Chapter 16


I struck out my racket, took a split-step in the center of the court, and then hit the ball back to my opponent. The rhythm of our rallies kept going; neither my competitive challenger nor I were backing down.

Tennis was my best sport whenever I needed to clear my head. There were a few of them that kept messing with my rationality: Dad’s retirement and his impossible request, PeekFlix, and Carter’s delectable assistant.

I’d avoided my father over the past few days. I deliberately didn’t come to their house over the weakened when I usually did to evade further discussion about marriage. I still thought it was ridiculous.

I had a meeting with Emilio tomorrow evening. Carter arranged it for me with Sue, so it was all good. It seemed they were interested in what I’d been offering them so far. He still couldn’t decide, which meant he was still considering New Star and Dragon’s Gate.

As for Savannah, I still had difficulty getting her out of my system, knowing she was just a flo
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Yesss! I like this story
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