The Divine Luna Awakening

The Divine Luna Awakening

By:  Sarah S. Richards  Updated just now
Language: English
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“No Father, I would rather go rogue before I continue with this mating ceremony!” As the unwanted daughter of the Beta, Leila has always known her place in the Black Pool Pack. She is used to flying under the radar, but all of that changes when she discovers her fiancé's betrayal with her best friend. Suddenly, Leila becomes the target of cruel bullying and vicious attacks that almost cost her her life, until the pack's ruthless Alpha, Xander steps in to save her. Will she find peace and solace with the Alpha or will her past comes lurking in the shadows?

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45 Chapters
chapter 1
***Leila POV*** “shhhh,” a familiar voice hissed from my bedroom. And outside, my hands froze over the doorknob. “Stop, someone might hear us,”It sounded like my best friend Alessia. I felt a sickening knot tie in my belly. As soon as I heard my fiancé, Damian reply her. “And who cares if they do?”Through the keyhole on my door, I could see them lying on my bed, with Damian caressing her, urging her to consent to his erotic desires. “What will the pack say when they find out?” Alessia purred, darting her eyes at him. Her tone, seductive as she trailed her finger across Damian’s luscious lips. “Apha Xander hates a fuss in the pack and Leila would be heartbroken when she finds out what we are about to do.”“I’ll protect you from all of them, remember I am your knight in shining armor.” Damian said, lowering himself to kiss her forehead. He sounded confident. I had seen enough and in a burst of emotions, I flung my door open. Pulling my bag as I sent it flying to the back of my f
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Chapter 2
****Leila POV***“You pathetic failure…” Damian growled. Before he could say another word to me, my father grabbed him by the collar, pulling him close enough that their foreheads were almost touching each other. “Mention Leila’s name again and I will see to it that I hunt you down. Even if you hide under a rock.” Dad warned, in a cold, menacing voice. Watching my father now, it was easy to tell that Carlson Romanov was the Beta of Black Pool pack. This made my face flush with emotions. I felt proud of his show of strength, but also hurt because his solution to my own predicament was to marry me off just to save the family name. Damian waved my father’s hands off his collar, taking a couple of steps back. “Oath breaker!” Damian yelled, a frown creased across his forehead. “ Your family is a disgrace, a bunch of liars and cheats. You deceived me into this relationship with your daughter.” looking at us through hard, flinty eyes. Before he could continue, my father interrupted him
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Chapter 3
***Leila POV****Alpha Xander was observing the scene before him with displeasure. His lips pressed against each other. There was dried blood splattered all over his face, shirt and hands. Which meant he just came back from a battle. “Don’t let me repeat myself.” he ordered, his voice was frosty cold. I noticed my father's posture stiffen slightly from behind me. But he soon regained composure. Stepping away from my step mother and step sister, he moved towards Xander. “Alpha, welcome back,” he said. “I am sure you…..”“Don’t waste my time, Carlson.” Xander replied cutting him off. I felt my face flush at his thundering command. Inside me, Lea whinned, hiding her face in her paws. “Yes Alpha,” my father replied, slowly lowering his head in a show of respect. “This is a simple matter, I am sorry that this dishonorable scene is the first thing you're seeing upon your return.”The atmosphere was enveloped in silence for what seemed like forever. I could see the rage burning in Xand
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Chapter 4
****Leila Pov****I had never entered Xander’s office before, I was surprised at how modern his office looked. With its dark rustic color scheme, hardwood floors and wood paneled ceilings. The sound of the door being shut softly made me quiver in fear. I was alone with Alpha Xander of Black Pool pack. A man who killed all his brothers to secure his place as Alpha. My mouth went dry as I thought about it. “Why dont you want to bond with Damian Anymore?” his deep baritone voice echoed across the entire office. “And what was it you said about him cheating?”He had his back turned against me as he soaked up the night view of the city. His frame was muscular, he had a dragon tattoo on his arm that stretched all the way to his back. He ripped the remnant of his shirt off, as he washed his face and hands, before changing into another shirt. “It was a slip of tongue.” I managed to speak out. “ I just wanted the whole relationship to end”He didn't say a word as he furrowed his brow at me
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Chapter 5
Xander’s POVFor two years now, i had kept it to myself. The knowledge that Leila was my mate. By the time I found out, my reputation as Alpha was already set in stone. Those who knew me would say, I was cold, ruthless, powerful and uncompromising. I had lived all my life, caring less about finding a mate or starting a family. But on a particular day, my entire world changed forever. That was on her Eighteenth birthday. On that day, I was drinking with my friend Carlson when he told me. “I don't feel like going back home.” he murmured. It was his bastard daughter’s birthday. She just turned eighteen. Turning eighteen for werewolves meant that they were officially transitioning into adulthood, taking up certain responsibilities and also finding a mate. Each wolf were given a gift, a small pouch that contained wolfsbane, according to tradition. Everyone in the pack knew how he treated her. She was never accepted as a family member. Carlson was involved with a woman who wasn't his
