Who do you belong to?

"Please~" I whimpered, my tongue rolling out of my mouth and sapping at my chapped lips before retreating backwards. 

On impulse, I moved the hand that was dormant between my legs and swiftly swept down, catching the silky towel between my fingers before pulling it off his body. My palms itched the moment my wide eyes laid on his rod. This time there was no almost....I certainly did drool at the sight of him.

I want to touch him so bad....sooo bad that it hurts. 

My hole tightened in delight and I reluctantly broke my gaze away from his dick, locking eyes with his. I could feel pleasure pulse through me just from the action. The fearlessness...the impassiveness, it was all there just the way I liked it. Its no wonder why he has me so fucking hooked. I absolutely love the sexy look on his face, no doubt. He easily surpasses everyone I've ever met more ways than one. 

Though, I couldn't deny that seeing him as his usual cock

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