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Language: English
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~ Ducan : Demon king ~ My kingdom is on the verge of distraction and my race is about to perish in a blink of an eye. What I need is a blessed maiden who can only be found once per hundred years. A virgin girl with the favour of the gods, who will open her legs for me In order to restore the power slipping away from me. To balance my kindom and the reels of hell, I need her to carry my seed so I could secure my position and forever rule my kind. Once my eyes are set on her, she will become mine with or without her approval, affections or consent.

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Very good read
2023-11-05 21:25:44
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Ayoya Gado
I loved it so much.. ......
2023-09-24 04:31:45
user avatar
Muleba Makukula
tomorrow I'm updating. just pardon me for missing two days please. I had a lot going on in those days. (。•́︿•̀。)
2023-01-19 22:54:11
user avatar
Muleba Makukula
happy new year everyone!!. (♡ω♡ ) ~♪. On new year I won't update please pardon me. also on Sundays I won't be updating. I'll try my best to be updating everyday but whenever I get sick I'll be resting. Also may you all have good health this coming year and success. (๑♡⌓♡๑)...╣[-_-]╠...
2023-01-01 00:50:35
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Pretty hooked on the story!!!
2022-12-08 07:56:01
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Charmedel Yap
great book!
2022-12-08 02:54:52
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This is a great book. Needs a bit of spell check, but all these books do. Overall good plot and story line.
2022-12-03 03:11:14
user avatar
I really liked the story and I'm happy with the ending. there is quite a few Grammer and spelling mistakes and mixed up names throughout the story but when I started reading I already read a comment from the author that English was not her first language so I expected it. it was still enjoyable book
2023-06-02 07:47:35
107 Chapters
Chapter 1
Ducan's P.o.v I sat on my huge silver throne reluctantly with my legs crossed listening to my generals' suggestions with interest. Everything was going smoothly and beautifully in my kingdom that I would say. Despite the humans still fearing us and other lame losers trying to have passage to my kingdom all in the name of becoming heroes, we were still in control. For three thousand years, I governed my kind with alter most discipline and restriction. My mother was a humble Human being while my father was a cruel demon lord. Due to past calamity in the human world, the human elders called upon the help of my father. In exchange for his help, they offered my mother to him, who by then was a blessed maiden. A blessed maiden was a favoured virgin girl whom the gods granted power and gifts. They were not only unheard of, they were usually born once every thousand years. whoever they gave their body to, he or she acquired significant power no matter what being they were. When my fath
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Chapter 2
Ducan's p.o.v I looked at the ancient witch calmly as she threw the stones covered in dry blood on the ground chanting a few words. When she looked to the heavens with her arms widely spread, her eyes rolled up and her voice got louder. An invisible shield began to rise up and in front of me a large black door with ancient symbols appeared. When it opened, we all could hear the loud cries of humans mostly in my name. "Search if their territory has a blessed maiden." I ordered. She began chanting the words backwards while the dark bones and stones on the ground rolled in the symbolic circle that had different ancient letters and numbers drawn in it. When she stopped her chanting she dropped her hands and looked at me seriously. Her eyes were back to normal and the bones and stones were no longer moving. "Only you Great Maou can be able to find her." She answered huskily. "What do you mean by that?" I asked calmly. "Your hand, demon king." She ordered as a few murmurs broke out.
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Chapter 3
Ducan's p.o.v I stood surrounded by a lot of humans who had come out of their houses to look at me like I was some rare priced jewel. The so-called chief stood next to the warriors and a lady facing me. My hand was clenched in fists and I felt disgusted by them. I couldn't help but remember how their kind brutally murdered my parents. "Judging by the rich fur and expensive kimono you are putting on, you must be a lord, right." The chief asked as I chuckled softly then cleared my throat. "I won't beat around the bush because I see no reason to entertain you pests." I answered seriously. "Pests!" He exclaimed. "Yes, so listen carefully. I am The demon king and I am here to grant you rain and healing. In exchange I want your daughter as my bride." I said simply. The man gave me a sympathetic look before whispering something to the young lady next to him. "I'm so sorry to say this my Lord, but my husband is asking you to leave." The young lady said as I raised a brow. Husband?.
