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The Betrayal | BWAM

By:  Natashah  Completed
Language: English
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“Why did you lie to me? Why didn’t you tell me you are the girl I married seven years ago?” He asked me, leaning further into me so I could feel the bulge in between his legs.“Because I didn’t want to be tagged a home wrecker. The marriage was childish anyway” I struggled to reply.After getting married to a total stranger in a tattoo shop while she was heartbroken, Jumy never thought she was going to see the man she married again until he came rushing into her classroom.Disclaimer:There is a huge age gap between the main characters.This book is purely a work of fiction.This is a BIRACIAL BOOK!!!Black Woman Asian Man (BWAM)

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Shirley Toto
This was an amazing story. I read it in one sitting. Just beautiful!!! 10 Stars ...
2023-10-24 09:39:23
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Sonya Scott
Very good book plenty of twists and turns.
2021-01-23 10:10:08
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sweety sweety
amazing story looking forward see more updates . how many chapter left??
2021-01-21 18:09:00
user avatar
Essie Neh
I can’t wait for more updates 🥰
2020-12-22 00:30:23
user avatar
Essie Neh
This book is amazing 🔥🔥🔥
2020-12-22 00:30:13
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Too many spelling errors to continue reading.
2021-12-07 02:43:50
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LaTasha Scott
I wish she made different choices in trusting the one she loved and still have a chance to mend her relationship with her family
2021-10-13 03:18:45
59 Chapters
01. The Betrayal
7 YEARS AGO "Happy birthday dear Jumy, happy birthday to you," my parents sang, smiling lovingly at me as I sat in the expensive dress my boyfriend got for me.
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02. The Betrayal
 7 YEARS LATER I woke up to the sound of my infuriating human alarm, Eric, shouting stupidly in my ears, as he shook my body.
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03. The Betrayal
“Hey, you're the road runner from this morning, aren't you?" Yu Bin asked me, with his beautiful brown eyes piercing straight into my soul.I opened my mouth to answer, but there were no words, my mind was blank, it was like seeing nothing; I had nothing in my head.
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04. The Betrayal
 I finally found the courage to sit with other teachers for lunch. They looked like half decent people, but it was evident they liked gossip, like this is a fucking elementary school for fucks sake. “So, Jumy, what’s your deal?” One of the teachers asked. She was very pretty with nice blond hair. I could tell from her attitude and the way she talked that she was the Queen gossip, and she loved things going her way. No one dared to say no to her, in other words, she was very full of herself.
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05. The Betrayal
I woke up to another day of Eric constantly singing about this very pretty lady of his, I hated it because he was doing it to spite me; because I came home talking about Yu Bin. "Okay fine! I won't talk about Yu Bin again! Hearing about your boss that way is
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06. The Betrayal
It was at noon, after lunch, that I started to hear the rumor from the teachers, something about Yu Bin and his wife.I was in one of the stalls in the restroom, peeing, when I heard footsteps; they were more than one person, that much I could tell.
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07. The Betrayal
"Are you sure we haven't met before?"I kept my eyes on Yu Bin, not saying a word, not because I thought he remembered me, but because I didn’t know how to speak; the man had a way of making me forget how to talk. Yu Bin kept his eyes on me for a while, then his gaze started to go lower.
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08. The Betrayal
It was officially a week since I started working as a teacher in the elementary school. I was surprised I kept the job that far. I usually didn't last three days; I knew I had to respect myself, I was responsible for children now, two of which are the children of the man I have a heavy crush on, I couldn't afford to lose  my only chance to be that close to him.
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09. The Betrayal
When I stepped my foot into the school premises the next day, something felt off to me, the air was different. I wasn’t bothered though, I held my head up high as I walked into my classroom.It was during lunch hour I knew what the bad air was about. I had gone to the lunch room to get lunch, but for some reason, all the teachers were whispering to
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10. The Betrayal
Yu Bin's POV I was torn, torn between what I had heard about Jumy and actually finding out she was Jumy. A part of me was happy t
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