The Bratty Heiress

The Bratty Heiress

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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"...there will be no other men, I'm a very possessive stalker..." he breathed his words heavily while biting my ear. "Luka...please..." I moaned my words and thrust my hips as his fingers pleased me, taking me higher with each stroke. "Say it...say that you will be mine..." My mind was clouded by lust, but somehow I knew that I was already his. that I wanted no one else since he kissed me. "...yours, I will be yours, I am yours..." my hand caressed his hair and he was back to kissing my lips. ***** Olga, you're his daughter,you're the heiress,you're coming back to him. That was the nail to my coffin. That was my fate. That was my doom. Luka,she's the boss's daughter,she's way above your league,she's never going to fall for you. That was the ugly truth. That was the reality. That was the fact. She's a player He's a nerd How will the two struggle? How will their love flourish? How will their relationship grow? Olga: I'm not sure with the title though... I'm perfectly nice and loving. Luka: Why do you need to state the V thing author? As if being a geek is not enough?

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45 Chapters
1. Meet Olga
So, the title said meet Olga, well then here I am. I'd describe myself as a beautiful young woman (not at all bragging, just stating facts) dark hair, pale skin, full kissable lips.You would see me dressed in knee-length designer dresses, high heels, and let down hair, probably with a small encrusted diamond hairpin on it.It defines my heiress-ness, but my daily style is way more fun and loving, definitely not a bratty style of myself. Are you sure you still want to read my story? Okay then, don't say that I didn't warn you.So! For those who have known me from the previous story, let me welcome you to mine.I'd say it'll be the best story that the Author will ever write, but hey...I'm biased, this is MY story. And I haven't told her everyth
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2. Starting Out
You're still reading this? Good... now let me tell you about my first years, in the godforsaken country that he said I should live at.First of all his house is a freaking mansion, again I might exaggerate a bit. But the point is, it's big, even the driveway is huge no wonder mother always bathe in luxury.He told me about his dealings as he showed me around the house when I first arrived there. He said that he was in the mafia business but I just nod at him, while my head was busy looking around. Hell, I'm alone in this world already, might as well make a new mafia friend. I was not afraid to die, knowing that my mother would be there for me at the other end. Hey, no judging...It's my wishful thinking, so align your thoughts with mine okay?Good, let's move, my room is upstairs across the hall to Nikolai's, my mafia hot brother. Our half sister-brother relationship is shown trough our hair, while
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3. Being a Brat?
"Nikolai!! Brother! You promised!" I stomped my feet in exaggeration.Nikolai said that he would take me to my friend's pool party. I finally gave up, and put my hands up in defeat.This was my last year before I go to college. I was desperately filling my calendar with all the senior party I could attend before I need to study hard in college.I had always been a very committed person in my studies, and at that moment all my grades were out and I was set, done, and already had my early acceptance to my choice of college. The furthest one obviously.I had my mindset on living away from them, I didn't care whether I was going to live at the campus dormitory or at a nearby apartment complex. I just need to breathe, cause I was suffocating from all the guards and the rules.Stomping my feet I decided to flaunt my new black bikini, out by the pool where all the guards could see my barely adult
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4. College days
Right, I guess we should carry on as the title reveals its chapter content. So, being the nice girl that I was (and still am, truly, aside from the title of this book) ... I entered college with the boy genius. My mob daddy and brother had decided that the geek would be my chaperone.Hmmm...I wonder how it would turn out. (Me, saying to my younger self when I was in my early college days)But, we all knew, don't we? What, you didn't know? it goes...*****"Dad, I will be okay. Why does it have to be him anyway? He kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies with his hacking skills. Are you sure he could even handle a gun? All I ever saw him with was a laptop. I'm not sure it'll be the most effective weapon when someone..." I was babbling one morning when he summoned me to his office, for my campus security details
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5. Being There