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Chapter 4
Eleanor's p.o.v "Won't you rest Eleanor?" Victor, my best friend and crush, asked seriously. "Evil knows no rest." I answered in a labored breath then drew my bow and arrow closing one eye to get an accurate hit on the board. "You have been training for the past ten years." He said as I dropped the bow and arrow on the ground with a glare. "You have been doing that too, so don't make it sound as if I'm the only one doing my best to always stay fit and very well prepared." I spat. "I didn't mean that, you know. It's good that you are prepared and always training, but I also think you are doing a little too much." He said annoying me. As if him being good looking wasn't enough, he was now getting my attention with his voice only to distract me. "Training for ten years isn't enough. You know that I Have to avenge my father's death and kill the demon king." I answered with detest. "I know and believe me when I say that I understand. Not only did he kill our chief, he exposed you
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Chapter 5
Ducan's p.o.v "Ducan." Ose called loudly outside my chambers. "Enter ." I ordered calmly. He walked in with a labored breath and gave a low bow. "It's about your bride." He said. I snapped my finger getting rid of the files in front of me then sat upright from my bed. "Are you tired of watching her?" I asked seriously. He was ordered by me to watch over her whenever he had time, but he got strangely attached to her easily, not that I cared. His loyalty to me was still unquestionable. "Huh," he muttered under his breath. "What about her?" I asked not paying attention to his response. "You need to go and claim her now." He said loudly. I huffed in a mocking way then stood up and moved to my huge desk ignoring him. "Ducan don't ignore me!. You really should go and claim her. She's at a marriageable age and she grew up well for a bride. Also, her mother hates and hits her." He said. "We have more pressing matters to attend to, you know?. Like killing all heroes that search f
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Chapter 6
Eleanor's p.o.v "Holy water, check. Holy oil, check. Dagger dipped in holy water check and a golden holy hair pin blessed and dipped into holy water, perfect." I whispered to myself happily. I was kneeling down looking at my things which were wrapped in a silk cloth in the wardrobe. "Eleanor." My mother called loudly then rushed into my room. It came as a surprise that she was calling me by my name. Since Zara was born she refrained from calling me by my name for some reason. The only time she did that was when she was very angry with me. "Yes mother." I answered while I stood up and shut the door of my wardrobe. "Change your clothes right now and put on your best robe." She said in a cracked voice. I calmly looked at her trembling hands then at her face. It was only once that I had seen my mother this scared in my entire life and that was the day the demon king visited our village. "Is he here?" I asked in a low tone. "Yes." She answered with tears forming in her eyes. "Cal
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Chapter 7
Ducan's p.o.v I sat on my throne patiently waiting for my so-called human bride to wake up . All the generals and advisers stood in silence with their gaze lowered to the ground. The only ones who were looking at me were the ancient witch and Ose. He had a conflicted expression on his face that was readable. He was dying to know what had happened to the human girl, obviously because I was in my demon form and she was lying unconscious on the floor. Back at the village I decided to be in my Demon form in order to instill fear in them, because the first time I went in my human form they got disrespectful and doubted who I really was. But now I was in my demon form because I was pissed off. My hate towards the human race was only Intensified after what she had done. I was going to marry her by force and have my way with her to gain power, whether she wanted it or not. "Ah." She whispered in a low tone while she blinked a few times. She moved her hand feeling the cold floor before
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Chapter 8
Eleanor's p.o.v We appeared in a big room that had a pool at the center with red rose petals in it. The floor was painted black and the walls were beautifully painted red and designed in flowery art. At the side of the pool, a few gowns were folded and set next to two small bottles. "Step into the pool." The two fairies that looked like demons said. "Why?" I asked in a whisper. Their big wings looked like they were covered in mud and thorns, yet at the same time their orange colour stood out. They had yellowish eyes and pale light skin. Their hair was silky black and was tied into a neat ponytail. Their bodies were slander yet they both had big breasts and a little waist. I hated to admit it but they had a good figure. The robes they were putting on were see through and they only covered their breasts and private parts. I looked at my gown then back at them thoughtful. Were they planning on making me dress like them?. Because if they really were, there was no way I was goi
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Chapter 9
Eleanor's p.o.v We approached a huge black door that had symbols on it. When we reached it, it opened by itself. I looked at the dark fairies and noticed how they were now standing still with their heads lowered to the ground. "Aren't you going in with me?" I asked then shivered when a cold breeze swept by. "No." They answered in a low tone as the breeze began getting unbearable. I sighed softly then walked into the room which had a long passage. A few statues which looked like a lion with wings were lined up and the paintings on the walls were scribbling. I ignored them and made a turn because it was the only turn around the passage. A huge bed came into view. On the left side of the bed was a very huge pool and on the right was a big wardrobe and a desk. I looked back at the bed covered in red silky sheets then swallowed hard. Was the room mine?. No, that was impossible. I took a few steps forward and noticed that near the wardrobe there was a door. I slowly moved to it an
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Chapter 10
Ducan's p.o.vI was going out of my mind and it was all because of that damn human girl.Never has there been this much attempt on my life!. Every time I tried to let my guard down she went for the strike!.I wanted to kill her this time but the thought of my mother made me hold back. Her spirit to fight and hold on to her life and sanity was similar to that of my late mother. Although my mother was mocked and at times abused by a few demons, she still stood proud next to me and my father. She allowed no one to put her down and that fire was what made her unique and different from most humans. A heart that would never bow to those above but those it beat for. Such purity and loyalty was greatly admired.I groaned softly then threw the robe on the ground I had used to clean my face. I was still upset over everything."Since her arrival, I can't seem to fully calm down." I whispered to myself then sighed softly.I couldn't even maintain my human form because each time I was about to sh
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