and you've forgotten?” Seneca groaned, frustrated holding firm to his sword. “I'm sorry, Seneca. I'm not just feeling good today” I hate all this, but I have to do it since it's mother's order. I raised the sword trying to strike again but winced in pain going down. Everyone always thought I was going to be the alpha, but a piece of shocking news is awaiting them. My monthly visitor is back again, and I'm weakened. I'm a girl in a boy's disguise. The whole Pack except the midwife that attended to mother. I wasn't given a solid reason, but mother insisted I have to act this up to protect my life, and here I am, doing things boys should do forcefully. “Maybe I will be healthy tomorrow, I will take my leave now” I gathered all the strength in me and walked out of the training ground. It's a big, spacious place and not far from the palace. I relaxed in the hallway and signaled a maid. “Call me my mother” I manage
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His First Request
MIGUEL'S P.O.V “Miguel,” my mother said quietly. I sat up, rubbing my sleepy eyes, and looked at her. “What's the matter, mother, it's so late?” I shifted, so she could sit next to me on the small bed. “Well, I have a surprise for you, come on Miquel,” there at the door is someone I've been wanting to meet for a long time. I dashed away and hugged him. “Miquel, how are you doing? I've been missing you terribly. Please take a seat,“ He sat down and smiled warmly. When I looked down the corridor, the guards were already snoring. I know it's my mother's work. “Thank you, Miguel; I missed you too, but father would be furious if he saw us both together,” he grumbled. We laughed and talked about ourselves for a few hours. It felt like a long-lost part of myself had returned. “It will soon dawn, and before I leave, I need you to assist me with something, brother,” I said anxiously, urging him to speak. “It's your first demand, and I will certainly grant you your wish,” he said solemnly
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Unjust Judgement
MIQUEL'S P.O.V It feels so great to be on a break for a day. All I did was eat and sleep. The pain I was feeling down there has also subsided. All I do is fight all day and rest at night. The fact that I won't be the alpha in the end made the training look like a torment for me. “Miguel has been caught, the guards are on their way to get you” mother mind linked me and fear gripped me. I gulped a cup of water to calm my nerves down and sat on the bed. “The alpha demands your presence now,” a guard said harshly, holding my arms tightly. “Do you have a death? I can walk on my own” I glared at him, and he released me abruptly. He knows better than to act rashly. I strolled to the Courtroom fidgeting with my fingers. I stared at the horrible scene before me and quickly ran to stop the guards. I put Miguel in danger again. He was being held by two guards and flogged mercilessly by another guard. Blood was dripping from his back already. “Father please, I forced him to do it because I wa
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The Seven Spirits World
MIGUEL'S P.O.V I screamed out the more as the beta's wife hit me with a rod used on criminals. I was tortured by Jason yesterday, and now it's Umberto. My life can't be less complicated. She held on to my neck tightly, making me choke on my breadth. Bruno kept screaming at me to allow him to take over, but I'm anxious she would die due to his bitterness for her. A guard entered the dungeon with a tray in his hand. “It's a wolf bane, you will feel so vulnerable, neither will I. We need help!” Bruno cried out at me impatiently. Trying so hard to endure the pain, I mind-linked Miquel for assistance, and thankfully it worked. I wish he was within the palace. I couldn't endure the pain anymore. Furthermore, I had to converse with Bruno to help me heal. “You son of a bitch! You dared to…” She was unable to finish the statement before landing on her butts. There at the door was Miquel, looking so furious. His eyes were red, and his long hair swiveled silver. “How dare you call our mother
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First Vision
MIQUEL'S P. O. V “Come join hands with us!” Everyone in the throne room kept on bamboozling me. Their proficient drummers are not helping either. I wanted to say NO, but I lost my voice. “Whatever he is demanding from you is a no” I kept on hearing the calm incentive voice. I felt a power carrying me from where I was, but Miguel appeared and pushed me away before I could join hands with them. “Miguel.” I screamed and jerked upright. “You made it brother” he smiled at me and I hugged him so tight. “I made it all thanks to your assistance” I put in much effort to control my emotions. “I'm hungry,” we said simultaneously and smiled. “Greetings father” he nodded, staring at me intently. “I'm sorry I inflicted the pain on you” the last thing I could remember was leaving the room to attend to his call. Father left us alone and that was a relief. “Now that father left us for a while, let's do something interesting” he suggested, feeling exhilarated. “Mother said father will be occup
