Windamere Academy

Windamere Academy

By:  ShakingMyShadows  Ongoing
Language: English
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Have you ever felt a pain that consumed your entire being? A pain that latched onto your heart and felt as if it shattered it into a million pieces? A pain that you try to shove down deep, but in the end, you weep until your eyes run dry and there should be nothing left inside of you? And yet, you somehow come out unscathed. You're still alive to see another day, to sleep, to eat and to live. And then comes a boy. One that shatters my soul, and makes me feel again. Trapped in the walls of Windamere Academy, I know there's something wrong with this place, and yet here I am. One thing is for sure, everyone seems to bond over how much they all hate me.

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-04-01 12:08:11
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Katlyn Graciale
please update
2021-08-05 17:57:28
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Great need to know more
2021-08-08 06:42:05
10 Chapters
Chapter One: Pure Magic
Have you ever felt a pain that consumed your entire being? A pain that latched onto your heart and felt as if it shattered it into a million pieces? A pain that you try to shove down deep, but in the end, you weep until your eyes run dry and there should be nothing left inside of you? And yet, you somehow come out unscathed. You’re still alive to see another day, to sleep, to eat and to live.The pain I am referring to is a pain like no other.The pain of losing your parents.My entire world came crashing down around me when I heard about my parents’ brutal car accident. It’s been three months, and I’ve been living a walking nightmare ever since. Day after day, week after week, wondering what I did to deserve such a harsh punishment.I’ve learned that showing how much pain I’m in is useless. Everyone else moves on, leaving me behind in the darkness. No one wants to hang out with the “sad” girl who lost her p
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Chapter Two: Cursed Toys
I couldn’t help but eagerly nod and follow as she walked past the vast tapestries into what looked like common room. We passed many students on the way in, staring at me. I could feel a harsh blush form across my pale cheeks, as I met each set of eyes. Something about the looks they were giving me set me on edge, but I tried to shake it off as I followed closely behind Morgan.“Don’t worry about them, they’re just curious about you. You’re the new girl, after all,” Morgan said, as if reading my thoughts.“What happens if the new girl doesn’t want to be checked out?” I mumble out loud, trying to duck my head so I wouldn’t have to see the staring eyes. I was never someone who wanted to be the centre of attention, but I guess that’s what I get since I’m so shiny and new here.The common room is exactly what it sounded like. There was only one photo on the walls, and it was a portrait of a man h
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Chapter Three: What are you Afraid of?
“I should go,” I said after a few seconds of awkwardness, wanting to be anywhere else but here in this moment. “Yeah, you should. The front door is that way,” he said, pointing through to the common room where I had come from. My eyes immediately rose to meet his face. His response was quite rude and unexpected, and I couldn’t help but feel offended that he just told me to leave. Who does this guy think he is?I was getting angrier by the second being in the presence of this guy, especially when his response was to just shrug his shoulders after a comment like that. “As long as you leave and never come back, it doesn’t really matter to me." My anger was building as each word left this guy’s mouth, burning away any amount of sadness or anxiety that floated throughout me. Anger wasn’t an emotion that I had felt since my parents deaths, but this guy made my blood boil in the first five minutes of meeting him. “Who the hell do you think you are? Wh
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Chapter Four: Mr. Tall, Dark & Rude
It felt like an eternity that we stared into each others’ eyes. Every breathe of his fanning across my face but soothing the anger and animosity right out of my body. It felt as if the anger had fizzled out and was replaced by a sense of calmness. My once furiously beating heart had now steadied, being replaced by a gentle thud against my chest. He reached out and grabbed a lock of my long red hair, twirling it between his fingers.His actions made me forget how to breathe, causing a flurry of butterflies swarming through my stomach all over again. All I wanted was to get off this roller coaster ride of emotions. One second, he was acting like a complete jerk, and now he was standing inches away from me, twirling my hair in between his fingers as if I were the most delicate flower he has ever seen. I raised my hands to his shoulders and try to push him away, to give myself just an inch of space between us before I melt into a puddle of goo, but I am met with resistance.
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Chapter Five: Ready, Red?
