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Aminat and Hamidat had been a very closed friend from their middle school, loves each other very well and two of them were know by their parents. Few years later! An incident occurred when they were in two hundred level at Oxford university. A male student of Oxford university and in two hundred level was murdered at Chinese restaurant in US. This guy was a very closed friend to both of them and in the same department. Two of them started suspecting each other secretly about the incident happened and thinking may be it was one of them that was responsible for the murder. Two of them decided to leave the university on that same that the incident happened and decided to go and join detective school at different states and without know that it was the same thing they were thinking and planning for each other. When it was 2019. Two of them and their tearms were transferred to the US new detective headquarter and two of them were order to be working together as the team leader that they were. So this was how they met again. Another trouble begins between and different under secret investigation between themselves. It was through this process that two of them knows that none of them was responsible for murder. So now to of them must fish the murderer out.

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9 Chapters
     In 2009, at Chinese restaurant in U.S, a young man was found killed and he was a student of Oxford university in 200 level, a lady was with him crying holding the knife that they used to kill him, another young lady was standing at the entrance looking at the other lady holding the knife with bad eye, both of them are looking at each other with bad eyes when ambulance arrived. All the people got down, rushed him inside the car and left. All the people working at the restaurant had been disturbed because of the first incident that will happened at their restaurant, all the police arrived and the inspector general too followed them went to the room that the incident happened to carry out some investigation, the lady that was inside with the young man had left with the ambulance and the other lady was still there.    All the man of the law had been checking everywhere but they can't found anything except the drink that was drinking by the young
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 It was March five 2019. Everywhere was so cold that everybody needed to be waring jackets or wore addition cloth to the one that they put on. Amina came of from her car, wore a very tick cloth which was white in colour and used a tick scarf to cover her neck and entered into her working place, a man at the door opened the door for her and they exchanged greeting.    Anima was still in U. S and she ha been a term leader in detective work, she had three people under her that they work together and she was very good in detective work, even sometimes her too used to sit down and think about it. She don't believed that she can be good like that in a job that she don't willing to do just do it because of what happened in the past.    As she got down from the lift want to be going to their office that was when she saw her terms standing outside and looking so worried, she stepped back a little bit, saw their office door locked and faced her term."Good
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        A U. S police bus drove inside a police office and packed at the front of the entrance. Hamidat and the driver got down from the front when her terms too got down from the back with a criminal, had tattoo all over his body and with a handcuff on his hand.Hamidat was going at the front when the criminal was in the middle and all others walking behind the criminal and watching his movement, the criminal was one of the big criminals in U. S so they were really monitoring his movement because he could try and miserable.Hamidat and her terms were just coming from an operation which they had went to since morning as they saw the report and just arriving now in the evening. Door opened automatically and all of them entered, those that were at home and which had been monitoring them on how to go with the operation stood up as they saw entering and very happy."Well come back guys and well done!" A man greeted them with smile on his face. T
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     A very beautiful and luxurious car drove inside the police station and packed at the packing space, the man that was inside the car took his phone inside the phone hanged in the car and making phone call. He was Hamidat's husband and just coming from his own working place too, so he was calling his wife that he had arrived to their station. Hamidat and the lady got down to the compound, carrying the two boxes on her hand and walking behind Hamidat to where her husband packed. The name of the lady was Manite and closed to Hamidat like her sister, Hamidat hugged her husband with a hot kiss as she got to where the car. "Please! Opened the car boot let her put the loads inside it!" She said as she released her husband, her husband didn't question her pressed the button in the car key and the boot opened. Clear a part for her and Manite put the boxes inside it, putting them separately and arranged everything properly. Hamidat's husband clos
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          Aminat had woke before her bedside alarm could ring, laying on the bed and she was now the one waiting for it. Her mind had been at the new headquarter that they were resuming to and that was why she woke up very early and not intentionally.The bedside alarm started ringing after some minutes that she had opened her eye widely on the bed. She got down from the bed with a short gown pyjamas and going to the toilet with a cap on her head.She took a toothbrush inside a basket, washed it with water and put it in toothpaste dispenser and started brushing her tooth. She used water to clean her mouth after few minutes and the toothbrush, returned it back inside the basket and off the cloth with the cap, and started taking her bath.     The same thing was happening in Hamidat's house too, she had woke up that even she was the one that woke her husband up as the alarm rang. It was her husband that used to wake her
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        Hamidat sat down on a stool at corner beside the reception and looking at Aminat's with anger showed all over her and with bad eye. Aminat was facing her back to Hamidat and still talking to her teams."Come with me Suniaa, come and take your belongings down from the car boot by then the cleaner should have done cleaning the office!" Aminat said, turned back and Suniaa followed her.Two of them left the office, got down to the compound and going to where Aminat's car was packed. Aminat opened the boot with the key, raised it up and Suniaa started putting her belongings down on the floor.She closed the boot after finished packing the loads and carried everything on her two hands, walking behind Aminat and going back inside."Look at me and watch your step!" Hamidat transferred the aggression to Suniaa as she entered with the load."Don't dare shout on my team!" Aminat replied with loud voice and didn't allow Suniaa to
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           A young guy came down from a white cab, gave the cab man $50 and the cab drove away beside him. The young guy was wearing a high school uniform, used his school bag to cross his shoulder and going into a big restaurant at his left hand side.The security at the door, opened the door for him and greeted him as they uses to greet their customer. He entered into the restaurant, looking left and right as he was going more in of the restaurant. He brought out a white hand band  as he got to a dark corridor in the restaurant and continued walking suspicious.After he had walked far from the main entertainment side, two guys wearing pure white shirt, coats and trousers came out from an unknown directions and stopped the guy. He showed them the white hand band, two of them looked at each other without saying a word and allowed him to go. The guy adjusted his school bag very well on his shoulder and continued walk
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                The lady whom was the receptionist was the one that was put between them, so that she could be helping them to do something or passing information to two of them since that none of them was already to talk to each other or allow their team to.Suniaa, Basit and Coka were with Aminat and at her own space, shifted their chairs to her table and sitting beside each other and watching the video of the suspects made by Hamidat and her team on the day of the crime. Aminat paused the video on the table, drank a ship of coffee and checked the file given to her.She looked at the file, wrote some statements down including the opinions gave by her team. She dropped the pen on the file and play the video back."We know that it's night! But you haven't sleep because from what we heard, the light in your room was still on and you don't uses to sleep when night is on. So why don't you hear anything or voice of the man
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           Sound of a car packed at the roadside and at the front of a beautiful small house. It was in the evening but the day was still a little bit light, the streetlights was on and encircled everywhere which make the street to be beautiful.Aminat got down from the car, packed two bags including her hand bag at the passenger's side at the front and don't down from the car. She locked the car and going inside the house which was her own house. She was just coming back from work. So she bought the food that she could eat along, because of the anger and the bad day she had at work she didn't go to her mother's house maybe to give her the feed back how the place was or to pick her daughter just came home straight away.      She took the house key under the foot mat at one abandon room that she always use to keep the key sometimes for her daughter. The abandoned room was opposite of her house.She went to the doo
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