The Demon in a Beauty

The Demon in a Beauty

By:  Quiqui  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sid ZouMing, a pretty, sweet, charming girl who withholds the title of 'Fearsome beauty', changing to a demoness. ZouMi full of intelligent, sharpness, beauty with a tragic past and a single aim REVENGE, from everyone. After a downfall, she took years to comeback like a Queen, ruling the world, her brothers by her side, with unimaginable union and abilities. On the other hand, Gu Huan, a famous actor, musician, and many hidden talents, secretes with in him. Their paths would collide, and it was written thousand years ago, with an element called... Love. What will happen, when these, two pole apart humans, falls in love? 'The journey of life isn't that easy, as it seems.' ----- "You don't deserve to be with me, please leave." "What I deserve or what I not, should not be decided by you. I know, I deserve to be here, and I'm here!" He argued back. "Don't waste your life on me, find a girl that will build future with you. I'm not the one." She requested in a low voice. "If this is what you call, wasting my life, I'm ready to waste it. With you, and only for you." He pulled her in his arms and hugged her. ----- Few month's later, "This is what I get after loving you, with my whole heart?" His eyes turned red. "Listen to me..." She pulled his sleeve, wanting to stop him. "What's there to listen, or talk anymore. I loved you with my whole heart, but you, you used me!" He pulled his hand away from her grip and left. She fainted. ----- Years later, "You may now, kiss your bride." The persist announced. "Finally, you're mine." She said and jumped on him, sealing their lips. ---- -Updates: Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays. Discord: qunin_e#2529 Instagram- @Qunin_e

