The Best Man's in Love with the Groom

The Best Man's in Love with the Groom

Oleh:  H. WARD  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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Harrison Monroe has been secretly in love with his best friend, Rhett Langley since they had an "experimental" affair between their junior and senior year of high school. They agreed to remain best friends and not let anything change between them, but everything changed for Harrison. Now older and leading their own lives, Harrison is yet to forget that steamy summer they spent together. When he gets asked to be Rhett's best man in his wedding to a woman named Rebecca, Harrison is put in an awkward position and goes through a journey to put his personal feelings aside and support his best friend. Then comes the bachelor's party where Rhett pulls Harrison away and they share another steamy moment. Harrison asks himself if it was only the alcohol in his system or if Rhett truly has romantic feelings for him as well, and with the wedding just around the corner, he's too fearful to ask. Now Harrison has more questions than answers and has to decide whether to swallow his pride and let Rhett marry a woman he may not truly love or take his chance at his own happily ever after and object at the altar in front of everyone.

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loved it :)
2024-02-04 08:39:42
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Such a great book! Very well written. I couldn't stop reading it. I'm sad it's finished but I really enjoyed it and I loved the characters.
2024-01-22 10:59:51
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Cupcake 2u
Such an amazing story!! Loved it! The characters, storyline and steamy action (which was written so well) was incredible. This is one to keep and reread!!
2022-10-01 00:18:36
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Mo Marie
Second time reading this and this is my favorite story on this app! I loved all the characters and their dynamics and I couldn't have thought of a more perfect ending! Amazing job!
2022-08-06 09:32:48
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fuh naomi
am so inlove with this love story
2022-07-19 12:40:34
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Ana Lee
I loved Harry and Rhett's love story ...️
2022-07-05 03:29:32
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1- Hype Boys
Dear readers, the first 2 chapters of this story start in 3rd Person pov for the backstory, but the rest is in first person, going back and forth between Harrison and Rhett.3rd Person POVIt was the final basketball game of the school year, and the entire student body was gathered in the gymnasium to watch. The boys were getting prepared in the hallway outside the gym before making their dramatic entry to hype the crowd.“You ready?” Rhett asked.Harrison rolled his eyes at him. “You act like we don’t do this every game.”They adjusted each other’s capes and nodded to each other before storming through the wooden doors with a loud thunk and hollering to everyone as they ran down the length of the basketball court. The crowd erupted in cheers and were brought to their feet as they saw the two boys with their make-do flag capes that sported the school’s colors of maroon and silver billowing behind them.Harrison's curly, shoulder-length blonde hair was dancing in the wind as he ran aro
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2- Twins
3rd Person POVAfter the basketball game, everyone exited the gymnasium and the school altogether to head home. Harrison and Rhett were still topless, only sporting their flag capes and basketball shorts. Since it was spring and they were recently surrounded by hundreds of bodies, they weren’t cold at all as they stood outside the school.“Here comes your girl,” Rhett said, nudging his chin in a certain direction.Harrison followed his eyes and saw his sister trotting up toward them. “Hey, twinny!” he greeted with a smile and his arms open wide.Holly joined the boys and hugged her brother. She had the same curly blonde hair that reached her waist and brown eyes like Harrison, but her eyes were darker when Harrison's were more golden, and her face was more heart-shaped and feminine while his was more squared and masculine.“You boys did amazing as usual,” she praised as she parted from her hug with Harrison and went to hug Rhett.“Thank you, thank you,” he gave a small bow to Holly af
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3- The Lock Box
Harrison POVIt's Friday afternoon at The Lock Box Bar downtown and I’m the only one working the bar. Work is slow, and my coworker and boss, Jeff, is in the back doing an inventory before tonight’s rush. The phone on the back wall started to ring, and I ditched my cleaning of the glassware to answer it.“Thanks for calling The Lock Box, how can we make your day awesome?”“Hey Harrison, it’s Rhett.”I smiled and shifted my weight to one leg at the sound of his voice. “Oh, hey. What’s up?”“Harrison! What have I told you about personal calls on the business line?!” my boss shouts from the back room, but I choose to ignore him and listen to Rhett.“I wanted to know if you could get together for lunch today?”I checked my watch and saw the time was now a quarter till noon. “It’s kind of short notice, Rhett. I don’t know if I can make that. My boss gets super crabby when he’s stressed before a rush and I don’t want to get in trouble.”“That’s fine. Can I stop by the bar?”I’m sure my eye
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4- A Woman?
Harrison POVI sat there for a moment with my eyes widened. Did I hear him correctly? Rhett's getting married? I didn’t even know he was seeing someone! It's only been a couple of months since we’ve last seen each other; there’s no way that he started dating someone and got engaged in such a short amount of time!Taylor and Brennan rushed to me and Jeff took over at the bar popping lids off of beer bottles as they helped me up from the ground. I saw him peeking over the bar at me, his brown hair falling over his forehead and his green eyes filled with concern, his brows forming a frown as he leaned further.“I’m good, I’m good,” I said to the guys as I got back up.“Take a break, man.” Taylor clutched my shoulder and motioned for me to head out back for some fresh air. I nodded and did as he said, walking in a daze.I pushed open the back door and was met with a brisk burst of air that cooled all of the sweat on my face and body that accumulated while working and being surrounded by s