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Chapter 6
Xander POVAs the night thickened its hold over the pack’s landscape, I found myself in a deep state of turmoil and grave confusion, a sense of urgency gripped my heart. Leila my mate was missing, the air around me reeked of betrayal, and I could feel it. And at this point, I knew it was up to me as the leader of the pack to rescue her. I tossed across the bed, from edge to edge, my heart racing ferociously, till I finally managed to fall asleep.The next morning, I summoned the council of elders for an urgent meeting. The atmosphere was cloaked in silence, as the tension in the room was palpable.“Alpha” one of the elders spoke out. “We need to act fast, the stability of our pack depends on Leila being found.”“Alpha,” the second elder said “ We must hurry and recover her, else, if words of this should spread out, it would show our weakness in the eyes of our enemies. And we can't afford to let that happen, we are the most formidable pack in all of the lands.”I clenched my hand into
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Chapter 7
***Laura POV***The evening breeze was both calm and soothing as it kissed my skin, I relished the thoughts of serving as Luna, even if it was for one night. I felt a wave of mixed emotions wash over me. I felt happy that I was chosen to serve in the Triumph procession and also nervous, really nervous at the fact that I had never done this before. This was my first time. I never imagined I would amount to much in life after my mother died. But this was a role assigned to me by our Alpha and I couldn't say no. As I pondered more over it, I noticed beads of sweat forming across my forehead, about to trickle down my face as my hands become clammy. I stole a glance at myself in the vanity mirror in front of me, I beamed a smile at how beautiful I looked and how nicely the dress accentuated my overall appearance, I could not wait for Alpha Xanders to see me. The house was almost empty, as both my parents were at the venue of the celebration. I was waiting for the Alpha to send his escorts
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Chapter 8
****Leila POV****I managed to comport myself as I recoiled on the cold floor, my hands clasped against my torso. I tried covering my nakedness. My clothes ripped to shred after I tried to shift. But this time, I wasn't in the pack where Alpha Xander could easily sweep in and save me. I was all on my own. I waited in anticipation to see who this visitor of mine was. The door flung open with a force that almost pulled it off its hinges. Then he walked in, although my sight was blurry from the beating I had received on my way here, I still managed to recognise who this person was. It was Damian. “What are you going here!!” I sneered at him, my eyes blazing with anger. Without saying a word, he took long strides towards me, a smirk evident on his face. He paused and pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket. “I came to see how my mate was doing” he scoffed in sarcasm. “Here” he crouched trying to clean my blood stained mouth. Long gone were the days, he would fool me with his display
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Chapter 9
***Leila POV****I screamed for help, my lungs burning from exhaustion, coupled with the fact that I had not eaten anything for days now. As Damien leaned closer to kiss my neck, the knock from the door echoed through the entire cell, a large muscular arm pulling him from behind, slamming him into the wall. “I leave you for one second and this is what you do!!” Antonio growled at Damien, his voice dripping with venom.“I am sorry Alpha, it was a mistake… I'm sorry” Damien stammered, as he quivered in fear. “No one has the right to lay hands on her, except I say so!!” he barked, his voice commanding such great authority, that I felt the hairs on my body standing on their end. “Are you okay, can you walk?” Antonio asked, his voice laced with deep concern as he made eye contact. For a second I felt a wave of relief wash over me, but I was in so much pain that I had no time to pretend or act tough. When he saw that I couldn't move, he leaned closer and unbuckled the silver chains from
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Chapter 10
Antonio povI felt a wave of comfort and a hint of fear when Leila announced that she was going to stay back and find out more about her Past life. Her existence in this pack of rogues presented both a possible benefit and a real risk if she didn't learn how to harness her powers before her pack found her. I had to trade cautiously, making sure she believed me well enough until she realized her actual potential."Welcome, Leila, to the Silver Quin pack," And motioned for her to sit down as I took a seat close by. "Let me first enlighten you about the history of our kind, you see, your mother and I aren't much different. We all possess certain special abilities. When our late parents gave birth to your mother, and I followed next, The priestess discovered your mother possessed a special ability to resurrect and bring back to life, the dead, this was a special ability in our lineage.” My eyes darted to the contour of her face. She was blank as a slate and at this point, I knew she woul
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