The Demon Inside Me

The Demon Inside Me

By:  Yvenin Dawn  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Yes, you hated your demon in you, but what if you meet his demon? Will you still love him?" We all have our dark sides. We are humans filled with flaws. We live with our demons inside us. But then Kayleen Villanueva’s case was different. Her demon resides in her soul, controlling her body, living her life. Switching from her to the other being. Hiding herself from the greatest crime she did, she flew far away isolated, but then he meets Zeke White. Will things change if she finally learned how to love? Will she be able to defeat the demon inside her? Or will she him too?

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Khem J
Supporting ??
2020-09-29 18:48:39
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I have added this to my library. I am going to read this. Always up for psychological thrillers ?
2020-09-25 14:22:34
25 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Murderer
KAYLEENI almost never wanted to open my eyes after being stocked on a dreamless sleep. Every time it happens, something unpleasant surprises my eyes. The last time I did, I just saw a stranger dead in front of me. Tears started crawling down my cheeks with my eyes still tightly closed.“Kayleen? Are you okay?” I immediately open my eyes and hug my mom when I heard her voice. She is sitting at the side of my bed and is waking me up like always. It makes me feel like it’s just a normal day.“Where were you last night?” she asked while caressing my hair. Wiping my tears away, we parted from the hug. I tried to remember anything but I’m just blank. The last thing that I knew I did is that I had a fight with my best friend. After that, I don’t know anymore.“I don’t know. I’m sorry mom,” I said. She smiled bitterly. “I need to go to Shaira,” I added walking straight to the door. She failed to stop me as I storm off the
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Chapter 2: The Demon P1
KAYLEENI can’t stop crying while explaining everything to my family but they are only giving me their disappointed faces. They don’t look like believing in anything that I say.“It’s not me! It’s Shaira!” I repeated but no one is listening anymore.“You are a murderer. You don’t deserve this family.” A familiar voice took my attention. She is standing at the door behind my family. “Shaira,” I uttered her name and pointed her. “How can you be here? You are the real murderer!” I shouted in anger. “Not me!”My family looked at the door but it seems like they can’t see her. It only made my mom cry harder while my brother is hugging her. Shaira’s smirking face is very irritating and I want to pull her hair off her head leaving her bald.“Kayleen listen.” My dad went near me trying to hold on my arms. I just let him do so while I’m staring at him. “You need a doctor,” he whispered.
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Chapter 3: The Demon P2
KAYLEENThese things can’t be real. The doctor is gone but I’m not taking them. I’m not going with medications and I’m never gonna believe her. “Why won’t you believe her?” she’s speaking to me again with her creepy face. Her hands touched my cheeks and she leaned closer. “You are a demon. You are a murderer.” Her whispers made me feel like my blood is on its boiling point. “See? You are angry!” she added and dodged my hand attempting to grip on her arm.“I’m not,” I said with my face still stained with tears on both cheeks. I’m tired of crying anymore. Now, I’m angry and is daggering furious gazes on her.“Yes you are.”“I’m not!” She laughed and laughed making me cover both of my ears and scream.“Kayleen!” My parents came inside my room. I saw my brother too but he is hesitating to completely get inside and just watch from the door. I can still hear S
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Chapter 4: The Guy Named Zeke
KAYLEENThe road is busy, cars passing by without stopping. The street lights are reflecting on the puddles created by the rain. I am just walking alone at the side letting the storm soak me wet. The blood that’s splattered on me are not that visible anymore. It’s already night time and no one cared about stopping.I buried my family on the back of our house and run away with just a bag of clothes. My face is the same while ignoring Shaira trailing me. My life is completely ruined and I can’t die not getting rid of her.The next day, I woke up at the side of the road, inside an abandoned car. I tried to familiarize the place but I don’t know what place it is anymore. The horizon is wide with peaceful surroundings since there are only few cars passing by. It’s a huge rice field and I can see the sun has already risen high.  I tried walking farther and saw a man working on his car’s flat tire. He glanced at
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Chapter 5: The Second Encounter
