Gifted Shadows

Gifted Shadows

By:  Saree  Completed
Language: English
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Young Rae Jansen is a child prodigy, learning how to utilize her gift and figure out her abnormal childhood. Her bipolar mom makes things difficult, but also makes them better. When she meets her first love in high school, he shocks her with a heavy confession. Rae quickly must decide how to keep her friend but also how to heal from his rejection. However tragedy strikes, potentially changing the path her life will take. Rae finds herself in college and comes into her own, finding a football player who she believes to be the love of her life. At just 17, she begins working for the CIA and finds herself in the middle of an international arms race. Suddenly everything seems to go wrong -- her best friend goes missing, her love life is in the air and professionally she’s stuck. Just when Rae is on the brink of a breaththrough discovery, her past comes back to haunt her, and a new love interest taunts her, rocking her world. But who is this mysterious stranger, and more importantly does she stand a chance at getting him? As Rae discovers more about her mystery man, she finds that an old friend already knows him, and has been steering them toward each other. An abrupt change in her circumstance finds Rae in the middle of an international incident and she must make an impossible decision. Fueled by the news of her best friend's death, Rae is forced to help herself or help her country. Will her love save her, or will she need to save herself?

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Brilliant and creative, loved the twists and turns, Rae and Javi are such incredible characters.
2024-03-22 20:13:42
user avatar
Loved this story. I wish their was a sequel. I wanted her with Fletch but Javi is just as amazing. Great story. Loved it talked about their hardships. Most importantly, for me, that she was a Black girl (biracial) trying to fit in and go through life.
2023-04-06 06:26:15
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Suzy Williams Kozi
this was a great story!!!
2023-02-18 10:19:03
user avatar
I really enjoyed this one. I started then got distracted, but when I came back I was so captivated by the story. Really great mystery as well as deep characters.
2023-01-13 07:11:30
default avatar
just finished this one. I liked Rae’s development over the course of the book
2022-11-23 08:19:56
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K'mellia Hua
Beautiful book (S) , I highly recommend
2021-07-19 09:29:14
default avatar
Wow.. this was an amazing story! One of my top 10 favorites on here. Unbelievably well written & flowed nicely. Kept me on my toes & wanting more. I appreciated that there were multiple POVs. Happy with how it all ended! Fantastic job author - 110% recommend reading this!
2021-05-07 03:24:00
86 Chapters
1- She Wasn't Fun Anymore
*WARNING* This book is purely a work of fiction, any semblance to anyone living or dead, is purely coincidental. The book contains violence, adult themes and language, graphic sexual content and possible triggers for sexual assault. This book is strictly intended for a mature audience.  ~This is a two part story, this is Rae's story~ My name is Rae Jansen, welcome to my crazy life. The earliest memories of my mother were just the "normal" things: making cookies, going to Girl Scouts, having sleepovers with cousins and tons of food. If nothing else, mom always made sure we ate good. Everything from the outside looked completely normal, and that's exactly how my dad wanted it. The picture perfect family, blending in and being accepted in the community. The four of us were extremely close.
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2 - Of Course She Will
My fourteenth birthday came and went in early May, and it was now three months without a word from mom. I was heartbroken that she would miss my birthday and then miss summer. Summers with mom were my best memories, since she never did have a job. That was our special time when we could just laugh all day, and nothing else mattered. Since I had nothing else to do, I found myself asking some of my teachers for extra work.School had started back after a short summer and everyone was busy with their own stuff … and nobody cared what I was doing. I went from having mom around, hanging on my every world and giving me all the confidence a young girl could ever need, to having no one.Dad was working twelve hour shifts, Erik was into sports and was ‘Mr. Popular’ …  I barely had any int
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3 - No Going Back Now
Was this seriously happening right now? My whole body was hot and I was sweating like a pig. After about ten minutes we pulled up to their house, and thankfully it stopped raining. It was a standard ranch style house, much like mine, but it looked like they owned a lot of land. There was a large corn field in front across the street, and some other vegetable field beside their house. Were they farmers? He didn't strike me as the farming type. Jace noticed my eyes darting all over.“It’s even more bizarre on the years when they rotate the fields and the corn stalks are all around our house. It makes for some badass hide and seek though, esp
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4 - Isn’t That What Girlfriends Are For
