The Dark Truth

The Dark Truth

By:  furry_rin  Ongoing
Language: English
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All Seo-yeon ever wanted was to live freely. Away from the fear that stayed buried deep inside her. She hated being called the monster she was and yearned to live away from reality, no matter how much ignorant it'd make her. She believed that she could make a present that allowed her to cherish the various aspects of life. She was lost in her world and never wished to step out of it until the day she meets the guy of her fate. An unalarmed turn takes place and leaves a deep scar on her chest. Does his presence help her face off the brutal past that she's been trying to run away from? Or does it lead her to a door that directs her to an event that she could have never imagined of?

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8 Chapters
I'm Seo-yeon Lee, an extraordinary twenty-two years old university student. Now, how do I begin? The dark truth about me. I was just at the tender age of sixteen years old when I hurt my friend or in other words, killed my friend.It was night, a dark night, a never ending night. I was afraid of myself. I couldn't believe in myself. I debated with myself for quite a very long time that whether all of these was true. Even if it was, I desperately wanted it to be a nightmare that could never be the truth.However, look at my luck, it was true, the dark truth about me that I killed my one and only friend, my best friend, Jiahn Kang. She was in a lot of pain, pleading, begging me to spare her life.Was this really me? A person who could never see her loved ones in pain and here I was, the one who killed her own best friend, a best friend who was more than an elder sister to her. 
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Living a Normal Life
"Oh no... I'm gonna be late for my first day of university!", I jumped out of my bed as I checked the time. It felt like a dream to live a normal life. I could never imagine that this beautiful dream would have ever come true. I moved to Seoul after my graduation in Busan. On my way to Seoul, I had many thoughts, whether I would be able to overcome my fear, whether I would be able to make friends or whether I would be able to lead a normal life. It was my birthday when I moved to Seoul. Finally, I was twenty-one years old. My apartment was quite a comfortable one, not big or expensive yet a small and cute one. A perfect place, a university student could afford. It was on the second floor. To add a plus point, the neighbourhood was also very friendly and peaceful. It was just like my dream apartment that I had ever wished for. "What time is it? I hope I don't miss the bus.", I murmured to myself while running towards the bus stop. It was a beautiful morning which would've been more wo
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Let’s Be Friends
I soon started heading towards the office to collect forms related to my semester. With the help of some students, I was able to find the office. In the office, an old man who was wearing spectacles and seemed like a healthy man was sitting in his cabin. At first, he appeared quite scary but after a while, as he approached me his scary glare turned into a friendly welcome. "Are you the new student?", he asked me with a warm smile on his face . "Yes sir.",  I replied with a smile. "Ah, ok. So here is your form. I wish you good luck!", he wished me luck as handed over the form to me while keeping the same smile on his face. After thanking him, I headed out of the office and started looking for my classroom. As I arrived the class, I opened the door with a slight hesitation. The classroom was empty. As I entered the classroom I grabbed a seat which wa
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"Seo-yeon Lee! Where are you?! Seo-yeon! Please, answer me!", I turned around to follow the sound only to find darkness surrounding me from everywhere. "Where am I? Who is calling me? Why is this place so scary and dark?", I murmured to myself. " Seo-yeon Lee!", I heard the same deep voice."Why can't I move my body? I'm scared. Wait a minute, this sound, it sounds familiar. Very much familiar. Is it that boy named Ryung Gwan's voice?", I inquired as I tried my best to follow the sound. "Ahh!", I shouted as I fell from my bed. "Ouch.. huh? Where am I?", I inquired as I was scanning my room. "Ah right, I'm in my room. The same dream again. Wait a minute, what time is it?!", I exclaimed as I carelessly ran out of my room to get ready for the university. After an hour, I, fortunately, boarded the bus and entered the university. It had been the past few weeks since I started going to this university. At first, it felt awkw
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The Chemistry
"How am I supposed to finish all these alone?! This is so irritating!", I shouted. After the professor instructed us about the assignment yesterday, I have been sticking to my chemistry book while holding a pen. "What are you doing here, Seo-yeon?",  I looked around to find Hangyeol approaching me. "You're in the cafeteria and not even eating anything. Do you like chemistry this much?", he teased me. "Hahaha its not like that. We have been assigned a chemistry assignment for the midterms. So, I've been working hard.", I replied as I put my gaze on the book. "But wasn't it given to be done in a pair?" Sangwan along with Jae-eun inquired. "When did you guys come?" I asked them as I moved aside to make space for all to seat. "Weren't you all busy with the upcoming basketball tournament?", I added. "We sure are but Jae-eun was hungry so we decided to take a break.", Sangwan replied.
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Lost Memories
"I'm alright now, so please don't cry.", Ryung comforted me while wiping my tears off. It was my first time looking at him behaving in such a sweet and comforting manner. It felt really warm and safe. Where did the rude and selfish boy vanish to? When did he transform into such a cute and caring young man? My face was burning like a burner as our faces were only some inches apart. "Who's crying here?", I recklessly changed the topic as I went apart from him and turned my face on the other side. "Ryung Gwan, please wake up. I'll do whatever you would tell me to. I'll even do the project all by myself. Woo~ woo~, who was the one who was just now crying like a little child and being begging me to wake up? Also didn't you say you'll do whatever I tell you to if I manage to wake up?", he pointed at me as my eyes were still filled with tears and a little bit red like a tomato while taunting me. "Who told you that I was cryi
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Nabi Han
It was midnight. I was lying on my bed, without any thoughts, staring at the ceiling of my bed room. My house was quite as usual. I was alone.  Before transferring to Seoul, I tried my best to look for my family but I guess I was not fortunate, I never found any information about them.  It was like they never existed. I was really tired, I was actually relieved that I could have some relaxing moments with Jae eun in the ice-cream parlour. She really was a sweet young lady.  " Seoyeon, its really late now. In order to have a refreshing morning, let's try to have some beauty sleep." I whispered to myself.  " You're a liar. Stop the act right now." Suddenly I woke up from my bed as soon as I recalled the hursh word
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The Reveal
I slowly opened my eyes as I felt something cold on my forehead. It was Nabi.  She had put a small white towel on my forehead. After our short counselling which ended on a cut edge, I rushed towards my room and soon fell asleep.  "What are you doing in my room?", I asked her.  "Finally, you woke up. You little! Do you know how much worried I was.  I was worried about what you were doing in your room till noon, so I came here to check on you but then I saw you were sweating hard.  Also, you had a high fever, so I had to put this towel on your forehead to cool you up.”, She replied. &n
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