When Love Blooms Finally

When Love Blooms Finally

By:  Artemis Rae  Ongoing
Language: English
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Diana is the eldest granddaughter of the Winchester Family. She has lived her 22 years of life as her twin, Chantal's shadow. She thought she has become immune to the hurt caused by her own family until one revelation revealed in anger, turned her world upside down. Thinking that she has lost the piece of home, she was proven wrong when a helping hand, led her to discover an amorous side of her. Lucas is the 30-year-old President of Forrest Research Institute and a descendant of one of the 7 great families in the country of Great Blackhampton. He has always been good at reading people's personalities so when this beautiful goddess of a woman gave him a look asking for help, he didn't hesitate. Their first meeting, their first kiss. She thought it only ended there, until they met two months later. She had never imagined meeting one of the descendants of the Great families, even more so meeting the heirs. Not only was she welcomed, they even became acquainted with her own friends. They never expected that Lucas and Diana's encounter was the beginning of love blooming for them as well.

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Priya Tiwari
please update next chapter
2022-12-16 12:50:52
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Maruta Maseviča
super book
2022-02-13 19:26:42
user avatar
Love the story lines! When is the next update?
2022-01-18 01:23:33
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Tynesha Jones
Love it so far. Lucas and Diana are my faves
2022-01-04 14:16:22
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Martin Martinez
This is a good read! Keep it up!
2021-08-04 00:01:35
309 Chapters
Unwelcome.   This all too familiar feeling is creeping up on Diana once again, as she looks at Chantal's birthday invitation. Her sister will be turning 22 this year, and once again, will host a grand celebration as if every birthday is her debut. Weird enough, this should have also been her birthday celebration, and yet again, her name is absent in the invitation.   Chantal has always been the one who loves to throw parties, she's always been the one to show off their wealth. And Diana is quite the opposite. She is more practical, but a little rebellious. She does love to dress up just like any girl, but she prefers functionality more than fashion. Whereas, Chantal is just one Fashion diva, which is why their family supported her career as a Fashion Designer. For Diana, it's enough that she gets a College Degree, that way it won't be as embarrassing when introducing her to the public. With how different the two women are raised in the Winch
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Helping Hand
The night was alive. Everyone was dancing to the music the DJ played in front. The mix of swirling lights and the smell of alcohol provided a sense of drunken stupor. Diana would have enjoyed this scene, if only she belongs to the company the party’s celebrant is from. Instead, she busied herself at the buffet table, negotiating with the caterer to prepare to-go boxes for her, planning her escape. The noise was deafening, irritating her mood more. A good thing that all of the rooms in this venue are sound-proof. The more formal diners were situated in the opposite hall, so as to avoid disturbing them. “I’ll be back for it,” Diana said to one of the catering staff. The young man just nodded in understanding. 
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Her Breath Caught In Her Throat
They have already reached the outside of the building. The man still held her hand absentmindedly.   "Ahemm.." She cleared her throat and glanced at their hands.   "Oh." The man let go of her hand regretfully.   "Thanks for playing along." Diana offered a small smile.   "Do I at least get to know your name?" The man inquired with a lopsided smile.   Diana chuckled and offered her hand to shake. "Diana"   "A pleasure to meet you, Diana, I'm Lucas." He shook her hand with his, flashing his pearly white teeth.   "Pleasure is all mine," Diana replied, crinkling her nose. Lucas found the mannerism cute.   "Who would have thought I would be someone's knight in shining armor." He grinned.   "That's a stretch--" She snorted.   'This guy is easy to talk to.' Diana contemplated.
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Her Second-hand Item
"Y-you..Where are you?!" Vanessa's voice was loud in the other line. She gritted her teeth.   Once she heard what Diana was doing while everyone was dancing at the party, her blood boiled, and immediately decided to call Diana so she could reprimand her in person.   "I'm in my apartment, mom," Diana replied calmly though her hand was massaging her forehead.   "Why are you there instead of your sister's party?!" Vanessa shrieked.   'On top of embarrassing the family, she dares to escape?!'   "I wasn't feeling well, mom. I didn't want to spoil everyone's fun." Diana reasoned. Making up an excuse on why she's avoiding them is already second nature to her.   And as usual, Vanessa didn't buy her excuse. She heard from Chantal that Diana left with to-go boxes and even went with a man.   "Tell me. Who was the man you're with? Are you with him no
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Beautiful Like A Goddess
