Chapter 11 Cooperation

Wendy Quade’s face was gloomy as she walked over to Nicole step by step.


Nicole stood there and already knew that someone was approaching her. She knew that besides Wendy, no one would come over to her.

She casually glanced to the side and saw Wendy’s soft and gentle face that looked so pitiable.

Wendy walked up to Nicole with a cold smirk and had already removed her disguise.

“Did you come to the banquet on purpose? You wanted to get close to Eric, didn’t you? You’re already divorced, so why are you still clinging to him? If I were you, I’d hide far away. Don’t come looking for trouble.”

Nicole looked at Wendy with a harsh and mocking gaze.

“Wendy Quade, the whole world knows that you’re the mistress in our relationship. Did you have a good time lately?”

Since this scandal went viral, netizens dug up information on Wendy Quade, who was frequently seen around Eric Ferguson.

Although Eric Ferguson had already taken down those posts, Wendy Quade had been dubbed “the homewrecker” and was scorned by many, so much so that Wendy could not sleep well for some time.

“Nicole, a title isn’t as important as our feelings for each other. Eric and I will be together one day, unlike you.” Wendy coldly snorted out of jealousy and gave Nicole a once-over.

“Did you take the money from selling your blood to get this banquet invitation? How else could you come to such a place? The clothes and jewelry you’re wearing are also rented, right?”

Wendy stepped forward. Her gaze flickered slightly as she walked next to the pool with a cold smirk.

“Nicole, you’re just asking for it…”

As she said that, Wendy suddenly leaned backward and fell into the pool. The splash immediately attracted the attention of the crowd.

The crowd exclaimed.

Nicole looked at this scene with an indifferent and dark gaze. She suddenly thought about the banquet three years ago back when she had just gotten married to Eric. This exact situation happened as well.

“Nicole, I won’t congratulate you on your marriage. After all, Eric isn’t in love with you. If it weren’t for the fact that you can donate blood to me at any time, Eric wouldn’t have agreed to marry you. You will never be happy together. If you don’t believe me, just watch…”

Wendy leaped into the pool back then, and Eric jumped in without a second thought.

She had proved to Nicole that Eric cared about her. Back then, Nicole thought that her sincerity would one day move Eric, but she had failed miserably.

Now, Wendy jumped into the pool yet again and struggled in the water.

A man rushed by. Without having to look, Nicole knew that it must be Eric. He anxiously brought Wendy out of the pool.

“Eric, don’t blame Nicole. I came to apologize but she didn’t forgive me. She must still hate me, but I’m sure she didn’t mean to do this...”

Wendy looked so aggrieved as she shrank into the man’s arms and suppressed her sobs. The onlookers pitied Wendy and looked at Nicole dubiously.

Grant Stanton heard the commotion and frowned when he saw this scene. Nicole stopped him from interfering. Instead, she whispered a few words into his ear. After that, Grant left.

Eric held the drenched Wendy and draped his jacket over her. His dark eyes glared at Nicole coldly.

Nicole met his gaze without avoidance and the corners of her lips curled up mockingly.

“She used this trick a long time ago. Did you fall for it again?”

Nicole did not care if Eric believed what Wendy said. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and smirked. “It doesn’t matter. Her acting skills are so subpar without any improvement after all these years. I’ll turn a blind eye to your act.”

‘Why must I accept this? Why do I have to play along with her? It’ll just lower my IQ!’

Nicole was just about to turn around and leave when Wendy suddenly got up from Eric’s embrace and tugged on Nicole’s arm. Wendy refused to let go of this wonderful opportunity to clear her name and cried.

“Nicole, I know that you don’t like me, but every time you donated blood, Eric paid you for it. What else are you dissatisfied with? Why are you still pestering Eric after the divorce and slander us? You did everything possible to come to this party because you refuse to let go of him, right?”

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