The Beast And The Blessed

The Beast And The Blessed

By:  Ashley Breanne  Updated just now
Language: English
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I thought I would be beaten and broken forever. It was the curse of not shifting. Without a wolf, I was no better than a human to my pack, an omega. I was there to serve and clean up after them. The only light in my life was my boyfriend, Jake. At least, he was until he decided to sleep with and mark my sister. When all hope was lost, and I was ready to make my escape, my life was turned upside down. The Lycan King was known to be cruel and heartless. He had slain thousands, ruled with an iron fist, and was now searching for his mate. Turns out, being a human was the least of my worries….

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171 Chapters
One: Natalie
Natalie's P.O.V. I felt uneasy as soon as I entered the pack house. The way my pack mates were smirking at me, laughing behind their hands... I knew they were up to something. Their pranks and bullying had been getting worse and more painful each time they managed to get me alone. My bruises still hadn't gone away from the last time. My body ached from the beating I had taken two days ago, but I was only a few hours away from it all ending. I just needed to get to Jake before they set their plan into motion. Jake was my boyfriend of four years. He was the only one that cared for me and the only one I could trust. We were high school sweethearts. He was also the next in line to become the Alpha of our pack. That didn't matter to me, but it did matter to the other women in the pack. They hated that he was with me. They felt they deserved a stronger Luna than I would be, and they all wanted to be his chosen one. I hadn't even shifted yet. To them, I was no more than an omega...a run
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Two: Natalie
Natalie's P.O.V. I pushed through the crowd, desperate to get away from everyone. This pack had beaten, bullied, and broken me over the past few years, and my only salvation was upstairs, cheating on me with my sister. Although, I guess he wasn't cheating anymore, nor was he mine. Now, he was just fucking his mate. I no longer existed to him. Our relationship had just been a way to pass the time until he found someone better…someone who had shifted and wasn't human, so they could stand by him and lead his pack. A hard shove came from behind me as I raced down the last few steps. My vision was blurred by the tears, and I clutched my chest as I tried to catch my breath. I didn't want the rest of the pack to enjoy my pain more than they already did. They loved it when I cried and begged them to stop hitting or kicking me. It spurred them on to hear me calling Jake for help. This time, I had no one to call for… no one who cared enough to help me. The force of the push sent me flying o
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Three: Natalie
Natalie's P.O.V I could feel my heart breaking all over again the longer I stayed in the pack house the next morning. Haylee never came home last night, and I knew she was right upstairs, sleeping next to the man who claimed he loved me just two days ago. The man who had promised me forever. The dryness in my mouth and throat made it hard to swallow, but no matter how much I drank, I couldn't get past the utter devastation flowing through my veins. It hurt. As little as I wanted to be here, I had chores to do. The Lycans would arrive in a matter of hours, and as the lowest-ranking pack member, I was stuck cleaning up the mess from the party. My goal had been to get in and out as soon as possible, but when I heard footsteps hit the stairs, I knew I had taken too long. The pile of vomit I was cleaning up had me ready to gag, and if I didn't get it off the floor, depending on who was about to join me, there was a good chance my face would end up in it. But I had stupidly saved it for
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Four: Killian
Killian's P.O.V My lip curled at the weak wolf in front of me as he shook with fear at the border of the Red Moon pack. They used to be an impressive group for their kind, but over time they grew complacent. Their need to become stronger, bigger, and better vanished, and with it did my respect. I resented that I had to come to this weak little pack, but it was where I would find her. My mate. Even thinking the word had me on edge, and I growled as the werewolf before me stood in my way, making my blood boil. He was stalling, trying to give his Alpha time to show himself to cover for the disrespectful lack of welcome we had received thus far. His eyes traveled over me, his body vibrating even harder in terror at what he saw. We had run in our Lycan form, as we preferred. Shifting into our beast was saved for special circumstances. The Goddess blessed us with the ability to half-shift and stand on two legs. The sad excuse of a dog before me was wasting my time, and that was somethin
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Five: Natalie
Natalie's P.O.V. I had never been so happy and terrified at the same time. The house was empty, and everything was free for the taking as I collected a bag with clothes, money, and food. Every few minutes, I would hear the creak of the house shifting or noise outside, and my heart would stop. I was waiting for them to come home and find me stealing. Even worse, I was waiting for a Lycan to pop out of the walls and rip my heart from my chest. They had already made their way onto our land. Even without my wolf present, I could feel them. Their power was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The hairs on my neck and arms were sticking away from my body, and my stomach was rolling with nerves. I threw my backpack over my shoulder, keeping my bad arm as close to my chest as possible to prevent irritating the damaged appendage further. I had to make it three miles to the border and another six before I reached a human town. Once I was there, I could hop a ride and go anywhere I