As soon as Diana opened the door, Heather ran up to her.   "I saw your GPS notification. What happened?" Heather asked as Diana came inside the apartment.   "I was hitching a ride with somebody." Diana put down the to-go boxes on their kitchen counter. "Here's the loot."   Heather chuckled seeing Diana come back in one piece and even bringing back food from the party. "Great! I was getting hungry again after using up all my brain cells looking at reports."   "Why did you need to turn on the GPS? Was it a creepy guy?"   "No. He's not creepy at all. But I thought it was still better to have precautions."   "Good. You've done well. Looks like all of my reminders have come in handy. hmm?"   "Haha... it does."   Diana took out plates from the cupboard. She didn't eat back at the party.   "So how was th
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Not All Nice Looking Boys Are Actually Good
Sporting a headache, Diana woke up in the morning. She dreamt of Lucas for the whole night, burning her from head to toe. She had dark circles in her eyes when she got up to get herself ready.   That was the first time she dreamt of a man. When she was with Henry, she never even entertained the thought of doing it with him. He looked like a nice guy and it was hard for her to imagine doing anything with him. Of course, when she found out that even nice-looking guys are cheaters, she instantly felt disgusted.   That was a rude awakening for her. Not all nice-looking boys are actually good. She should have followed her instinct not to agree to be his girlfriend instead of letting other people's opinions influence her. That incident taught her to listen to her gut.   Just like that previous night. Her eyes were drawn to Lucas even when insults were hurled at her. She felt in her gut that he's not a bad man. He didn'
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Institute's Queen
A week passed and Diana has already settled into her routine. She had already become acquainted with her coworkers and the staff at the hospital. Her popularity within the Hopton Research Institute and Hospital keeps growing.   Male nurses and doctors would even make an excuse to stop by at the Institute or would take their lunch there just to catch a glimpse of Diana.   The beauty herself was not aware. She just thought there was nothing unusual about it. After all, she's only been there for a week.   However, Clara, Michelle, and Alicia are increasingly annoyed. At first, they were happy to see the doctors visiting, hoping to catch their attention. They were even trying to become friends with them. These doctors not only work in Hopton Hospital, but they also have patients in other big hospitals, they naturally have contacts in bigger laboratories too. Unfortunately, all of these men are only interested as to Diana's w
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Only A Pretty Face
It has already been a month since she started her internship. Work went by as usual until that afternoon when Hopton Hospital suddenly got flooded by patients that needed their labs taken urgently.   Two groups of people were in a car accident. Most of them needed blood transfusions and several of them needing immediate surgeries. The laboratory technicians were swamped with the heavy workload.   Diana tried to keep calm amidst the stressful environment. Her shift was almost at an end when suddenly Bryan came to the Laboratory and looked for her. He had a serious look on his face and one could even detect anger.   Diana was confused as to why he looked that way and even looked for her.   "Sit down," Bryan ordered harshly as soon as she entered his office, throwing a chart on the table towards her.   Diana looked confused with his behavior and just calmly scanned the sheet showing
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A Woman's Evil Intent
Diana was already at her apartment's doorstep, keys in hand, she stared at the doorknob mindlessly.   She never expected things to turn out the way they did. All the way here, she's been racking her brains about what exactly happened. She swore she followed all of the procedures.   'Did I really take it from the right patient? I swear I did.'   She inserted the key and twisted it, opening the door.   "Hey Di.. You're back early." Heather greeted Diana as she entered their apartment. Glancing at the clock, it's not even time for her scheduled clock-out.   "Yeah. Boss sent me home." Diana replied dejectedly.   "Huh? What happened?" Heather asked. "Are you feeling sick or something?"   Diana is a hard worker. She won't leave work early if she can help it.   "No. Though I might as well be. I made an Incident Report today.
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Sultry Voice
Passing by Hopton Research Institute, Lucas's Assistant, Ethan Taylor who sat in the passenger's seat remembered a small detail.   "Mr. Ingram, this Research Institute submitted a proposal in your office. They've made mention about a new discovery they have and asked if you're interested in making an investment." Ethan said, his voice maintained a professional tone.   Lucas glanced at the building and recalled that Diana works at Hopton Research Institute. The Investigator mentioned before that she is popular there.   Lucas rested his chin against his hand. "Hmm--meet up with them. I'll listen to their proposal."   Ethan glanced at Lucas on the front view mirror, wondering if it has something to do with the woman he had investigated. Lucas rarely meets up with people seeking investments.   "Alright, Mr. Ingram. I'll e-mail them now." Ethan proceeded to send a message to the Insti
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