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Great story, amazing read!
2021-01-21 23:53:37
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The last time a book moved me to near tears? I don't remember but this did. I felt pained, euphoria and pain all over again. In fact, it seemed like it was my sister who was going through all the pain so I immediately felt connected. How you, author, did that, I don't know. but it's a must read.
2020-12-14 20:16:51
user avatar
Hello! Author shamelessly reviewing the novel. But, give it a try wait till few chapters before you give up And for my poor English, forgive me, because English isn't my first language. I'll try my best to gain your love. Please review if you read, a word of appreciation is enough to make my day🙂🙂
2020-12-10 01:02:20
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Norah Koch
Love this novel. It's very interesting. Plot is good. Try it!
2020-12-09 21:06:41
user avatar
This book is quite intriguing I must confess. I'm liking it author keep up the good work
2020-12-09 17:30:54
user avatar
i love this novel! thank you for writing this, Author! more chapters please! ^_^
2020-12-09 07:20:32
user avatar
Honestly, this book is underrated! It has such an amazing twist and turns, a good rollercoaster ride of emotions, with the bound of friendship. It took me long to review this book, but author go on, you're doing great. RECOMMENDED.
2020-12-09 07:05:42
56 Chapters
The start.
"She would be alright, have patience." stated the doctor."It's been a month, she isn't talking to anyone, neither she came out of her room." Said Mr.Sid."It's not easy for her to overcome from a trauma like this, trust me time will heal her.""But we can't see her in this condition, this breaks our heart, she is our daughter." said Mrs.Sid."Mrs.Sid I know it's not easy for you to see your daughter in this way, I totally understand your condition but..." doc stated."She is strong, don't worry she will be alright." Mr.Sid tried to console his dear wife who broke out in tears......In the Sid mansion, as Mr. and Mrs. Sid arrived, they saw their elder daughter, Sid Yang, sleeping on the couch, while a book hang in her hand.Someone hug them from back.... it was, Sid Xau, their youngest son."Dad I can't see my sis in this way, when will she be alright? I want my sister back" he exclaimed before bursting out in tears"Your
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CRACK!"Get out, I don't wanna talk, just GEEETTT OUTT…" ZouMi screamed on top of her lungs, when she saw policeman coming near her, and started throwing whatever came in her hand."ZouMi calm down, please just let them ask you some questions…""NOO, JUST GO AWAY…GO" following this ZouMi passed out, and collapsed."Sir, we are sorry, but you need to wait for a long, till she accepts the reality. She is not in a good state to ask. I request you not to come again, if not she will be in danger" The doctor said, while checking ZouMi.ZouMing's brain burst out, as the shocking incident came back to her mind along with the policemen, which caused her a severe mental breakdown, and also damaged one of her brain nerve's, and was rushed to the operation theater.After 6 hours the light of the operation theater turned off, which felt as if a year has passed, for the Sid family."Her brain nerves have weakened and one of the nerve just burst out, which
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ZouMi looked at her brothers, and said "Enough with what I did from the past 9 months, this is the new me. Like a baby needs 9months in a mother's womb to form, likewise it took me 9 months, in this room to form a new life. What happened can't be changed, but what will happen can be planned, but first let's have food." ZouMi said, while rubbing her stomach, smile hanging on her face bright as the sun, which was more attractive as the sun rays entered into the room, as it was the time of dawn. 'New day, New life, New ZouMing'They ate their food, with the bright smile on their faces."Where is mum dad, and YangYang?" asked ZouMi."Duffer, it's still early, have you seen the time? It's six' o clock in the morning, where do you think they could be?" Chen answered her, while ruffling her hairs.Just then a pair of urgent footsteps were heard, coming down the stairs."Aunt Jo inform mum, that I will be late today or won't be coming back, because
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"March 9, 5:30PM. I was alone at home, the construction was going on in the garage. Doorbell ranged, I was happy because I thought it as mum, but there were three bulky labors, whom I have seen working at the construction site, one of them was new, they asked me water..." ZouMi choked on her words remembering their horrible faces. "When I returned from the kitchen with a water bottle, they entered in and pounced on me, I fell on the couch. I struggled, pushed them, begged to move, but that went deaf on their ears." Pausing for a while she continued "The one which had a scar on his left eye hold my mouth tightly, while the other one was undressing me. Struggling beneath them, with all the mighty strength, a 17years old have, lost hope and stop struggling, they touched me inappropriately. Their dirty hands roamed all over my body, giving me goosebumps. I felt nothing, but disguised seeing them. God may have heard my pleas, before they can do anything to me, Uncle Lu, the C
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Not from
Sitting down on the cold floor for a while, ZouMi got up and head towards the mirror and started stripping. The nail scratch's, while struggling to get free from of those 'human less animals' were still fresh on her body. The smooth milky white skin of hers, which didn't have any marks before, now is tainted over her arms, neck, legs. 'Disgust' the only feeling running in her veins.ZouMi soaked herself in bathtub filled with hot water. Rubbing harshly on marks using soap and scrubber, aiming to remove those touch, marks caused by their filthy hands. Nevertheless, that didn't give ZouMi relief, instead gave, pain. But the pain in her heart couldn't be compared to any.Covering her mouth with one hand tightly, she screamed. Acting all good fine and okay, was tough for her when, every night their faces haunt her in her dreams. Lying on bed every night, she prayed not to be able to see the next morning. And when the morning comes, she prayed, not to survive till
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My blood.
The three boys beside her, were pissed off seeing and hearing the questions. 'Are they all crack head or don't have brain? Are those really a questions asked by grownups? Well they surely can do anything for TRP and doesn't give a sh*t about the person going through all this. They are nothing, but a bunch of idiots' This was all going on in her brothers head.Getting down from the car, the three boys shield by surrounding around their sister. One at right the other one at left, and one at back. For outsiders, ZouMi held her chin up with confidence, but only her and the boy's knows the emotions were like volcanic eruption, within her.A van halted at the gate 'POLICE' imprinted on it. First came out was an officer, followed by two men in chains. The wall made up by human brother's, felt chilled wave from their sister. Like a dead hungry vampire, awaiting to eat its prey, alive. Even the chained men felt chill down their spine, while passing by
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"Dear, my love, how can I even say that. Of course, it is your ability in her, no way a coward like me will have a brave daughter like her alone. Haha!" Mr. Sid awkwardly laughed, so that his wife won't through him out of the room.All of them burst laughing seeing Mr. Sid's face expression. But, one laugh went on till tears fell down. That was ZouMi."Hahhaha.... Oh my God, it felt like ages laughing like this. Ughm!" Said ZouMi wiping off her tears. Spreading her hand out, as a little baby asking to carry their parent's on their back. ZouMi asked a group hug.The family burst into tears of joy, seeing their princess finally, well."Hmfph!! A group hug without me, that can't be possible. I'm coming..." Sis Yang, came running towards them and jumped onto the group.'Warm hug's from family.'With this caption Sid Yang posted the group picture on internet. Sid Yang is an influencer, while studying Journalism.This picture became the top
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Master Mo
A pat, was felt on her head, she raised her head and was surprised to see, it was Master Mo."I thought, you were just a kid interested in material art, and would probably give up soon, after waiting for long. But, you surprised me by your attitude, the way you used to come daily point on time, observing and even memorizing some moves." Turning towards the 'madman', he continued, "This is one of my best disciple, Si Ban.""I'm sorry, you would be thinking I'm a madman. Suddenly appearing and started fighting, it was Master's order to do so." rubbing is neck and smiling awkwardly at her and continued, "I'm Si Ban, nice to meet you.""Hello senior, I'm Sid ZouMing.""Sid ZouMing, I think I heard this name somewhere, but where I'm not accurate.""Properly in news, the youngest daughter of Sid family.""Oh right! Umm... I'm sorry.""Not a problem, you can pay your sorry, by teaching me some moves.""Enough of your talks. Come here and star
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Coming out, ZouMi overheard the conversation and was shocked."Did you see that, Master Mo, smiled. Oh my, what actually made him smile? I have been here for more than two years, but never did I saw that smile.""I think, that both, what's their name, Sid and that Si guy, is the reason behind, Master Mo's smile. Maybe their teasing?""Have you forgotten, whom we are talking about? Its Master Mo, not someone else. That dead serious man, who hate unnecessary voice. And at the time of training, that's a really gutsy thing.""Well, what is actually going on between them. From the day that Sid joined, Si Ban is with her, that aloof men, actually is talking and even teasing. I think love is blossoming...hahaha.""Oh, and this Sid, is that girl, on whom the case went long, was it harassment or it was a ra*e? I don't remember." One of them said."Yes, she is that only. It was an attempt to ra*e, but she got rescued by someone, who cares, she is still the
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"Yes, go and snatch his sandwich and eat it, in front of him.""Wow, bro don't you love me anymore, or what? You are asking me, a skinny guy like me to go up and pull of the favorite loving thing from the tiger? Are you nuts?""Do that if not you have to go to the podium, while the princi is giving speech and start dancing. Choice is yours.""If I dance on the stage surely my image will be ruined, and getting punished is a topic too. And if I snatch the sandwich from that bulky fat senior, he will beat the sh*t out of me. In both the cases my image will be ruined, what should I do?" murmuring to himself, Xau couldn't decide what he should do, while pulling his hairs.Seeing him in this condition, Chen, Bai and ZouMi were trying hard to control their laughter."Okay, I will go with the snatching of sandwich from him. After all I have you guys for support." Xau announced proudly."Do you think we will rescue you, if you're in trouble?" Xau nodded hi
Read more Protection Status