The Billionaire's Unauthentic Daughter

The Billionaire's Unauthentic Daughter

By:  fleetingforever  Completed
Language: English
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Being kidnapped is never pleasant. It might be when your kidnappers are billionaires mistaking you for their runaway daughter who looks very much like you.

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Good story
2022-04-12 07:11:20
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riya latur
good story
2021-05-23 20:10:58
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riya latur
nice story
2021-05-23 20:09:44
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i really nice book
2021-05-15 18:25:30
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Cherbnerm Ibrahim
it's nice story
2022-01-01 23:52:40
154 Chapters
1: Part 1
"Miss James." My Bio cluster/Genetics professor, Mrs. Brown said calmly in surprise. I looked at her with apologetic eyes."I'm sorry, professor." I said, clutching the strap of my bag on my shoulder nervously as I became aware of several eyes on me.She gave me a look through her thick red rimmed glasses, pushing them further up her nose. "Do you realise that you are almost twenty five minutes late to the class?""I know, but someone-""I don't want excuses. You must not be late to class. Either be on time or don't come at all."I dropped my gaze from her to the floor. Mrs. Brown was a bit hot headed lady. She was kind and good but she can be scary if she wants. And no one dared to be late to her class. But I was. It just so happened that a girl accidentally spilled her drink all over me before class and I had gone to clean up. And I didn't even hear the bell signaling that Mrs. Brown's class had started."If you were a mere five minutes la
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1: Part 2
"I said you deserved what you got. Your parents are dead, you work at a café. I bet my purse costs more than your last paycheck. So keep a distance from me, you little bitch."I didn't understand what her problem was. She never acted this way with others, even the people who were close to my level in terms of wealth. She was always sweet to everyone else but me. It was like she intentionally wanted to rile me up.That was enough to crush my self control. My hands balled up into a fist and before I knew, my hand was deposited on her artificially pink and soft cheek. She stumbled back and her minions caught her."Don't you dare say anything about my life. You are no one to comment on it." I snapped at her as I saw her struggle to get up without flashing anything. I dashed out of t
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2: Part 1
I reached home at around nine thirty at night. It was not exactly home to me. I lived in a small two room rented apartment which was enough for me. The owner was a grumpy widowed douche who was too impatient with the rent.I inserted the key in the hole and opened the door. I flicked the lights on and closed the door behind me. I was tired. I didn't know why but I was damn tired.I already had my dinner at a restaurant and I was full. And so I just needed a warm bath now.Summer break was right around the corner and I was very excited. Tomorrow would be the last day of college until after the break which was for about three weeks. Many of my classmates were to going to go home to meet their family. And some of them were going on family trips to different countries. Thank God, it would be a nice break from seeing the arrogant faces of my classmates everyday.I went into the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth. After putting on my comfortable pajam
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2: Part 2
As I entered my last class of the day History, I saw Ashley glaring at me. She leaned over Ryder, her boyfriend or more like bed buddy and whispered something in his ear. She glared at me again and I saw Ryder doing the same. If looks could kill, I would have already met my parents.I ignored them and walked to my seat. The class started and I paid attention to the teacher, as usual and took down important notes.Soon enough, the day was over. I heard the plans of the other students. Some were going to holiday abroad. Some in Hawaii, others in India, Bhutan, Africa, Switzerland, London and other countries. In other words, places I had never seen or been to and places that I would probably never see or go to. I envied them for that.Almost my whole class was going to party today at a frat house. I wasn't invited.I would be at work as usual and then at my home.I didn't stay in the campus for long and soon enough I was walking through the familiar s
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3: Part 1
"You sure she lives here?" Olivia asked, looking around us to see if anyone was there. We were outside Ashley's house. It was 11:39. We had half of our faces covered under a black scarf. We could easily pass for burglars. I just hoped we didn't get caught."Positive," I whispered to her. She nodded and stepped forward."Hey, what are you doing?" I asked as I pulled her back."Going in, of course. How are we supposed to get your revenge without going in?" She asked in a 'duh' tone."We can't go in through the gates. What if we get noticed?""Well there is no other way inside other than the gates.""Follow me," I said.I circled around the house searching for an easy entry. But I found none. The whole house was surrounded by high walls. They were not so high so maybe we could climb up."We'll have to climb up," I stated and turned to find Olivia staring at me in horror."Maybe I didn't tell you this but I'm afraid of heigh
