The Art of Life and Love: The Second Symphony

The Art of Life and Love: The Second Symphony

By:  Dillon Vera  Completed
Language: English
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Tony and Dillon have just entered 2011 and the next year of their love and lives. No matter what the world has in store to throw at them, they will make it through just fine regardless. The Second Symphony is the next book in the line of eight that will show how close two people can become. Walk with both Tony and Dillon again as they grow together while at the same time grow into individuals. Love, even an unconventional one like theirs, has the potential to weather any storm.

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Love the story, it's well written. ❤️❤️❤️
2020-11-12 17:36:11
161 Chapters
  Welcome back! The stage is set for our friends Tony and Dillon to start their adventure through 2011. The year previous was a good one, but a tough one. It had been the start of our friend
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Chapter 1: He Remembered!
                 March 29th, 2011: Tuesday                                 
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Chapter 2: Conversations
  It wasn't even seven in the morning yet and Tony was already hopelessly bored. While the idea of his breakfast dilemma did come to mind, he didn't feel the motivation to leave. Days like that were some of his favourites. A day where he can be a bum and not even get dressed. In fact, he might undress later. It was something he'd done since he had had his own space. Cl
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Chapter 3: A Virtual Affair
  Only a few minutes into the video and Tony was already halfway to climax. He could only imagine what the girl smelled like. It looked like her skin was so, so smooth and her body was so cute and petite. The softness of a woman's hair always got him off in a weird way. Just the general soft beauty of her body, and the tight, wet ecstasy that was her loins. In his right hand, Tony held an old pair of his boxers around his erection so he could still navigate the site with his left.   Video after video he watched. He would only stroke himself during parts that he found incredibly
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Chapter 4: Kat-yness
  When Tony made it down to Harley, he noticed that he forgot his wallet upstairs in his jeans. He didn't usually wear sweatpants out, so he didn't think to check. Of course. It gave him a chance to check the couple missed texts he had from Dillon and the one he had from Kat. He was pretty sure he knew exactly what Kat's was about. Dillon was quite right in his claim that Kat was indeed
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Chapter 5: Kitten Talks
  Wallet with money safely in his inside jacket pocket again, Tony set off for the tech school's restaurant. It was such a nice day, he almost forewent the helmet so he could enjoy the sun and the breeze. Of course, he didn't because he promised Dillon. Damn kid. Why'd he have to promise to ride around as Darth Vader all the time? What about his sexy features the world
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Chapter 6: Decisions, Decisions...
  The hostess walked up and greeted him. She was one of the students. While he didn't remember her name, he did remember he'd seen her with a chef coat in the back the last time he was there. The students would switch off in groups to work in the kitchen and work up front. Both were obviously important jobs, especially the front end, since that was the first impression of an establishment a customer got. That's why the owner of the shop he worked at, old man Jace, had the building recently renovated and made over.  As he took a seat at the breakfast bar which lined the right side of
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Chapter 7: Purple Orchids
  Tony looked down at his phone at the three missed texts he had from Ethan. It was still a surreal experience for him to see messages from him and not be filled with white hot rage. The dude made it past six months sober, and Tony was more at ease than ever that he could and would stay sober. Of course, a small part of him was hesitant, but that was okay, right? On on
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Chapter 8: Little-Brother-Mode
  Once he had finished his superb birthday meal, he waved Sarah over to request for Dillon. He had said that he got extra credit when people would request his appearance to compliment and thank him. It was without a doubt a compliment worthy feat. A couple of minutes later, Dillon made his entrance through the double doors with a yellow slip in his hand. All it was was a questionnaire about his experience there, if everything was good and professional, which chef was to be complimented, and his signature.  The second he saw him, Tony couldn't help but crack the widest smile. He had
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Chapter 9: An Eventful Lunch
  Why were the streets in the city where Dillon lived so terrible? They weren't roads,
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