“Gerald has a package for me, which of you wouldn’t mind bringing it?” Kasan questioned, grinning like they’re old times friends who hadn’t seen each other for a decade. He's been chatting with them for a fucking half a day!

That’s quite an exaggeration but still!

“Package? I will!” One of them offered, a little too enthusiastically might I add, “Is it guns?! Wolfsbane?!”

Their loudness is giving me a headache. I feel like they’d be much more annoying than Ash to be around.

“You just gotta bring it, that’s all. Since that’s settled, we’ll be leaving now. I'll see you three next time, I have a meeting with Gerald soon.” Kasan shoved his hand into his pocket, and while his eyes didn’t leave their figures, he leaned closer to me and pressed his lips close to my ear, smirking. “I can feel your glare. Be good for once, babe. They’re valuable friends.” His tongue flicked my earlobe and I jolted, hand flying up to cover my ear. I gave him a ‘what the fuck’ glare, and his response to that
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