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5- Seeing Him
Rhett POVMy heart thumped the entire car ride to the bar with excitement to see Harrison again after a couple of months. Last time we saw each other was two months ago when he stopped by my apartment for video games and beers.I knew it would be busy since it was a Friday, but I had to see him; I had to get this off my chest and officially ask him to be my best man. Rebecca had been bothering me with the question for a while, and I had been too coward to ask him until now. I didn’t know how he would react to the news, and I feared the worst. I know Harrison and I know he wouldn’t bail on me, but I began to doubt myself and question everything as time went on.When I saw him at the bar doing his tricks with the bottles and drinks for his customers I couldn’t help but smile. Harrison was always the one to make others smile; I just went along with it because I wanted to be more like him; outgoing and confident. He was an admirable soul.I saw him wink at a couple of girls and could only
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6- Rebecca and Rhett
Rhett POVI pulled into the condo garage and parked my car before entering the unit that Rebecca lived in and I frequently spent my time in. I agreed with her father that we wouldn't move in together until after we’re married, so I spend as much time here as possible with her when I’m not at work, then go to my own apartment for the night.“Becky, I’m hooooome,” I hollered in my best Ricky Ricardo voice.“Hi, honey!” Rebecca came out from the kitchen with an apron that was covered in flour. She got on her tiptoes to give me a kiss and told me, “I’m just finishing up dinner.”Her long black hair twirled along with her yellow floral dress as she turned on her heel and returned to the kitchen. She was so tiny at 5’5” and walking around barefoot in the condo, one could mistake her for a toddler if they weren’t looking at her.“How was your day?” she hollered from around the corner.“Good,” I answered as I took off my suit jacket and draped it over a chair on my way to the kitchen. “I stop
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7- Milo
Harrison POV*SMUT WARNING*I finished my shift at the bar and headed to the upstairs apartment that Jeff lets me rent out above the bar. The noise from the bar still sounds from the floorboards up until three in the morning usually, but it’s cheap and convenient for little old me, and I never minded the sounds of people enjoying themselves. Besides, if there's ever a bar fight, I'm only a few seconds away from helping break it up.I dragged my feet up the stairs and looked up once I saw a pair of shiny leather shoes. Milo was standing outside my door, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and a wicked smile on his lips as he caught sight of me. His green eyes filled with lust as he loosened his tie. He looked yummy and desirable, as I had thought since the second I saw him, and I was famished after my shift, ready for some fresh meat.I reached the step that he was on and wasted no time opening the door and pulling him in behind me, dragging him by the tie like a leash. I sh
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8- Save the Date
Harrison POVMilo ended up falling asleep on the bed next to me, and I was too tired and lonely to bring myself to wake him and tell him to go. It had been a while since I shared my bed with someone, and I enjoyed the extra body heat in my bed. After such an intense day, it was nice to feel like I wasn’t alone, and I drifted off to sleep shortly after Milo did.The next morning I was woken up by the door to my room opening and the blinding light from the sun shining through. I groaned and covered my eyes with the back of my hand.“Oh, I didn’t realize you had company.”I recognized the voice instantly, but Milo didn't, and he shot up to his forearms - as he had been sleeping on his stomach - with a concerned look on his face.“Girlfriend?” he asked in a hushed tone.“Sister,” I answered with a grumble, not moving my hand from my face.“Hi, I’m Holly!” She greeted him with a big smile and wave, completely unbothered by our nakedness.She’s caught me in worse positions before, so findin
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9- Invite
Rhett POVI was in the boardroom around ten in the morning when I saw from a window Milo hurry into the office, looking like a frantic mess. He stopped his running and adjusted his hair and suit before he walked any closer to the boardroom where everyone was preparing for a meeting.He entered the room and sat right next to me. I noticed his lack of cologne and antiperspirant, which was noticeable after his obvious run to the office.“Is that the same suit from last night?” I asked quietly so no one overheard.Milo smiled his dashing white teeth at me and said, “I like your friend.”I’m sure all color drained from my face as the weight of his words settled in my mind. I knew he would make a move on Harrison when I left him at the bar, but he spent the entire night with him? That seemed a little excessive and I was not expecting it.“Sounds like he liked you too,” I mumbled. I glanced over at him and my eyebrows drew together. “Where’s your tie?” I asked. Milo looked down at himself an
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10- Dinner
Rhett POVI was setting the table for dinner and Rebecca was busy in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.“That’s him!” she exclaimed with excitement.“I’ll get it,” I told her as I went to the door and opened it.Harrison stood there looking as handsome as ever. His blonde hair rested at his shoulders in waves and his honey brown eyes lit up when he saw me. He dressed in a navy blue, V-neck tank and jeans - a usual attire for Harrison, and I smiled at him.“Welcome, welcome.” I stood to the side and motioned for him to enter.“Hey,” he greeted with a smile. He then held up a bottle, “I brought this wine. I wasn’t sure if Rebecca drinks wine, but I thought it a safe bet.”“She loves red, yes. Thank you.” I took the bottle from him as he extended his hand to me and walked through the door. “She’s in the kitch-”Rebecca suddenly appeared in the hallway, stopping me mid-sentence with a beaming smile on her flawless face.-Hall,” I finished with a smile at her.“Harrison!” She hugged him ti
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