Chapter 56


My whole body shivered. Rafe’s question only meant that they were talking about Michael. Gradually, I understood what was happening.

There were things Rafael didn’t tell me. Things about him he couldn’t entrust others yet, especially to someone like me whom he had just met. That was human nature, so I understood and was still waiting. But things between the two of us kept getting deeper.

It wasn’t just any person who’d accidentally become a part of his life.

Rafe had a sibling (a twin) he’d lost many years ago, and it was my very own brother. The same person who raised me, the same person who carried and fed me as a child. It wasn’t just about his family—it was mine too.

Rafe and I’s connection to the Reeds was already problematic. I wasn’t sure what to believe because the coincidence was too bewildering; it almost seemed impossible.

Unable to answer or move, Rafe snatched my hand and dragged me to his car with brute force. My wrist was hurting, but the noise in my mind from
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goodnovel comment avatar
Jill Carroll Raber
she contacted them to be there and Sofia is going to be part of the girls night out, messed up I know but hey her life.
goodnovel comment avatar
Wait! Savi just finds out Michael and Rafe are brothers and she’s having a girls’ night?! Like, what?!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
luvlyluvly12 luvly
Edward and Sofia shldve been there...why do they always show up in the midst of Savis' life, like move on already smh

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