Forced Marriage Lightning

Forced Marriage Lightning

By:  Ailana Misha  Ongoing
Language: English
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In fact, each flower had its own time. Didn't you know? If a high school girl was as your age, shouldn't you be appropriate to have a life partner? Moreover, he was a Chagall Corporation's CEO, Skandar Alexander Hemingway! You did not deserve of him! Author's Instagram account: @Lilanamisha Designed Cover by @Shiraa_sue

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26 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Grandpa's Will
This novel is owned by Ailana MishaPlease, don’t copy and remake! 
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Chapter 2 - Skandar's Test
The white and blue house was in a luxurious residential area in Northbourne Avenue, it looked busier than usual, and many servants were bringing lots of dishes. They put them on the long table in the dining room. A waiter brought a new plate and arranged it, after that, another plate would be come and arranged beside others, and so on. Even though they had prepared it since two hours ago, but they hadn't finished yet. A man just stared their activities lazily from the first floor’s balcony. He deliberately put both hands into his trousers’ pockets. His red shirt looked great with his tan skin. He had hoped that only one of his family members would behave normally, but his hopes see
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Chapter 3 - The Call
"Skandar!!"“Skandar Alexander Hemingway!! Can you quit from your job and listen to mom now!!?”Mrs. Hemingway shouted to her son whom had been ignoring her. Mrs. Hemingway was very upset when she saw that her son cared more about their company files than her, she was his own biological mother. Just watch out if her son wrote his name as the woman who gave b
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Chapter 4 - Did He Actually Want a Wife or Assistant?
The day after getting Skandar’s call, Charisa felt uncomfortable when she was picked up by her sister-in-law's car after school. The young girl still remembered when Yuta and Anna were very excited in welcoming the mature man’s call. That was why she was a little confused how to convey the call’s content to Amanda, she was driving her car at the time."Should I just tell her?" Charisa asked silently.The girl whom had rabbit teeth saw her sister-in-law's face several times, but several times Charisa cancelled her words line,
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Chapter 5 - Propose The Fussy Girl
The day after tomorrow was his wedding, Skandar Alexander Hemingway’s wedding. He should had started taking time off and preparing his wedding. Skandar instead continued to work as usual. He was as a cold and stiff guy, but there were not man out there whom was as stiff and cold as Skandar Alexander Hemingway.Skandar had just got into his house. It was not evening yet, however the man was very tired. The Hemingway family's eldest son sat on the sofa. He threw his work coat, after all, he would change his work suit every day. It was not matter if the coat was wrinkled at the time.
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Chapter 6 - How Romantic Mr. Grumpy is!
Although Skandar said if the park was nearby Charisa’s house, it was still three alleys from Charisa’s house. Moreover, Charisa had included the place in the first rank to be avoided by her, it was a park next to an old cemetery. The land owner had indeed relocated all of graves and bones to another cemetery, because the land would be used as a shopping centre later, but the former cemetery would keep remaining as cemetery for a Charisa Davis, the place where the ghosts met, Convention hall for supernatural creatures being. And the mature man asked her to come there alone at the time.  
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Chapter 7 - Invitation for His Tantrum Friends
At the Davis Home Canberra, Australia     "Here, let me help." Said Charisa to her sister-in-law. The girl was sitting on their house’s fur rug with many large boxes surrounding her. The big boxes were not boxes containing
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Chapter 8 - Our Wedding
In the Ballroom, the Beverlys HotelCanberra, Australia Invited guests had started to enter the five-star hotel in Canberra’s ballroom. The Beverlys Hotel was one of Australia's five star hotels which for the past two days had been fully booked by the marriage of the eldest son of the owner of Chagall Corporation, Australia's largest electronics company.There were so many congratulations bouquet on the marriage of the Hemingway famous family’s eldest son that was on the side of the main entrance of the hotel, a bouquet of flowers that had been sent by Chagall Corporation business colleagues. In fact, the senders of the bouquets had also come as wedding guests, perhaps they sent the wreaths as a congratulatory marriage representing their company, in contrast to the arrival of the directors' officials who came as the names of invited individuals.A beautiful girl with black hair in a knee-length p
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Chapter 9 - Score B
At Canberra International AirportCanberra, Australia  "You all shouldn't escort us." Amanda said to her sister-in-law."Yes, you can take us until here." Noah said to his only sister."Noah ...," said Charisa almost sobbing.The young girl was now at the boarding gate for the overseas flight. Charisa Davis was accompanying Noah and Amanda to New Zealand. The couple had scheduled their flight right after their sister's wedding was over.A man who was still wearing his wedding tuxedo came closer to the crowd of three people, the man had been standing there silently. He was just trying to give his wife time to gather with her family before his brother-in-law moved abroad. Skandar stopped beside his wife who was also still wearing her wedding dress, the girl was crying now."You're going to delay Noah’s leaving if you cry like this." He said as he pulled the girl's should
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Chapter 10 - In Same Bedroom
At the Hemingway HouseCanberra, Australia A great mistress was sitting uncomfortably on the sofa in her family lounge. Her husband who drank a cup of tea warm, let his wife was behaving like a worm overheating. He had gotten used to the attitude of the great Mistress Hemingway."Where else, the naughty boy? Why does he turn off his cellphone!" The middle-aged woman said in disbelief.She had already called her son who had just gotten married for the third time, but his stubborn son had deliberately switched off his cellphone. How could she bother Skandar if the young man didn't want to receive his phone? Skandar Hemingway’s mom almost cursed her eldest son if her youngest daughter was not here, Nancy loved to watch it when she was angry."Does mom want to go to Skandar's apartment?" Nancy asked, the girl had already cleaned her make up."Your brother forbids mom to go th
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