The Devil's Possession

The Devil's Possession

By:  Daii MO  Completed
Language: English
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**WARNING 18+ "Now you are mine and mine only....You are my possession." For weeks upon weeks, Clara Henry has been locked away in her room day and night for the sake of hiding from a ruthless mafia boss who goes by the name 'Devil.' However, she sneaks out every night in search of someone to sweep away her worries in bed. One lucky night, she finds a guy who has it all...the looks...the charisma...the dominance. But the following day, Clara's house is invaded by a group of thugs, the leader surprisingly being the man who she slept with, as well as the man whom her father fears to the point where he resorts to hiding...And it so happens that he wants her in exchange for sparing the lives of her parents. But besides his strong sense of dominance and his ever-changing personality, there's also something very strange about him...he can smell things normal humans can't, his eyes changes colours every once in a while and he growls like that of an animal!!! What will happen when she finds out that he's not only a mafia boss, but also an Alpha!?

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Ruth Carruth
How often do you post updates to this book?
2023-01-31 11:05:32
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Riya Sharma
hey author when will you update and how regularly updates will be
2023-01-03 17:29:01
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When will u complete this book?
2022-07-16 04:40:50
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Stop Stop
What's the title book for Beta Jason?
2022-06-22 20:39:50
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Meghan Meadows
I need more! Please tell me when you update, and how often. You’re a wonderful writer.
2023-08-29 11:55:57
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This is a good book
2022-03-26 21:23:51
84 Chapters
Sneaking Out
"Clara, can I come in?" I did not answer. "Clara..." I did not answer. "Clara..." I did not answer. My mom's annoying presence lingered behind the door for a few additional seconds until a low creaking was heard as her flip flops clacked against the tiled floor. Signing, I wrapped my auburn hair into a messy bun before pushing off the bed and moving over to the door to check whether she had really left or not. My fingers twisted the knob then slowly drew it open whilst making sure that it made the lowest of sounds. However, the person that awaited me behind it, was someone who I definitely didn't want to see. I quickly shuffled backwards and attempted to close the door, but father stuck his foot out against the door frame, stopping it from closing completely. Audaciously, he pushed his way inside and stepped to the side. I glared at him. When did he even get here!? "Clara..." He called softly as he stared at me intently. "What do you want?" I spat. "I'm sure this is not the w
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I Finally Found Mr. Right
With frantic movements, Tan slithered his hands over the thin fabric covering my body, his mouth leaving sloppy, openmouthed kisses along my neckline as I stood still, sandwiched between the wall and his sweaty body. His hands roamed downwards, cupping the left cheek of my ass and squeezing it lightly. I groaned, not in pleasure but in annoyance. I didn't want him to treat me like a delicate prize he just won...I want him to ravish me with the aggressiveness that a man should have, not with these stupid, impatient touches. Hopefully, his little junior isn't as small as I think it is. I certainly don't want to make the biggest mistake of my life by sleeping with an idiot who's thingy is smaller than my pinky.  I met Tan a few minutes after arriving here at the club. I had been sitting at the bar when he came up to me, reeking of alcohol and his body swaying across the floor. We exchanged names and a few more words th
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Touch Me Roughly
My hands tightened around his neck as our lips aggressively molded together with a certain level of urgency that channeled our undying yearning for sex. Seeking greater pleasure, I was a second away from slipping my tongue into his mouth but he beat me to it, pushing his own pass my lips in one sexy thrust. His large hands moved from my ass to travel along my body as if it were his territory and his hot tongue roamed every inch of my mouth, sending shockwaves to my core. I reveled in the taste of him and the feel of his hips pushing up against me as the kiss became even more urgent and sensual. His tongue expertly dominated mine that trailed behind his wherever it went, drawing a low, excited moan from my lips. But much to my dislike, he pulled back a little and licked his lips, his lust filled eyes staring straight into mine. I was about to move in for another mind blowing kiss when his hand that was tightly gripping my thigh slowly slid up
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Sweet Addiction
My eyes fluttered open, welcoming the face of the man who had literally rocked my world last night. Though I was sort of familiar with his face, I couldn't help but stare intently at him, mesmerized by the overwhelming beauty he alone possessed. What was a guy like him doing sitting alone at a club anyway? There were countless people there and I'm sure the women who noticed him wouldn't have just ignored his presence. So why didn't they swarm him like flies?  No matter, it's good that no one approached him. Because of that, I got the chance to have a blast. Sighing, I blinked to adjust to the morning light escaping through the window and stretched my arms to rid myself of the drowsiness. His stare was unrelenting as I did so. I guess he is as fascinated with me as I am with him. Figures. I am irresistible after all. "What's all the staring for?" I asked after a while, shifting onto my side