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3: Part 2
My eyes opened to reveal the familiar surroundings of my room. But there was too much light here. I quickly shut my eyes again, the amount of light unbearable. I blinked a few times and my eyes adjusted to the light.I tried to remember what happened and the previous day burst into awareness. It was Saturday.I rolled over, eager to feel my soft bed on my back, but I was greeted by nothing but air."Aah!" I screamed as I fell down from the bed on my back. I quickly got up.My back hurt. My eyes drifted to the clock on my bedside table and my eyes widened in shock. It was nine in the morning.What happened to my 5 am wake up policy?I had to be at the café before ten!I quickly grabbed some clothes and a towel and went into the washroom. I quickly brushed my teeth, getting rid of my morning breath. I showered quickly and made myself some toast and omelette.After breakfast, I picked up my bag and locked my apartment. I wa
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4: Part 1
Liv had a car which her parents had gifted to her when she was sixteen and since then she had been using it. It has being over five years now and the car had visible signs of being old. But it was still a nice little black car."When are we going to reach?" I asked. It had been over half an hour and we were still driving through the New York roads to reach to her friend, Wilma's place."Are you so excited that you can't wait to reach there?""You wish."She rolled her eyes. "We're almost there." Liv replied, excitement evident in her tone. What a party animal.She pulled up in front of a large mansion with high walls surrounding it and a black intricately designed gate which had two men in black on either side of it.Liv unbuckled her seatbelt and glanced at me. I still had my seat belt on."Why aren't you getting out?" She asked while smoothing out the corners of her dress which perfectly fit her. Her dress on me was a bit big but st
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4: Part 2
"Do you need anything, miss?" I heard a voice behind me and turned towards the source. I saw a young man dressed as a waiter looking at me. He was probably the one who asked me."A glass of water would be fine," I told him. He raised his eyebrows at this probably wondering why I wasn't having a drink at this party like the other people."Are you okay?" He asked as he filled a glass with water."Yeah. What time is it?" I asked.He looked at his wrist watch for a second and looked back up at me. "It's almost ten," He said and extended his hand towards me, holding the glass of water. I took it from him."Do you know where Wilma could be?" I asked him, not sure whether he knew or not."She must be somewhere here. It's her birthday and cake cutting is yet to take place in a few minutes so she must be somewhere around here. Is she your friend?""No. She's my friend's friend. She's Olivia's friend, I mean.""Oh," He said shrugging. "I
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5: Part 1
I went to the bathroom but there was no one.I was about to leave when I heard some abnormal noises and I knew it was Olivia."Olivia?"I heard a low groan from inside. I knocked on the door again."Olivia? You there?"Nobody replied, instead I heard the toilet being flushed and the door cracked open. I immediately stepped back. Olivia tumbled out of the toilet.I caught her before she could face plant herself on the floor."Jelly!" She shouted in my ear and I cringed at her loud voice."Don't shout. And my name is Julie, not Jelly."I put her one arm around my neck and helped her out of the toilet."Where were you, July? I missed you a lot!" She said, clearly ignoring what I said to not shout. Her mouth reeked of alcohol and I stopped breathing for a while. "You know I played this dare and truth with Wimla. And I got this naughty dare to kiss a guy. And I enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyed it! Wimla was..."Before she cou
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5: Part 2
We were in such a horrible situation where I doubted we'd even be able to reach home and she was more concerned about the five inch devils."Olivia, shut up. Take those damn heels off."When she made no effort to take them off, I glared at her. "I'll let go of you. And maybe even leave you here alone. You don't want that, do you?"We both knew I was not going to do such a thing but it was worth a try."Idiot." She murmured as she bent down and took it off and carried it in her hands. If I would have been her, I would have chucked them in a bin.I saw the red lines on her feet.  "Why do you wear them if they are so painful and uncomfortable?""I love them. And I don't have many heels. And they also make me look tall and sexy." She clutched her stomach."Are you okay?" I asked her.She immediately let go of my hand and ran towards the washroom. I followed her and saw her puking her guts out in the toilet. Ew.I looked
Read more Protection Status