The Billionaire's Wildflower

The Billionaire's Wildflower

By:  Aimee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Matthew Sinclair Chan, a wealthy bachelor whose marriage was decided by his authoritative father. To escape the situation, he went to the US and there he found a solution to his problem. Harebell was about to take the last semester of her studies in New York when she received unfortunate news from her family, they were scammed and lost a huge amount of money including their properties. Struggling financially, to fund her studies, she took a part time job as a nanny to a wealthy family where she met the escaped bachelor. After discovering Harebell's financial problem, he made a proposition, one that Harebell never expected that she would go through and cannot ignore. A marriage in exchange for her family's release from debt and her brother bail out from prison. But will a marriage last when the foundation was money? What secret will she bear once the contract ends and divorce comes their way? A secret. An affair. A mistake. A confession. The unknown's revelation. What life will she live in the hands of the bachelor?

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1: Dictated 
Chapter 1: Dictated Matthew Sinclair Chan is personally driving his car heading to his parents house at  Kings Grove  Residences on the coastal area in the southern part of  New Territory, Hongkong . It was Sunday , and it is his chauffer's day off. It could have been easy to ask him for an overtime but his request would have come late. That is why when he got his mother’s message yesterday afternoon to have lunch with them today, he made sure his head was clear of alcohol the night before or he might end up with a hang over the following day. He doesn’t want to give his mother any discomfort. Matthew  sat lazily on a long sofa in the vast living room. Not long after he arrived, her mother told her that they have something very important to tell. He was face to face with his parents and he felt a little bit uneasy. They were looking at him
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Chapter 2: My life… My choice
Chapter 2: My life… My choiceNobody can dictate Mathew Sinclair Chan. Not even his parents. He always thought of independence, self-reliance, individualism, privacy and freedom. He did not mind his parents telling him their thoughts but to straightforwardly dictate him, was stepping into his territory unwelcome.  He was having the best time of his life and it is perfect. Then why would he give up this freedom? Marriage had never crossed his mind, not now or in the near future.There are so much he wants to do with his life and taking a nagging wife is not one of them. He respects his father but he is going too far, but he knows that his father knew that his son is not easy to control. But the son also knew that the father won’t give up.If he is to take a wife now, it would result in no good, it will only bring misery
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Chapter 3: Her Family's Misfortune
Chapter 3: Her Family's MisfortuneShe was happy that in a few months she will be graduating. She is now in her last semester after that she can finally go home and help her parents with their business.She had just arrived in her apartment, which she shared with another student, when her mobile rang. It was her mother.“Harebell?”“mom?”“ I have something to tell you but I know that you will not going to like it. I just hope that you will try to understand” her mother had started saying. And she was not prepared for the rest of what her mother had to say.“I am afraid you have to come back soon.”“&nbs
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Chapter 4: The Gardener
Chapter 4: The GardenerHe just arrived from a walk when he saw the elderly garden keeper. He was having trouble at disembarking the potted plants, that is why he offered to help. He was aware of the woman walking towards the garden where he is. But it was unlucky for her  to tripped over.  he saw her looking around the garden as if drawn by its beauty that she did not watch her steps.  She is short , with black hair, a very typical Asian. Not really his type. He ignored her to save her from the embarrassment but he could not believe that he could be mistaken for a gardener.‘A gardener! Tch!’ He felt insulted. ~~~~~~Luckily, Harebell got the job as a nanny to&
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Chapter 5: Ignoring The CEO
Chapter 5: Ignoring The CEOThe following morning, Harebell get up early. She needs to be prepared before the family and her ward wake up.The caretaker, Juanita is also in the kitchen having her breakfast.“ Good morning” she greeted the older lady.“good morning, here … come. Have some breakfast now.” Juanita offered.“Thank you, Juanita”“I  need to do something. I leave you now. You may wait for them here. Madam will give you the instruction.”She was left alone in the kitchen and had her breakfast quietly, standing by the counter.She heard  f
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