Deafening Silence

I snatched my hand out of Aiden's grasp, holding it to my chest as I quickly snapped my head to the side, spotting my mate standing just a few steps away from us. His men stood behind him, my brother included.

Lucas had disappeared at some point when Aiden was yapping, but I thought he went to take a piss or something! Looking at things now, did he run off to snitch?!

“W-When did you come? I didn’t even smell you…” I gulped.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Kasan's eyes dropped to my wrist and I paled when they shifted suddenly to a bright golden, fury slipping over his face. His fists tightened at his side and veins rose on his arms as a dangerously wicked aura surrounded his figure, spreading through the club. As if sensing danger, a bunch of people shuffled out as if fire was on their tale, while a few inquisitive ones stayed to stare.

Fuck. I expected him to be angry when I decided to come here, but right now he seems to be seething beyond my expectation.

“Uh…well…you weren’t hom
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