The Children of Thunder

The Children of Thunder

By:  Christopher Ogunmakin  Ongoing
Language: English
6 ratings
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A group of archeologists discovered the well preserved body of a man deep within the vast rainforests of West Africa. Taken away to a secret location to be experimented on, not knowing that he was a slumbering ancient deity, and when he awakens, he brings with him the consequences of their actions.

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this is interesting. keep going! by the way, is there any socmed to discuss your story further?
2021-07-21 13:26:07
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Gina Frontiero
I looove this storyline. I hope you develop this into a long series. I want to know more about the other gods also. looking forward to finishing this book!
2021-02-27 05:38:45
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Love the synopsis and plot of the story. Keep it coming! Hoping you could check out my work too and drop some initial reviews, the title is Isekai Institute.
2020-09-03 23:39:02
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E. J. Espina
Nice storyline. Continue writing author.
2020-08-28 18:48:57
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Pls continue ur work. Pls continue. Continue. Continue…. Pleaseeee… if you’re out of ideas, I know a couple of pantheon gods. I write yoruba fantasy so… pls, pls, I love books like this. Continueeeeeeeee
2022-06-15 13:42:15
user avatar
I read and reread this book so it’s fair enough to give a befitting review. Now, I now recite parables, speak in the tongue of the obembe drum and in the dance of the spirits. I realize the potency of an ancient age, of the very gods we defied for the white man. Gah… it’s godly. I love it! I love
2022-06-15 13:41:12
64 Chapters
Dec.1989 Another bout of pain wreaked through my body, waking me from the sub consciousness into which I had fled, how have I fallen so low, I bitterly asked myself as I glared at the group of men in long white coats studying me from the other side of the steel cage I was trapped in, holding clip pads and staring unconcerned at my plight.Why wouldn't they be? for they fashioned the cage in whence I was trapped, Alas, nothing had contained me until this day, they made the tools that gave me pain, Alas, pain was a thing long forgotten before my capture, never have I hated men like the likes before me, but none compared to the hate reserved for their leader, the man they called doctor Mugabe, every time they come for their sacrilegious experiments on my body, he never forgets to remind me how well my blood samples and cells had made the world a better place and how much more scientific breakthroughs to be made.They mistook my silence for submission,
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To the House of Lords
Dec 1910 A group of archeologists discovered the well preserved body of a man somewhere deep within the vast rain forests of Colonial West Africa. To their shock, closer study affirmed that the man wasn’t dead but slumbered instead. A secret group of scientists financed by the British royal African trade company was gathered together to unravel this oddity that defiled everything they had ever known, poking and prodding him with tests regardless of the consequences as as a result, they are responsible for the production of marvelous advancements in technology and medicine that far precedes our current age.But concerns are being considered as illegal inhuman children are being birthed from his blood samples and cells that may yet endangers us all, because the locals believed the slumbering anomaly to be one of their principal deities and believes him to awaken eventually and with him the consequences of our actions.Report by lor
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Chapter One
May.2050The nightmare woke her again, she groaned as she stirred lazily to check the digital alarm clock beside her colt. It was 4am, she groaned again. Drilling starts by 5 and she knew there was no chance to steal a little bit more sleep, she lay back down to ponder over her constant dreams, dreams which she had begun to get used to that she didn’t wake up screaming in terror anymore, it had always been the same nightmare every night, the blood curdling screams of a tortured man, flashes of lights and the grim goggled faces of people in long white coats.She had been trying valiantly to bare it all in silence, but the constant bouts of sleepless nights were already telling on her performances at the daily drills, if there was somebody to talk to, she would have done that already but the fear of being taken back to the lab, prodded, injected by the painful probes to find out any malfunctioning in her system had kept her lips sealed.
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Chapter Two
The 5th generation children were created and bred in the institute. A group of abnormally enhanced children drilled daily to harness their abilities.Winged and agile, strong and deadly, they were weapons trained since they could walk. Rumored to have been a bastardization of numerous genes and human embryos placed into human women to develop.Penniless and at desperate times, they had been approached by the institute where they were cared for until they were relieved of their bundles of joy and then moved on with their lives, well compensated and acclaimed to have contributed to the glory of science, or so they said.The surviving children were seven in number, the remains of numerous casualties; after series of trials and experiments.Logan was the eldest, it was when his wings became strong enough for flight that he began to manifest other powers, and then the D.R.E.G.S began to pay the children more attention th
