The Cringe

“You want anything? I’ll make it for you.” His nose nuzzled into my neck, sniffing at my skin while his hand slipped under my T-Shirt, caressing my stomach directly.

“Nope. I thought you were gonna ignore me for the rest of your stupid life.” I grumbled, a small triumphant smile forming at my lips. I totally knew he couldn’t ignore me for long.

“I was thinking about it.” His lips left kisses over my neck, “But…you’re having a hard time sleeping because of me. I can’t let my princess suffer.”

“Suffer?” I slapped my hand against my neck, separating his mouth from my skin and shifting on the bed to face him. “What the hell? You’re the one who’s suffering.” I poked his chest. “How long have you been lying there not sleeping?”

“I was waiting for you to be a good girl and apologize.” He admitted, shamelessly lifting my shirt then pressing his ear against my stomach. He stayed at that spot for a few seconds and kissed my belly-button before sliding up, stuffing his head between my breasts
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