Reaching out for one of my suitcases my uncle swats my hand away, “Don’t worry about those, Evanora,” he says before yelling over to one of the students in a small group to the right, “Hey Silas, Come here a sec, will you?” The sound that came from Morgan sounded like halfway between a groan and a sigh as Silas made his way over to us. Clearly there was something she wanted to say but bit her tongue as he made his way over to us. “Come on, Evie. Before he comes over here,” she said rolling her eyes, tugging me away from my uncle. “What’s wrong with Silas?” I ask, seeing her obvious frustration. “Oh, nothing! He’s great, just awesome. He’s also, like… superhot and he knows it. I don’t really want him to meet you like this though, or see me like this for that matter,” she says grunting. “Oh, Morgan. Stop! You look great,” I say, trying to reassure my cousin. Her words were enough to solidify that she definitely had a crush on Silas. = “N
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Chapter Six: Unpacking Emotions
I slowly entered my new home, and gasped when I took a look around. Morgan clearly already knew that we would be sharing, as I noticed that my side of the room was already lightly decorated with plants and books. Morgan and I haven’t always been close cousins, but we did spend a fair share of time together growing up, so she knew of my interests when I was a kid which seemed to work out. She even went as far to get me moon colored bedsheets which were light shades of dark purples, blues and whites. “I remembered you we’re obsessed with things like this as a kid,” she says, almost shyly, “I hope it’s okay.”“I absolutely love it, and I appreciate the fact that you tried to make it feel like home as soon as I got here,” I say, flashing her a genuine smile. I seemed to be feeling okay since being surrounded by these new faces, and it felt good.“Do you ladies need anything before I head back downstai
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Chapter Seven: Restless Anxiety
“Let me help you! Why don’t you go take a shower and get into some comfies?” Morgan says, gleefully as she springs around the room. For someone who’s close to my age, she sure was hyper.“Actually, a shower sounds like the best thing I’ve ever heard of right now,” I say thinking about the chill I’ve had ever since I walked into this school. Morgan playfully shoos me into the bathroom connected to our room, and I can’t help but feel a little relieved at the solitude. Once alone in the confines of the bathroom, I strip off what feels like a thousand layers of thick clothing. On one side there’s a huge shower/tub combo which begged to be used. It looked very luxurious for a castle, but I wasn’t going to complain. I walked over to the vanity on the other side of the room and stared at my reflection in the mirror.Although my light blue eyes were a little bloodshot, which was probably from the je
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Chapter Eight: Something Special
The way he said my name sends goosebumps raising across my skin. His voice wasn’t pleasant sounding at all, and all I wanted to do was run away from these two who were clearly looking to cause trouble for me.“Umm, how do you know my name?” I ask, raising an eyebrow at the two brooding men who look between each other and laugh, as if I'd just told the worlds best joke. Their eyes were dark and menacing, making the knot in my stomach wrap tighter around itself.“Everyone at Windamere knows that you’re the new girl around here. No one new ever comes here without being noticed,” he says as he takes another step closer to me. He takes in a big breathe, almost as if he were sniffing me just like Jace had done earlier. “Well, since we’re here why don’t you tell me what you’re doing out of bed?” he says, folding his arms across his chest and raising an eyebrow as if he was a concerned parent. The s
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Chapter Nine: Influenced Fauxpology
Briar and Liam both move closer to me, and that’s when their plan hits me. My body realized I was in danger, before my mind, as the lump in my throat begins to build. My adrenaline kicks into high gear as I try and make it up the stairs past them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough or big enough, and Briar grabs my wrist before I even make it up a step.“Let me go!” I scream louder then I thought, trying to wiggle out of his grasp. He’s so strong that I can barely get any leverage against him. I turn my head back to him and sink my teeth deep into his arm triyng to get him to let go. Although I could see the blood forming, he doesn’t let me go and instead just tightens his grip on me causing me to let out a whimper. This is not good. There’s no way I can go outside in the cold. He pulls me closer to him, so that I’m wiggling against his chest. I give as much fight as my tiny frame can handle, but it's no use against him. He sta
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Chapter 10: Sleepless Night
Both boys nod, but don’t wait for another second before sprinting off down one of the hallways in the opposite direction, leaving Jace and I alone in the empty school foyer. Jace turns his attention back to me but doesn’t say anything as his eyes scan my body. His eyes are so intense as they trail over every inch, making goosebumps flash across my skin.“Nice jammies,” he says rubbing the hem of my pj shirt between his fingers. I let out a small chuckle but could feel my already rosy cheeks redden even more from his words.“Don’t you hate it when that happens? Getting caught in the hallway in your pjs?" I say, trying to make light of the situation, and getting caught in this awkward situation, “Do you always rescue girls in the hallway?”“Only girls who don’t take my advice and stay in their rooms,” he says smirking down at me. I look away from his face, unable to meet his eyes. There’s some
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