You'd think that Megan might get tired of me right? Well, that too made me confused. See, I'm very loveable after all. Or maybe because she just finds me bearable? meh...But yeah... Megan continues on being my rock all throughout the years. We had just finished our finals when on one particular night I asked her to accompany me to my favorite nightclub Player. She had always been a little socially awkward, and I do love her too much to have a good time without her. We were done with our finals, but she keeps on studying, while I kept on telling her to have fun."Olga, you should really hang with other trust fund kids..." that was what she would say every time I hit her nerve, just because she wanted to study."No! I want you! Don't you get it Megs, you're my rock." I hugged her tightly until she finally laughs, and tumble down to the bed with me. "Oh, stud
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6. Working Girl
So, what happened after college?Well, four years of college finally ended, with the result of me getting my bachelor's degree in psychology, then I was sent back to dad's.Megan and I graduated at the top of our class. She had majored in business and was quickly recruited by the Markov's. And by that time she had known all about my mafia family.She had managed to keep our family illegal business side a secret, while she runs the legal side under my dad. But seriously... with the offer that she received, she would take our identity to her grave. Aside from that, she loves me unconditionally. But yeah, she was the best recruit Markov's managed to steal for their legal business side.And dad was also keeping her close, to keep me on my good side with him. With Megan as one of his top employees, I was obviously warming up to him. Suddenly life was bearable with my best friend,
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7. Targeted
Luka's POVShe was even more beautiful than I remembered. Her curves were more define, her working attire should be banned. I had seen more revealing short skirts from the ladies at the reception area. But her pants were wrapping her slender legs and showing off her ass deliciously. She was wearing a sexy top that was covered by her suit jacket. I couldn't help myself from teasing and twisting her words. She was looking flustered, and a bit uncomfortable with the situation. But she was handling it well, her words were on point as she kept concentrating on my file.Damn, she's very good.She asked all the right questions, probing me to answer her while she was writing on her pad. Then it finally got to the point, where I was telling her about my parents. It shocked me as to why I even decide to share this information. I was trying to keep my emotion in contro
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8. The Nerd in the house
Really author? We're talking about him again? I thought we could talk more about me., I'm not greedy with the limelight. I just meant that this is my book yeah? So there should be more chapters about me, obviously.What? Hmmm...okay, I guess could tell you about that time when we just got back from the clinic.*****"Luka! Come here, you too Olga!" Daddy dearest was apparently very worried, that he required both of our attendance in his home office.Luka let me walk before him, my conclusion was either he was checking my ass out, or he was to shy to confront the great Alexei. I'm putting my money on him checking out my ass.I smirked on the inside, while I let my hips sway just a little more seductively. I thought I heard him groaned from behind me, but then he was beside me moments later and take his seat at one of the empty chai
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9. Wing-woman
"Damn woman, who slap your ass and made you all red in the face?" Megan greeted me as she opens the door. She was already in her pajamas, it was barely nine in the evening."I need to slap some nerdy ass if you really must ask. That Luka guy, do you remember him? Oh...fuck Megan, where are all the good stuff?" I demanded while scavenging her kitchen cabinet."And why are you in your pajamas already? Let's can't expect me to be this upset and not sterilized myself with some fine alcohol...let's get you to my level, we will let Jack pamper us with his signature drinks." I was scavenging Megan's drawers looking for the perfect little dress for her."A ha!! Found it!" I throw the dress and told her to go get changed."I'm calling our ride," I said, as she eventually relents and does as I wish.I'm very proud of my Megan, she had come a long way. Now she just needs to find herself a ma
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10. The Enemy
So, he parked the car in the driveway and told me to go meet dad in his study."I'll be right in. I need to assist the boys..."I couldn't process the rest of his words, as he crosses my body to unbuckle my seatbelt. He deliberately lowers his body touching my front. I was holding my breath from the abrupt closeness, but then he moved back after he opens my door from the inside."Well? What are you waiting for?" he smirked at me knowing exactly what I was waiting for. His kiss obviously.Fucking smart ass! I stomped my feet and hurried inside the house. I quickly went to dad's office and positioned my sexy ass on the chair. His head was still looking down at his stack of papers. Seriously, if you think being a mob could be any more boring, you should see my mob daddy.I would always find him drown in paperwork in his office. I didn't get where mother sai
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