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"Okay, if that's what you want. But–" He paused words. Excellent response, unexpected. Liana thought Revan would change his mind to not to force her to do things that she didn't want to. "But what?" "I will not let you go until I get what I want." Revan got closer to Liana, and before she tried to escape — he had locked Liana's movements. He started to tilt his face until Liana felt the breath getting closer. Liana's hand gripped tightly made her unable to rebel, she refused and she shook her head. Her heart was beating fast and a feeling of disgust surrounded her. Without waiting further, Revan put his lips on Liana's and crushed her lips greedily. He looked hopeless and disappointed because Liana did not kiss him back, even didn't open her mouth. With her martial art skill, Liana herself out of Revan's hand. She pushed hard Alex's body. Finally it succesfully made Revan stay away and weak. Revan clenched his fists, angry and more angry. While Liana didn't care anymore, this included as sexual abuse. “REVAN! YOU JERK! WE BREAK UP NOW!" shouted Liana emotionally. “OKAY, IF REALLY WANT TO KNOW MY REASON ... BECAUSE I HAVE SEX PHOBIA!" After saying that, Liana went and opened the door to Revan apartment room and closed the door violently. Leaving Revan who was silent after hearing Liana's words.

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Delinda Schumacher
131 chapters 1-25-23
2023-01-26 12:16:05
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wow, english version 😯 semangka 😁😁
2021-02-07 16:21:50
user avatar
Jana Indria
semangkaaaa Thor, mantap😍😍😍
2021-01-25 16:20:26
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Ailana Misha
It's brilliant, you chose a rare conflict and plot line. Keep writing! ☺️
2020-12-10 04:29:47
user avatar
2020-12-06 09:54:22
default avatar
Semangat buat penulis 🥳❤️
2020-11-30 12:39:20
user avatar
Cherry Blossom
Cek ombak dan anuuu 😍😍😍😍 semangatg
2020-11-26 02:32:16
user avatar
Djony Basoeki
good storu
2020-11-19 06:26:48
user avatar
Yanti D
Lanjutkan thor
2020-11-16 11:23:17
user avatar
Elraa Hafa06
good story❤
2020-11-15 10:50:25
default avatar
It's a big work for Pevita to cure her boss
2020-11-15 10:44:30
user avatar
Ammy Rizuka
Need more chap
2020-11-14 22:10:53
user avatar
Great story ???
2020-11-14 20:23:25
user avatar
Really good story
2020-11-14 17:22:28
user avatar
Rara Shasha
cerita ini sangat bagus....i like it
2020-11-14 12:47:36
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131 Chapters
"YOU'RE FIRED!"Liana lost her job for the 10th time. She felt really useless, being fired again.Graduated from Andromeda University? And business management? What's the if every time she worked it never last up to a month.Got a job, then,Got fired?Ha ha ha. It was very difficult to get a permanent job. She almost gave up . From now on all she did was finding job. Of course, by begging for it.Liana walked through the street shop, staring at the shop wall, who knew, maybe there was a suitable job vacancy for herURGENTLY REQUIRED: CASHIER (Female only)Liana shook her head remembering when she worked as a cashier. How many times had she been fired from being a cashier for yelling at customers just because she was annoyed of the error counter's machine? Even, she had hit it in upset.Liana kicked something that she found on the road, whether it was a pebble or a drink can or a drink bottle. She didn't care! All she wanted was to vent all her emotions.She was fired by the rest
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1. First Day
It was the first day of Liana's transfer to the secretarial division. Honestly, why all of a sudden?It was impossible if there was no reason. Was it because of the criticism from the photographer? But it seemed impossible because it was the first time this photographer criticized her.So, why?"LIANA, WAKE UP!"Liana's friends shout from outside of her boarding house. Last night, Liana and Sally partied in the yard of their boarding house while enjoying the beauty of Jakarta's city at night, seeing the tall buildings that, one by one, the lights dimmed to dark. As a result of staying up late last night, Liana hadn't woken up yet from a dream. Sally tried her best to wake her up because last night Liana told her that she would work as Secretary to the Director. So, Sally suggested that Liana should leave early in the morning, to give a good impression as the new secretary, in the eyes of her new boss and the senior secretaries. "LYN LIANA ...WAKE UP ...!"Sally chuckled irritabl
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2. New Secretary
A second later, Liana's feelings were much calmer, and the voice really calmed her. Suddenly big hands stroked Liana's hair very softly. Slowly, Pevita's fear lessened. She felt safe in his hug.No more sobs from Liana. What this man was doing was very effective when calming a woman who was afraid. "Don't be afraid, okay. This lift just get error for some minutes, not for long. Maybe because of a little technical error. This normal," said the man.Liana stopped crying. Only then did she realized she had been in the arms of an unknown man for a long time. Her consciousness returned, she thought, "Remember Liana, now you are in the lift with a handsome man! Don't embarrass yourself! How whiny!"The distance between the two of them was so close that Liana felt the man's heartbeat. The scent of masculine perfume overtook Liana's sense of smell. Fragrant, she really liked this scent. She felt more comfortable in his hug.A few minutes later, the lights suddenly flashed brightly. The fi
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3. HE?!!!