Jace and I had now been in our 'relationship' for a couple of months, and things were actually going pretty well. I was learning a lot more about how to be more girly ... from my boyfriend. It actually wasn't as weird as I thought it would be. However, I was met with the serious third degree from dad and Erik, and dad decided to leave Erik “in charge of it,” as he put it.  Dad was shocked when I asked for money to go shopping. “Yeah, I know I rarely go shopping," I had said. Dad laughed and raised his eyebrow, “rarely, huh? How about I am usually begging you to go shopping and telling you that you need to be a little more ...  feminine?” Yeah, about that.&n
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5 - Julia
A few minutes went by and I noticed his breathing leveled, and he was asleep. My mind just raced with all kinds of thoughts, it really goes to show that you never know what someone is going through. To me, Jace looked like the perfect All-American jock. He should be living his best life, not living in fear of his father and on top of everything, living in fear of being his true self. I couldn't hide being half black, it was on full display for everyone to see. It wasn't something I needed to explain, people could just see me for what I was. But Jace had to keep so much bottled inside, hide so much and basically live two lives, a burden I can't possibly understand. After about half-an-hour, I felt his fingers moving in my hair again and I desperately wanted to change the mood. 
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6- Looking Good Jansen
I was absolutely devastated that Jace/Julia dumped me. Not that we were really "together" but I came to desperately rely on our relationship and losing it was not in the cards for me. What the hell was I supposed to say to my dad and Erik about it? Even Mr. Drew made a comment about not seeing us together anymore. I didn't do anything wrong, at least not that I could tell. I still had all of Julia's clothes, makeup and a couple wigs in my room, as a constant reminder of what I lost. Jace started missing a lot of school and even dropped baseball. I started getting very nervous for him, but what could I do? I tried going to his house one night, and his mom just said he wasn't feeling well. I even tried talking to his sister Victoria, who was only in
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7 - Playing the Part
I felt like death, slightly warmed up. At least I think... When I peeked out through my heavy eyes, I was not at home. But I was somewhere familiar... Where the hell was I? And then it dawned on me … I was in Jace's room. Was he the one who rushed into the room?! I pulled aside the covers to realize I was in a big T-shirt with no bottoms. I threw the covers off completely and examined my legs, there were a bunch of bruises, and my arms looked a fright as well. I didn't seem to have any soreness between my legs though, and that was my main focus at the moment. I looked over at the nightst
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8 - Math Doesn’t Have Feelings
I was still only minimally friends with my cousin Tara and I really didn’t want to involve her but I was desperate. I called her after the “chat” with Jace and I convinced her to tell my dad I had come over and fell asleep at her house Friday night. Oftentimes, when dad would come home after a night out, he’d just go to bed and assume I was in my room, he didn’t really bother checking up on me. I told Tara that things between Jace and I had been rocky but we were working it out and she was actually happy for that, so she agreed to help. She asked about James and if I could introduce them. She didn’t know I went out with him last night. I quickly changed the subject and hoped she would let it go … maybe I could hook her up with Corey. I figured the rumor mi
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9 - So Many Variables
Jace drove us to our favorite burger joint, and already knowing my usual, he ordered for me. Erik's lecture about being grounded ran through my mind, but I pushed it to the side. Jace seemed to eat out a lot, I never asked him where he got his money... I figured he had an allowance or something. I mean the makeup he bought for us alone was several hundred dollars. Jace leaned across the table and took my hand, I smiled and said, "there's no one watching, you don't need to do that now." He said, "but I do because it's an excuse to get close enough to you so no one can hear what I'm saying. I know exactly what I want to do." Without even a preface, I knew just what he meant. I have been dreading this moment since he first dropped the bomb on me abou
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10 - Fascinated With A Girl Named Noora
The weeks fell away and I immersed myself in work from Professor Evans. I really thought hard about trying to go back in the fall and be a senior. The sooner I could finish high school the sooner I could get out of here. It's not that I hated being home, but it just seemed like it was time to move on. I was ready for the next big challenge, and honestly I was tired of living in Erik's shadow. He was done with school and going into the army. My dad was so proud and gushed about him constantly. The perfect son, good grades, good looking and never a shortage of girlfriends. At first dad was not happy about him wanting to go in the army, but Erik wasn't taking no for an answer.Since Erik was leaving, he was out partying with his friends every night, making the most of his final days. Dad was working all the
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