Considerably Wicked

Considerably Wicked

Oleh:  Leigh Frankie  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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Una Miller is no stranger to the darkness of the human mind. But after years of undergoing torture and receiving therapy, she is ready to move on from her past by welcoming someone new into her life; and what better way to do that than to get a new housemate? Meet Will Thomas, a handsome and charismatic man who has a lot more in common with Una than he lets on. Can love absolve the seven deadly sins? WARNING: sexual content

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Kei Hofer
Hi, have you ever thought about expanding your work to other platforms?
2022-12-30 15:14:32
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Adoring this book! (constant change of POV is confusing) What's your update schedule?
2020-12-08 15:11:54
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Liam: I
WARNING: The chapter that you're about to read contains content that you may find unpleasant or troubling. Please read with care. Haughty eyes and a proud heart—the unplowed field of the wicked—produce sin. Hubris―
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Chapter 1: Rain
It was a gloomy morning, and as soon as Liezel Anne Blanco stepped out of the cab, the rain poured down like it was mocking her, testing what little patience she had left after spilling coffee on her way to work. When she got to the office, she settled down at her desk. Today was like any other day at work, except for her. She was wet, cold, and completely uncomfortable.
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Chapter 2: The CEO
“Come in,” Sinclair responded almost instantly from inside.She opened the door and stepped in. It was warmer inside. She was glad that Sinclair had set the temperature right. She turned to close the door and walked toward the desk carrying a stack of papers.Sinclair sat quietly behind a sleek m
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Chapter 3: Shower
“So where were you last night?”It was the second time yet again that Will didn’t come home since he moved in to temporarily live with Kate while he was looking for a new apartment. “I had to do some overtime. I finished around two in the morning, and I was too tired to drive. I dozed off the minute I sent the slides to Sinclair. I woke at my desk late,” Will replied the second he came in the kitchen and awkwardly stared at Kate who was still in her black lace chemise at three in the afternoon on a Saturday. She was supposed to be preparing f
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Chapter 4: Una
Five minutes.Una Miller checked her watch and her frown deepened into a scowl. She had been standing at the foot of the bed for five minutes in the room where Tyra, her housemate, was sleeping soundly with her guest.She still had a class to attend, but she thought it could wait. To her, nothing was more pressing than how much she needed to talk to Tyra and how deceived she felt that very moment.The girl
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Chapter 5: Housemate Interview
“It’s good that you’re straightforward, Una. And again, try not to overthink. You didn’t do anything bad. You asked Tyra to leave because she broke the rules. But you have to keep in mind that not all people are like Tyra. Or Mindy. Or Karen. Or Susan.”Una had been seeing Dr. Tinna Larson every week for the past few years. The visit had started as something mandatory for her. But as the years went by, and even after a remarkable progress on her end, she continued to see the good doctor once a week for a chat.
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Chapter 6: He's A Player
“Wait… I don’t think I understand you, Will. You found yourself a new place that’s why you’re breaking up with me?! Are you being serious with me right now? Or is this one of your not-so funny jokes?” Kate shouted over the nice piece of buttered rib eye steak on her plate then looked around.No matter how suddenly pissed she was at Will, she had to give it to him for taking her to a fancy restaurant for their first dinner together. Glass chandeliers; red velvet tablecloths; scented candles as centerpieces; low, classical music in the background; and extra courteous servers. If it weren’t for what Will just said to her, she would have thought they were there so he could propose
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Liam: II
 No one can serve two masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.Avarice― He was no stranger to nightclubs for he had visited a few underground nightclubs in New York, Las Vegas, and California where he had stalked and studied some of his previous projects. He had perfected the template of luring his prey in places like these.
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Liam: III
WARNING: The chapter that you're about to read contains content, like punishment in a form of flogging, that you may find unpleasant or troubling. Please read with care. “An abandoned funeral home? How romantic,” Tyra squealed half an hour later. She held his hand tight as they stepped inside.The drive to the funeral home didn’t prove to be an easy task for him. Tyra was awfully horny that she kept insisting on blowing him whil
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Chapter 7: Nightmare
“You do understand that you must sacrifice, love, for the sake of your mommy. That’s your purpose…”Heavy footsteps, followed by the eerie sound of heavy chains being dragged on a concrete floor, woke her up in an instant.She was exceedingly afraid for her dear, young life. She wanted to scream, but with her mouth duct-tap
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