KAYLEENI’m once again all alone, walking the streets. I’m lost, I know that but I don’t care. “Are you satisfied? Escaping like this?” Shaira asked suddenly popping at my side. “I will find someone to help—“ I stopped walking realizing that Zeke could help me but I ran away from him. I’m such an idiot. Walking back to where I left, Shaira grabbed my arm. “What do you think you are doing?” she harassingly asked gripping tightly as possible. My eyes ran from her eyes to her hands. On the next blink, it’s just me holding myself. I continued walking while she is murmuring inside my head. It’s annoying but I’m trying to endure the pain that it’s giving me. A building of a private hospital took my attention. I stopped right there listening to my heartbeat. I stayed right there at the other side staring at the hospital until it gets dark and I’m starving again. Only few people are
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Chapter 6: The Pity
KAYLEENThe silence went deafening as he studied me by locking our eyes together. “Sick? You are a psychopathic woman.” His voice is calm yet they are like daggers straight to me, aiming my chest. They are painful as being burned in fire. He turned his back and it made me grab on his arm stopping him from whatever he is thinking.“Please, if you are going to tell the police not now. I beg you. I need to get rid of her inside of me. She’s the real demon.” “Who are you talking about?” he asked still fixed on his position no looking at my face.“Shai—ra. Shaira!” As I say her name, I saw her smirking at the corner. I think I have worsened since I’m always seeing her. I’m afraid she’ll kill him too. Since Zeke is not changing his aura, I let go of his hand and turn my head down letting all my tears flow out from me.I just thought he could help me.“I can se
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Chapter 7: The Disguise
KAYLEENI woke up with some knock. My heart beats faster again making me awake. I stood as fast as I could be heading to the door. Maybe it’s the guy from last night. Maybe he came back to check if he is right about what he thinks. I can’t hear a voice but I’m nervous.“It’s me,” Zeke’s voice calmed me a bit but before I unlock the last one, a thought suddenly barged inside my head.What if he is with cops? I stepped back and opened the only window I have in the room. It’s quite small but I can pass through it with my petite body. I also checked the outside, it’s not that deep to jump.“Hey. What’s taking you so long?” He used a very low voice that only us can hear. I opened the door a bit to peak on him. He is alone as I see it. I swung it a bit wider but not exposing myself. He came in fast too.“Did anyone saw you come here?” I asked.“I think no but I found another place for you
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Chapter 8: The Control
KAYLEENIt’s been a week since the last time Shaira showed up to me. The feeling of not seeing her the best even I’m still anxious about her sudden come back. Zeke took me somewhere far. It’s to that place we first saw each other; he has an old house there. It’s where his parents live when they were still alive. It is a perfect place for me to be really isolated from people and the only person who comes visit is him.His profession is fortunately paralleled my sickness and his been helping me take medications for free. I know it’s impossible for this place to have people walking by but I’m not turning the lights on during the night. I want this house to look really abandoned and empty.When it rains, the roof leaks but I didn’t care. Another week passes and still no sign of Shaira and it’s making me feel happy. I’m now wishing that she will forever not show herself up anymore.  “So
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Chapter 9: The Awakening of the Demon
SHAIRAThat b*tch, she tied herself up to avoid me from my plans. Both my hands and feet are tightly tied to the bed and it’s difficult to move. I screamed in anger releasing all air I have inside my lungs. Well, this body is mine too. She can’t just stop me from what I want.It’s dark already as I see from the window. My wrist felt swollen now after moving so much. I gave up and calm myself a bit. I am awakened again, since she needs help. She has to get rid of Garry. How pitiful. She really thinks, she can get rid of me easily.We are one. I am her deep thoughts. She can’t get rid of me that easy. I suck some air before moving again. It hurts me too but I don’t really care. I have to escape from this tie. Pulling my right hand off successfully made me laugh. The doctor didn’t tie it that tight that I’m still able to take my hand from it. I used that free hand to untie my left hand and then my feet.
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Chapter 10: The Realization
KAYLEENI opened my eyes after feeling the sun’s heat on my face. Maybe I left the window open again. It’s kinda late and my body feels tired though I already slept. I stretched my arms as I stood up. Walking towards the door, I suddenly realized something. It made me cover my mouth with my eyes widening. My hand smells funny too. Like it’s been washed with blood.When I look at it, my body trembled in fear. I look at the bed once more seeing the rope gotten to the floor. My reflection on the mirror made me scream my lungs out. Blood is all over me like I showered just pure fresh blood on me. Traces of blood is messed on my room too and on the bed. I started crying dropping my knees on the floor and sit pressing my back on the wall. That strangers dead before, it’s all me. I killed them all. I started shouting angrily and stand up to throw things. I even hurt myself by smashing the door with my bare hands.I e
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