Pure Blood: The Vampire's Fate

Pure Blood: The Vampire's Fate

By:  Yusriani Putri  Completed
Language: English
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Alexis feels her life is full of danger. Ever since she saw the vampire killing someone in the hallway, she felt watched. Remembering the silver colored eyes that the vampire had, made Alexis start to lose her mind. But when Alexis meet him, the vampire did not hesitate to claim her as his fate.

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58 Chapters
Alexis sat in the back seat of the bus. Right by the window. She looked contemplative while leaning her head right on the window of the bus there. She hated long boring bus trips just like right now. Unfortunately, since a month ago she had to take the bus to go anywhere. It was because her pedal bike was broken, and of course, she couldn't directly repair or even buy a new one. Her salary as a waiter in a restaurant would not be enough to meet his daily needs. Moreover, Alexis is still a student at a university using a scholarship.“Discharge 25.” Alexis immediately got up from her seat, and took the bag and things that she was already carrying. Then slowly walked out of the bus, after paying the fare at the payment box near the bus driver. Alexis let out a slow breath, and resumed walking on her two feet to the restaurant where she worked, which was still three blocks from the 25th bus stop. Alexis looked at the small watch on her left wrist. Exactly seven o'clock. That meant that A
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Alexis entered her dorm room with hasty steps. It was two in the morning, and she had just arrived at her college dormitory. Locked the door to his room and turned on the small orange lamp that was on her study table there. Alexis was lucky to have a taxi on duty in the morning. She couldn't think of going home by bus earlier. After what she saw in the hallway, Alexis wasn't sure if she could truly feel at ease this time. Alexis changed into her pajamas, then rolled her body tightly into her blanket. Trying to get rid of all the shadows of what happened earlier."Shit, why should I see it all? W-what if he sees me? W-what if I become his next target? Not. No...” Alexis mumbled with all her worries at the moment.Alexis got up and leaned her body against the headboard. And bent his knees and hugged her tightly. Alexis hid her face between her knees and her hands there. “I think… I won't be able to sleep this morning. Remembering how that woman fell straight to the ground…” Alexis' body
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Lectures with Mr. Jolyon was over, and Alexis decided to go to the campus cafeteria. Bought some food and drinks for her to take to her dorm room. She has also filled out a membership card which is usually used to buy necessities on campus. And Alexis no longer had to worry about her needs. Although of course he had experienced a delay in refilling her balance, and required her to have lunch outside of campus. But Alexis can handle it so well. Alexis is now standing in line right at the fast food stand. It was time for Alexis to arrive, she ordered a few things and started handing over the cards. Not much, but at least it's enough.“Hey, have you all seen and heard the news this morning?”Alexis sharpened her ears there. While occasionally glancing at a group of students and female students sitting at the table in the cafeteria. Then walked slowly, looking for a seat that was near the group there. While placing the food and drinks he bought right on the table. "Not. What news are you
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"Alexis, I've already said for several times that I can't give you the shift work in the morning." Mr. Joseph sounded very tired."I really beg you, sir. The cops said it all. How can I work the night shift with a situation like last night.” Alexis is still trying to plead with Mr. Joseph to give her shift work in the morning.Currently, Alexis is in Mr. Joseph. For nearly twenty minutes Alexis tried to get Mr. Joseph gave her a different shift. Mr. Joseph rolled his eyes, then sighed slowly. "Alexis. I know, if you feel scared and worried for your safety right now, after what happened last night. And I also understand your status as a key witness to last night's events. But, to move you to work in the morning shift will be very difficult, Alexis. You're still in college, and most of your lectures are in the morning. And as I know, you can't divide your time between lectures and working the morning shift. You'll probably be late more often, and so on. And if you really want to work in
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Alexis frowned quite deeply, with a strange feeling all over her body right now. Alexis tried to slowly open her eyelids there. She was dazzled by the sunlight hitting her face. “Shhh… gosh, my head is so dizzy.” Alexis muttered as she raised her right hand there to gently massage her forehead.Alexis opened her eyes and looked confusedly at her current surroundings. Alexis blinked a few times, and tried to focus on her gaze right now and there. But after Alexis regained consciousness, she immediately sat up on the bed in a panic. “Oh my gosh, where am I? W-what happened? I…” Alexis mumbled for a moment before finally falling silent.Alexis lowered her head and began to recall the events that happened last night. Where she meets Adrian who turns out to be a vampire. And unfortunately, Adrian drank her blood so badly. That flash of memory instantly made Alexis frantically touch the left side of her neck which was bitten by Adrian last night. And sure enough, there was an excruciating p
