The Art of Life and Love: The Second Symphony
The Art of Life and Love: The Second Symphony
Author: Dillon Vera


  Welcome back! The stage is set for our friends Tony and Dillon to start their adventure through 2011. The year previous was a good one, but a tough one. It had been the start of our friends' journey together, and the year that they acknowledged their love. They had known each other since April of 2010, but they didn't become a couple until the end of August. If Tony didn't stop him at the time, they wouldn't be anything. Tony had to convince him that he felt the same way.

  In the four months leading up to the New Year, they had been through a lot as an item. Hell, they've been through a lot in the whole six months they've known each other. At the start of their friendship, Dillon had been incredibly nervous around Tony. He didn't want him to find out about that. That was his growing attraction to him in more ways than one. It quickly morphed into more than a simple attraction, and Dillon found himself in love hard and fast. To hide that exhausted Dillon, who had eventually been exposed anyway. He got whiplash with how quickly things changed from terror to happiness when he found out Tony had reciprocated his love. 

  It had taken much thought upon the news that Tony felt the same way for him. At the time, it had nearly frozen him in place. He was stuck between loyalty to his family and his love for Tony. After all, that was not something that was accepted in his neighborhood. If his attraction to Tony ended up getting anyone hurt, especially Tony, he'd never forgive himself. After so much deliberation, Dillon had decided to give the relationship a shot. It was worth it just to see the smile that spread across Tony's face when he told him "yes". He never would have guessed that Tony was that into him- that crazy for him. It was still something he couldn't fully grasp. 

 The beginning of their relationship had been rollercoaster in and of itself. They had to learn one another as people. Dillon had only just entered sophomore year. He was young(as was Tony) and there was a lot that they were both insecure about. They both worried that the other's feelings weren't going to llast.that is a fear many in new relationships have. Nobody wants the love they found with someone else to wane.

 The closer they got to New Years, the closer they became. They'd had sappy heart to hearts and breakdowns over certain things, but they came with a lot of assurance. They'd laugh together, cry together, argue, shout, pretty much everything they did together. Things seemed to pass between them the most while they were intimate. The two of them, especially Tony, learned a lot of lessons on communication and trust. Although neither was perfect, Tony definitely started to open up a lot more towards the end there.

 Some of the lessons they had learned included to live in the moment, to speak aloud what troubled them, and to trust what their partner felt. In life, there are lots of things that can't be objectively proven, like how a person felt at any given moment. However, that was where trust and faith in one's partner came in. They had to believe in one another. Tony had taught him many of those lessons in ways that stuck. He was young. Yes, but Tony had been around the block enough to know a wise thing or two about the world. Any little thing he could teach Dillon from his experiences, he would teach him. Tony wanted him to grow as a person and not make the same mistakes he did. He had made a lot of them too.

  Dillon learned to be grateful for every beloved moment he had with his friends and family. Kat, Brenden, Adrian, his folks and family, and especially Tony, he loved and cherished dearly. Before he had met Tony, and even for a bit after, Dillon was a sullen, volatile teenager that just wanted to exist alone. After he got to know Tony and made a friend in him, he started to change. He realized the value of friends, and learned to love every moment with them. "We're friends because we care about each other's happiness, and because we love and support each other for the people we are." That was the statement Kat said that changed both their lives. It was something that would likely stick with Dillon for the rest of his life.

  After Tony and he got together, a lot of his past problems were solved and questions answered. At the same time however, many more new problems and questions popped up. Problems with miscommunications came up, which over time they learned to deal with. The first holiday they had together was Halloween. It was only a month or so into the relationship, but they had a blast in Philly around South Street, and enjoyed their horror movie marathon later. The food was awesome, of course.

  They had their first Thanksgiving together too, and were able to learn about one another on a deeper level. Dillon was able to nail the food, and Tony made a kitchen explosion when he made his famous rice pudding. It had been a cozy evening with just his folks, Tony, and himself. They had even made 'Thankful For' lists and shared them with one another. 

  Dillon's seventeenth birthday was hands down one of the best birthdays. Anyone would be jealous of the birthday he had. Tony had earned his nickname of Demon Slayer after Dillon had confided his deepest insecurity in him. Then they had gone on an adventure through Center City. It was a blast, and Dillon experienced his first Christmas in the city. They went to the Hard Rock Cafe for an awesome dinner after Tony had revealed to him the huge bonus he had gotten.

  After that was when Tony had presented to him a chain worth over three thousand dollars. Eighteen karat tri-toned gold with blue topaz. Also known as: Chain-Sword: Holy Blossom. Dillon was floored when the saleswoman had told them the price. It had been impossible for him to control his tears, and he escaped the building without a second to spare. The light in Tony's eyes outside when he looked into his and fastened the chain around his neck would forever be etched into his memory.

  Tony's generosity had caused some problems for Dillon at first. Never before had he had someone go that far simply because they loved him. The lavish treatment eventually got under his skin however, and he snapped. It had all been too real for him. Too real. He was just a highschool student and he was in a steady relationship. It was too real that Tony loved him so much. It was all too real, and it overwhelmed him. He felt like they had moved far too quickly. After a heart to heart, they settled it and Dillon accepted Chain-Sword: Holy Blossom as a gift from the one he loved most. 

  After some thought, Dillon decided that they should both equip Holy Blossom. Tony would equip it when they were together to cut the demons that came forth. Dillon was the chain that supported him while he fought. Then Dillon would equip it when they were apart, and use the light from the sword's gem to burn the demons. Tony would be the support chain for him. It was their legend given form, and Dillon would ensure that that legend, as precious as gold, went on forever. It was a two way street. They were each other's strength and support, both.

  Their New Year's was the best of all. Not only did they have a blast, but they were able to slay some more of each other's demons. There was food, Final Fantasy, awesomely sexy time, physical connection, and emotional expression. Oh, and food. It was so good it needed to be mentioned twice. Sometimes the heart to hearts were heartbreakingly heavy, but once they got through them they were much better for it. It was the way that trust bonds were made between people. When painful things were confided in one another, those people would get closer.

  That was easier said than done for Tony. He had met his estranged brother Ethan after he hadn't spoken to him for a couple years. Ethan was an addict in recovery and Tony wasn't ready to confide that fact in Dillon yet. Most things about his past he wasn't ready to confide. None of that is to say that Tony hadn't changed as a person for the better. Quite the opposite. Compared to when he first slashed Dillon's elbow in the hall of his tech school, Tony was now much more open and relaxed. He may not be the best at transparency, but he had made progress and at least was more forthcoming with what was on his heart. Basically, he wasn't as emotionally stunted.

  The new year would have many more surprises, good and bad, for both of our guys. Armed with good memories, new traditions, and their love for one another, they charge into battle. Dillon would start on the completion of the rest of his sophomore year. It would take much focus to become the best chef he could be. Tony would work his way through busy work days. Sometimes he'd have to deal with seventy to eighty hour work weeks.

 They'd see each other when they're able to amongst their busy schedules. It was always a point they made to hang out at least once a week. Dillon might not stay over, but usually he did. It was important for both of them to escape from their hasty lives to tend to each other and their bonds as they grew. Take another walk with Dillon and Tony as they set out on their maiden voyage into 2011. Witness the tears of joy they will shed and hear the echoes of their laughter as they trek through life. Explore their failures and sad times; and maybe try and take a lesson from them for yourself. Either way, the next line in the marvelous symphony that is their love story awaits.

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