Liana press the tenth button of the elevator. She knew she was being gossiped about by the employees. But she did not care about it.The elevator doors opened. When she entered the secretary's room, the cold response she got. But she didn't give up. Yeah, because she didn't want the first day to be discouraged. She must still be polite to the senior secretaries.Moreover, they also shouldn't be surly and cynical, right?"Greetings all, I am Lyn Liana The new secretary is here. Nice to meet you." Liana introduced herself in a cheerful tone.No one responded. Oops, unlucky her. Having not started yet, but she got a bad impression from seniors. Other secretaries tried to ignore her. She smiled forcefully.Liana smiled wryly. She walked over in confusion. She didn't know where her desk was. "Excuse me, I–" Liana did not continue her words because the secretary assumed she wasn't there.Liana sighed harshly. Ignored."Lyn Liana, the new secretary of Director Nova?" Question from th
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4. Flashback
HE?!!!!Liana's eyes widen in surprised, staring in disbelief at what she saw now. She almost screamed. Fortunately, two palms were ready to cover her mouth. She hoped anxiously, silently praying. She hoped her new boss didn't remember what happened three months ago.Hold on .... Was it possible that she had ever meet him even before three months ago? She didn't remember clearly, but she was sure she had ever met him before. About a year ago, maybe?Her memory was recalled one year ago. At that time, it was very difficult for Liana to get a job. Yaps, she used to have bad experiences in the workplace. She was fired dozens of times. She was fired the last time when she was a waiters at a restaurant even without getting the last salary.Along the way, she read job vacancies stuck to the wall of a roadside shop. Unfortunately, no one job suited her. Annoyed, she kicked the drink can she had bought. As a result, it landed on the forehead of a man. It turned out that the man was Nova
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5. She Cute
Liana still couldn't believe what had happened, the fact that Nova was her new boss and they had met before. Three months ago? One year ago? Was it possible that Pevita would reminisce? Memories were quite attached to the memory of her brain, namely the incidents of the first time and the second time. As if fate brought the two of them together unexpectedly.And so did Nova. He could not understand that he would meet again with a woman who had said he was a jerk, just because he drove her out and told her to get out of the car. It was at that incident that Liana greeted him.After coming home from work in, late afternoon, Liana had a sharing time with her best friend, Sally. It was the first day to officially become Director Nova's secretary and her first day working as the Boss' right-hand man. She felt tired and tired. Her brain felt like there was steaming hot smoke. Sally started to make her happy, just meant to release fatigue.Huh. Liana let out a lon
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6. Wanna Dance?
Nova had accepted Liana as his secretary, he accepted her with a very heavy heart.  Don't worry. He had a plan.  Today, he started giving difficult tasks to Liana. He was sure that woman would not be able to work as his secretary because he would gave her many difficult tasks to carry out and demanded work.Nova started his plan.  He said at length, without repeating a word.  "Liana, from now on you will be Secretary Liana. A special call for you, Lian, okay! And don't call me Sir," explained Nova."Pardon?"  Liana is confused.  "Then what should I call you?"  Liana slightly raised her head, looked straight at Nova's face who looked lazy.  "Mister? Boss?" guessed her.Nova shook his head.  "No! But call me, Director Nova."  Nova began to stand up from his seat and circle the whitewashed room, stressing that he didn't like to call someone but never picked up.  "Pick up the phone
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7. You Bitch!
"Good evening, Miss. Wanna dance with me?"Someone's voice came to Liana's ears. Her daydreams shattered, her eyes moved, looking at the old man in the black coat. He seemed not too old but looked like a young widower.  Liana could tell this guy was exactly the same as the masher man and definitely needed a bitch to sleep with him tonight.Liana gave a fake smile.  "Good evening, Sir," said Liana without hesitation.The man chuckled.  "Sir?  Do I look old?  I'm still young," he replied.  "Don't call me that.  How bad," he joked.Without guilt, Liana replied, "Oh, sorry.""Will you dance with me?  I've seen you just sitting here and daydreaming." His big hand asked Liana to dance, a mischievous smile etched on his thick lips.  "Come with me."Liana thought.  "Of course," said her.  Instead of sitting and th
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8. Damn It
"STOP THERE, YOU BITCH!"A shout from Arlan for a second made Liana turn her head.  Arlan chased her with already a little drunk from the effects of alcohol. With the remaining energy — Liana ran down the hall of the club. She looked for the main door.Liana heard him calling her a bitch? She smiled sarcastically. How dare that jerk to call her bitch, same with women lack caress and touch?  Oh, No. She was surely not. She was just a cowardly woman for accepting sex phobia but continued to stay away from it.She hoped for someday, yeah she believed, there would be a man who could cure her phobia, as she also wanted to cure her anxiety of Nova."Hey!  Catch that lady girl!" shouted Arlan again, echoing the hall. "Don't let her escape!" said Arlan to the man who ran the night club. The man was standing right in front of the entrance.Liana stopped her footsteps, and she was silent. There
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9. Family Card
As a parent who always wanted the best for his child, a bright future and successful career, and so di with Dika, Nova's father, who just have one child, and it was Nova.President Director Dika waited for Nova to come home. He sat in the family room, watching television to get rid of boredom. It had been late, but Nova hadn't come home yet. Dika was getting angry and irritated for waiting too long and waiting for Nova to go home. Where did he go?Actually, Dika was following his mother's habits, waiting for the child to return home. Satya would apologize to Nova because he realized that his son's attitude was too hard and sometimes rude by hitting him; therefore, Nova grew up to be a naughty child. Dika admitted his mistake. Finally, after waiting an hour - Nova returned home."Nova," called Dika with his voice soft."Yes, Dad? What's going on?" Nova's feet stopped walking, half-drunk, but he was still conscious. Strange, Nova didn't dare look at Dika who wa
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