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Six: Natalie
Natalie's P.O.V. A shiver of satisfaction rushed through me, but the feeling quickly passed as a drop of my pack mate's blood trickled from his grip on the top of my bag and landed on my neck. I tore my eyes away from his, not wanting to offend him further, only to have them land on the mutilated body of my Alpha. His throat had been torn clean from his body, and he lay limp on the ground with his sobbing mate over him. My first instinct was to find Jake to make sure that he was okay. His father had just been murdered in front of him, and he was now the Alpha. But it wasn't my responsibility anymore. He had Haylee. His Luna. The king let out another growl that made me want to curl up in a ball and hide away. Perhaps if I had done that instead of running, I wouldn't have been forced into this position. I had heard horror stories of women who had been chosen as breeders. None of which I wanted to be a part of. To be chosen as one's soulmate was a different story. It was one of love
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Seven: Natalie
Natalie's P.O.V. Several hours had passed before I had mustered up the courage to help myself to a shower. I was glad I had my get-a-way bag with me when I was taken from my pack. Clean clothes and a warm shower did wonders for me and my injured arm, and I was ready to test the limits of my new captivity and learn my place. If I weren't allowed to leave 'our' bedroom, I would find out very quickly. I paused at the door briefly, wondering what would happen if the king returned and I wasn't there. What kind of punishments did human breeders get? Were there other human breeders here, or were they killed after they produced an heir? I shook my head, glancing back to the room, admiring the glow of the mid-afternoon sun on the gold detailing that decorated the bedposts. It made me wonder what other beautiful designs were waiting for me to discover in the rest of the castle. The bronze handle was cold beneath my touch, like a warning that I should back away and stay where I had been left
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Eight: Killian
Killian’s P.O.V. She was here. She was safe. Finding her was no longer a problem. Yet, I couldn't get her off my mind. I kept thinking about the split in her lip and the bruises on her arm. I wanted to find whoever was responsible and end them for what they did to my mate. I was livid by the idea that she was in our room hurt, alone, and from what I saw back at her pack…scared. But she managed to wipe away any compassion I had for her when she asked about other women. Either her opinion of me was so low that she thought I kept a collection of concubines around for my pleasure, or she was fishing to see if I was going to be sleeping with other women and, in turn, if she could sleep with other men. Both thoughts made me not want to be in her presence. It was the exact reason why I didn't want a mate. A soulmate had the power to destroy you and crush your will to live. If it weren't for Joselin's vision, I would have been happy going on with my life alone. Perhaps one day I would hav
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Nine: Natalie
Natalie's P.O.V. It was a difficult thing, sleeping in a strange place. But it was the awe and excitement that came with the realization that things here would not be the same as they were in my old pack that kept me awake. Even if I was just a breeder, I would still be treated as the King's mate… or at the very least, I would one day be the mother to the heir. No more would I be an omega. No more would I be beaten or abused. It was empowering. But it was that rush of adrenaline that made it hard to sleep. Each time I fell into my light slumber, I would wake up only minutes later. Then the excitement would hit me again, and I would struggle to fall back asleep. I wanted to go explore to see the rest of not only the castle but the kingdom. I also wanted to try more of the food they had here. The dinner had been a tense affair with only myself and the king. Joselin had made herself scarce when the food arrived and had taken my guard with her, leaving us with a smug comment about how
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Ten: Natalie
Natalie's P.O.V. A loud knocking woke me from my dream of running through the forest in my fur, and I groaned as the memory of it vanished just as quickly. I knew what my dream was about, but once my eyes were open I couldn't picture it any longer. The sights, the smells, the feeling of it... it was all gone. It had always been my favorite dream, and I had it frequently. But it was a dream that I had no expectation of ever becoming reality. Instinctively, my arm slid across the bed, seeking out the warm body that had held me last night. While I had been waking up every few minutes before he had joined me, once I was in his arms, I had the best sleep of my life. Considering he was still a stranger, it seemed odd that I found that kind of comfort in him. The lack of his presence made me look to my side, seeing my mate's side of the bed empty. The blanket had been pulled back smooth against the bed, and the pillow had no indent to show any sign that he had ever been there. I knew i
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