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Alexis slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes immediately fixed on the ceiling. She was still in Adrian's room. Immediately, Alexis got up and sat on the bed, looking around her. There was no Adrian in the room right now. “I have to get out of here. No matter how. I have to do it right now.” murmured Alexis determinedly there.Alexis stood up and took her bag which was back on the table. She also noticed that it was starting to get early in the morning at this time. A new day. And of course, she was also thinking about her job at the Grill and Mac Restaurant that afternoon. Alexis took a deep breath. Then with the slow steps of her two feet, she tried to see the outside of Adrian's house from inside the room. She was upstairs, though Alexis wasn't at all sure which floor of the house she was on at the moment. And it was already early morning, and the atmosphere of the forest which was still dark and scary was immediately felt by Alexis at this time. Adrian's house is in the forest. Which ev
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"Huh...cough..cough.."Alexis woke up with a tight feeling in her chest. She sat on the bed. She clutched her aching chest. Alexis lowered her head and closed her eyes. Flashes of memories while in the river water, made Alexis feel scared. It was the most reckless thing he had ever done in her entire life. After trying for a while to calm herself down, Alexis started to slowly open her eyelids. A familiar blanket greeted her eyes there. It's the blanket.Alexis instantly looked around her and looked. She is currently in her room. The dorm room. Alexis blinked a few times her eyelids couldn't believe what she was seeing right now there. “Thank goodness… I'm in the dorm room… b-but how did I get here?” Alexis muttered with a wondering feeling there."I brought you."Alexis looked up at her closed bedroom door. Where Adrian was standing leaning against the door there. Adrian crossed his arms right in front of his chest. Looking at Alexis with his blue eyes that softened slightly. No long
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Alexis was stay silent the whole way in Adrian's car. It was Adrian's decision, and yes, to drop off and pick up Alexis to work. One of the things that Adrian is responsible for is Alexis' safety. But when Alexis asked further about her safety, Adrian didn't say much things. He only said that if other vampires found and hurt Alexis, it would be Adrian's most painful regret, for not being able to prevent form that will happening. Although, for Alexis, she herself had absolutely no idea why she could be trust Adrian so easily just like right now. Reminiscing about who Adrian really is. Shouldn't Alexis be afraid and run away. But then again, Alexis herself couldn't explain it either. As if from the first time Adrian bit and sucked her blood that night, a bond had formed, although Alexis couldn't explain it in simple words. The situation that Alexis was feeling right now was a complicated one.Several times Alexis turned her head towards Adrian who was focused on driving the car. Then sh
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"Hey, look over there!" Someone shouted, pointing directly at Adrian's car. Everyone in the university parking area immediately turned their heads and looked in the direction someone had pointed at. Some of them looked confused and curious, and some of them started talking in whispers to one another.In the car, Alexis clutched her bag tightly. She had never liked the attention of so many people as it was right now there. She felt very uncomfortable and so nervous right now. As for Adrian, he got out of the car first, then turned around to open the door for Alexis. Alexis lifted her head and looked at Adrian with a doubtful look. But Adrian returned the gaze with a smile and nodded his head slowly. Trying to be able to convince Alexis right now there too. Then Alexis sighed, and started to get out of the car. And immediately, when Alexis got out of Adrian's car, everyone who looked at them became excited."Isn't that the scholarship student?" Someone is talking to her friends."That's
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Alexis looked straight at Adrian's castle which was in front of her right now. She had made up her mind to stay with Adrian in the castle from now on. Alexis has even taken care of her transfer letter from the dormitory that she has lived in for two years to the campus. And yes, taking care of all that stuff takes time which turns out to be pretty quick. So that in the afternoon, Alexis could pack all her belongings in the room, and of course Adrian helped her to do it quickly. Adrian even brought another car of his which was quite large, to load all of Alexis' belongings to his castle.“This is my room. Of course you already know about it. But, I want you to occupy the room next door from my room. Think of it like your own room yeah.” Adrian explained as he opened the door to the room which was just to the left of his room.Alexis was silent while following Adrian's steps who started to enter the room there. Alexis paid close attention to the atmosphere in the room now. The room was
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