The Billionaire's Substitute Ex-Wife Returns

The Billionaire's Substitute Ex-Wife Returns

By:  Michaela Gates  Updated just now
Language: English
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“You were everything, but her, Sienna.” “You shouldn't have married me then if you knew that you'd feel this way!" She snapped. “I married you out of pity, aren't you grateful? I saved you from the pathetic life that you were living and thought that you deserved a decent living, you don't have to act like the spoiled brat that you are.” “I can't believe I thought you were a man. You're no man Sebastian Frost, but a heartless monster!” *** Sienna is left heartbroken after her divorce from Sebastian, who had married her as a substitute wife. After five years, Sienna returns to New York a changed woman with twins who are five years old and a man. She did not expect to see her ex-husband, Sebastian Frost, hotter than ever. And not only has he gotten hotter than ever, but he also wants her back. But a nemesis from the past will not live to see that happen, nor the secrets that were meant to be left behind. Will Sienna forgive Sebastian after all that he did to her?

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2024-05-28 14:57:22
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The story is developing nicely. I love it
2024-05-07 16:29:01
user avatar
Such an amazing writer. Well done
2024-04-17 03:27:33
user avatar
think I will wait for the book to be complete because it looks interesting
2024-04-17 03:19:52
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17.04.2024. Chapter 0150
2024-04-17 03:05:32
default avatar
More please.
2024-04-17 02:58:56
default avatar
Love love.
2024-04-17 02:52:30
default avatar
This is as good as the audio ...
2024-04-17 02:42:25
default avatar
how often is the book updated? i like it
2024-04-17 02:35:53
default avatar
looking forward to reading
2024-04-17 02:28:14
default avatar
I love this book.
2024-04-17 01:47:58
user avatar
This book is just great, I’m especially enjoying the Audiobook, Sebastian’s voice is amazing, highly recommend it.
2024-04-15 19:11:43
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Gina de Vera
Love this book
2024-04-09 16:33:01
user avatar
This is good and I'm rooting for Sienna and Sebastian he needs to know his kids
2024-03-24 01:53:50
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Marcelle Sampaio
Livro muito interessante, leitura intensa, nao da para parar
2024-03-18 18:48:25
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249 Chapters
Chapter 0001
NEW YORK, APR 2015~SIENNA~Dimmed lights, flowers on the bed, soft music in the background, and Sebastian was groaning against my ear. Everything about this night was perfect and heaven. "Yess..." I moaned, closed my eyes, and clutched my nails deep into his skin. "A- Anna... Yes." He groaned, an
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Chapter 0002
~SEBASTIAN~When I got to the bathroom, I took a deep breath and went to take a shower. When I was done, I wrapped my towel around my waist and went back to the bedroom to change so that I could go to work. I found Sienna sitting on the bed, with her hands covering her face, crying.“So, what’s your
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Chapter 0003
~SIENNA~"You will receive the divorce papers later this afternoon." His words rang in my ears even after he was gone. I rolled on the bathroom door with my back and sat down, crying. It felt as if I could not breathe and my whole body was weak. I closed my eyes and hoped that when I opened them, t
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Chapter 0004
~SEBASTIAN~Later that afternoon, Lyons called to confirm that he was done with the divorce papers as I instructed him. "About the divorce settlement, Mr. Frost -" "Make it one billion." "What?" He was surprised. I mean, I was the richest man in the country, and second in the world. How could I l
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Chapter 0005
~SIENNA~ It felt real when I saw myself sitting on the same spot where I met Sebastian. I had just come back from a long day at work and felt like I needed to rewind and get something to drink before heading to my apartment. I had no clue that everything was about to change when I saw him sitting
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Chapter 0006
~SIENNA~“Sebastian?” "It's Zac, Sienna." I jerked my head and looked at him to confirm that it was really not Sebastian. And when I saw that he didn’t have the same chestnut hair that Sebastian owned, my heart ripped apart. I felt like crying all over again when I realized that it was not a drea
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Chapter 0007
~SIENNA~Later that evening, I got discharged, and Zac and I went to a hotel to spend the night. I was still not sure where I was going to go the following day. I sold my apartment after Sebastian and I got married because I didn’t think that I was ever going to need it. I didn’t even have enough
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Chapter 0008
AGOURA HILLS, AUG 2020~SIENNA~“Mommy! Mommy!” “Hey baby!” I picked up little Caleb into my arms. I just got back home from an interview about one of the books that I recently published. I was in a good mood about the new developments of my bestseller. “Where is your sister?” I finally put him do
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Chapter 0009
NEW YORK, AUG 2020~SEBASTIAN~“SEBBY?!” “Please go and tell her that I am still busy,” I instructed Diane the moment I heard Anastasia’s voice calling for me from the hallway. I opened my laptop and pretended that I was occupied with work in case she insisted on coming inside. Diane nodded and h
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Chapter 0010
NEW YORK~SEBASTIAN~“Did you call Arianna?” I asked Anastasia on our way downstairs for breakfast in the morning. As usual, she rolled her eyes at the question and showed no enthusiasm that I asked about her 5 year old daughter that she hadn’t seen for an entire month. It was so weird to me that
Read more Protection Status