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As soon as he walked back through the door from whence he came and left me standing in his room, I was thrown into a heap of fascination as I began to look around. The place was neat and tidy aside from the floor that was littered with my clothes. The bed was humongous, so much so that it could probably hold me, mom and dad on one half. From the looks of it, this guy was rich, very rich. He even has one of those expensive massage chairs that I had back when father possessed a little cash. I loved that chair. I was quite heartbroken when I had to sell it as well as a few other things of mine to buy the crappy place we live in now. I sighed, unlocking the door to the bathroom and stepping inside. I took a long bath, thoroughly scrubbing away the cum that stuck to my skin and washing my hair that hadn't been touched by water in a few months. I might be too presumptuous to do this at his place and use his expensive shampoo but who cares? It's fe
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"I thought I told you to bring her home!" Kasan boomed. "She is home,"  Kenley replied, a lopsided grin on his lips. Without much restraint on strength, he pushed me forward and my body collided with Kasan's. I looked up at him and indeed, his strict demeanour and fierce ebony eyes still caused a stirring in my core...damn. What I'd give to have him fu- No, no, no! What I should be thinking of is why he's MY house, not fantasizing about what I want to do with him! Ugh! I shook my head to rid myself of the highly unnecessary thoughts floating in my head and quickly shuffled two steps away from him, my eyes taking the opportunity to run over his figure. Okay, so it definitely isn't the time to fantasize about such things, not when he looks like this. A rifle was resting on his shoulder...that I have no problem with since it only made him look badass and sexy. However
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Be Mine
If I choose one of them, then I'd have to live with the pain of killing the other. But if I choose neither, he'll probably kill them both and I'd be left with nothing.My fingers shook at my side and my lips wobbled as they opened and closed. I can't possibly choose between two persons whom I love equally so my only option is to swallow my pride and do what has to be done...beg. Never in my life have I ever stooped as low as to beg for anything, but desperate times calls for desperate measures."P-P..." I gulped, trying to get rid of the knot in my throat, "P-Ple-""You'll have to kill us all!" Mom's firm voice came from behind me. I rubbed my chest and sighed heavily, thankful to her for cutting off the words that literally felt as if they were choking me.But when I cooled down and her words finally soaked in my mind, my eyes widened and I turned to look wide eyed at the woman who had said the most ridiculous thing ever. Kill us all? She must be crazy c
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He's A Lunatic But I like It
"Mom, for the last time...I'M GOING TO BE FINE! There's absolutely nothing to worry about." I rubbed the back of her hand and plastered my best smile on my lips, yet the worry didn't seem to leave her."You don't know what you're getting yourself into. He's not someone to-""Mom!" I cut her off, dropping her hand and pinching the bridge of my nose in irritation. I really should've left before she woke up like Kasan had insisted, but I was so determined to defy him that I refused to do so. Now, I regret that move."Do you still not get that I'm a full grown woman now? I can take care of myself," I moved to stand, but for the third time since she woke up, her hand reached out and grabbed unto my wrist, obstructing me from leaving.I looked down at her arm then back up to her face. "For fuck's s-"I pressed my lips together when the door was suddenly pushed open and Kasan trailed inside, his joker grin on his lips and his rifle still in hand. Maybe he
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Hungry For You...
"Let's go." Simultaneously, we opened the car door and stepped out. My eyes proceeded to roam over the familiar building whilst Kasan and his men went ahead inside. Unlike the first time when I came here, it didn't seem so welcoming. Though at the time it was pretty late out and I was busy kissing the life out of him, I'm still sure the place wasn't like this. The few potted flowers growing outside were hidden by the bloodied clothes thrown atop them and the walkway that lead up to the front door was littered with food boxes, cans and bottles...You could say that in such a short time, it became a dumpster instead of a house. But whatever...even if there was a big gorilla in front of me or some alien space ship speeding towards me, I don't think it would've been enough to faze me. The only thing that keeps getting on my nerves, is the fact that I'm now someone's 'possession'. Not just anyone's but the
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Can you imagine how weird it felt when I woke up to both an unfamiliar ceiling and a cold chilling wave of air skimming over my body?Yeah, I almost panicked.But then, I remembered what the hell happened yesterday and who the hell I kicked in the freaking shin!"Oh crap!" I slapped my palm frustratedly against my forehead and blew a heavy puff of air from between my chapped lips. I can't believe I did such a stupid thing! Yeah, he deserved it and more, but what about the consequences? He still has my parents on lockdown even now so any wrong move and they'd most likely kiss their lives goodbye!And I've studied him long enough to know that once his head chips, he becomes completely insane.But is he THAT insane to hurt my family just because I kicked him the shin?...and the face? No one is that insane...right? RIGHT?!After I had fired my
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