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The Duel
Twenty years later MIGUEL'S P.O.V I knew father would never forget the case. Twenty years ago, after which, father thought I was the one who said she was pregnant. Umberto was indeed three months pregnant and father spared her to raise the child, gave her twenty years of grace, and now it's twenty years. Everyone was present in the courtroom, just like it was twenty years ago. The difference is that everyone is a little advanced in age. Umberto knelt reluctantly with Ceasor, their son standing beside her. My heart kept on saying they have something up their sleeves. “I have my judgment in two ways for the crime you committed twenty years ago. Considering my relationship with Jason, I can give you the grace that you either become an omega or a rogue. That's the best option I can give you” Umberto stood at a point. Ceasor stared at the Alpha who was looking impatient, then at his mother. “Mother, stop being obstinate and accept the alpha's order by becoming an omega” he whispered at
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MIGUEL'S P.O.V Father is trying to be obstinate instead of apologizing to her. Mother used her power on him, and he fell on his back. Only mother can lay a finger on the Alpha. “Don't you ever dare talk about death between us again. Can we go for the training now because I'm so sure Jason won't go easy on you tomorrow? I will not go easy on you tonight either” mother said and the battle began. “I never knew mother is this good” I whispered as she used her sword like a guru. “A Luna must know how to fight because she is the Alpha's assistant” Miquel whispered back. We watched keenly and mother seemed to be winning. I kept on studying every step she took. “Long live the Luna, long live mother” Miquel hailed excitedly before I could cover his mouth. “Greetings father” we bowed. Father was laying on the floor, breathing heavily. It was my first time seeing him in shorts and a shirt. Not until now did I realize father is younger than his age, since he was always in a huge renaissance.
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The Arrangements
MIQUEL'S P.O.V. “Father, what if my mate is not among them all?” I was on my feet already. “That means you have to marry one of them, not everyone is destined to have a mate, my son”. It's so shocking, mother isn't saying anything because she knows this can't work. Maybe she didn't disapprove because father's mind is made up. It's been five years, and he has declined to appoint a new beta. He sees mother as his beta. He is making everything tough for me. It was a love letter from a lady I don't know. She was ready to get united with a nonnative and also ready to endure every pain. She was ready to wait for my love. What on earth! What kind of woman is she? Father contended I have no option but to go along with the treaties. I stood at a hill, reasoning what to do. I can't select any of them. I'm just a lady like them. My coaching with Seneca ended two years ago, but I still consider him as my guru. It's a new place I discovered a couple of years ago that can relax the mind. A bre
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My Mate!
MIGUEL'S P.O.V “You're stalked with a dumb girl,” I laughed. I step out of Miquel's room to grasp some fresh air, his immense room is suddenly too small for me, it's almost like I'm suffocating. That is when I begin to feel a pair of eyes on me. I turn around, but I see no one, yet I'm so sure someone is staring at me. Only Miquel and I are present in the room. I should be scared, but I don't feel any bit of fear whatsoever, instead, I feel excited. It was then that it hit me, the sweetest, yet most intoxicating smell ever. I'd never perceived anything so sweet before. I shut my eyes and inhale the scent, breathing in and holding it for a long time. I looked around, but I couldn't see anyone. I still feel uneasiness within me. I've not been this excited in a long time. She's there, I can feel it, I can smell her. So, I start to follow the scent, oh goddess, she is within the Pack house premises. I went back to Miquel's room. “You also want to marry the Alpha?” he demanded. I stared
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