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Chapter Three
An intended cough brought them all back to attention, the drill instructor Fortuna Monroe frowned down her nose at them arms akimbo; her long hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Her face would have been pretty if it wasn’t scrunched in a permanent scowl; the children disliked her, she mutually felt the same towards them and made it her priority in life to make their life miserable.Without further ceremony she barked orders at the children, as they were placed under the supervision of instructors who in turn were watched by her sharp eyes. Orchid’s trainers were having a difficult time putting her under control until Fortuna had no choice but to take over her drill in person.Orchid’s lithe fragile looking body and slim snow colored wings gave her an innocent appearance of perpetual harmlessness like her name.“Looks can be deceiving, look at Orchid” was the constant gossip among the facility’s staff.Sh
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Chapter Four
What is the meaning of this?A very familiar voice changed the mood in the training room with the speed of light, the very voice feared by everything and everyone in the institute. Doctor Mugabe the institute head scientist walked in followed by Logan and a few of his colleagues in tow.The crowd moved back respectfully as he walked slowly towards the scene, hands folded calmly behind him as Logan rushed forward to heal the twins, hands glowing with electric current.“What is the meaning of this Miss Monroe?’’ Doctor Mugabe asked again, his voice cutting through the dead silence, filled only with the occasional sparks from Logan’s powers as he healed the second twin. “Can you not carry out your simple duty without bringing the whole institute down on us eh.’’“But professor,’’ Fortuna started.“Miss Monroe, there’s a reason you were hired to be a drill instructor, to make sure the combat exercises doesn’t blow
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Chapter Five
I groaned as I dreamt, the mortal pain from which had I fled followed me into the world of dreams, gods do not dream. We simply used it as tools to commune with men, manipulating their present, past and future, but sometimes we retreat to these fascinating realms in mockery of slumber, to garner rest and grow strength.I fled there often to escape my anguish during my captivity. But now I dreamt of my youth, long before I became a deity; a Yoruba warrior prince of the old Oyo Empire, I was the youngest son, the eldest; Eweka, ruled as the Oba of the kingdom of Benin, the second; my older half-brother Ajaka, was crown prince of Oyo, shackled by duties of state, watched me with jealousy as I gamboled round the empire and beyond, carefree and wild, the parties and dances were where you would find me.I was not far from skirmishes, conflicts and adventures, the duties of a prince were the least of my problems, that burden was for another. When our fathe
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Chapter Six
A sleek black carriage pulled up at Westminster alleyway, the door of the carriage opened and it's occupant, a gentleman step down into the cold English morning, he waved a dismissive hand towards the manservant hurrying to his aid.His red jacket inlaid with polished brass buttons introduced him as an officer in the imperial army. He moved briskly up the stairs to the manor to the already opened door where he was ushered in by a tall smartly dressed butler."Lord Rawlings is expecting you captain." He said, The captain's grunted in reply and allowed himself to be led down the hallway towards the manor lord's study where a portly elderly man sat waiting."Captain luggard, please have a sit" he coughed over his pipe smoke as the young captain saluted. "My apologies for summoning you in such short notice my boy but i see the need to see you before you sail from our shores, I do hope you are looking forward to your assignment." Lord Ra
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Chapter Seven
Obiora returned to drills after a week in the labs, pale and spent but happy to be once more united with his siblings, the 5th generation children were allowed to eat and be together for a few hours thrice a week, asides that they only saw one another at drills and classes where they were taught by grizzled old professors and learnt different languages under the watchful eyes of their handlers.Omotola’s handler, Katie was kind to her and sometimes told her about her own life outside the institute which was against protocol; Amaka, Babybaby’s handler adored her and spoilt her terribly. The rest of the handlers took their jobs quite seriously and Katie once said they feared the children and their abilities but feared the institute more; she would expertly change the discussion to new topics whenever she tried to get her to talk about the institute.It was after Obiora’s porcupine stunt that the doctors began wondering if they could force the children t
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Chapter Eight
After waiting for two hours into the night which felt like days, Omotola was beginning to doubt whether she got Shettima’s message right and when she was about calling it a night a sound made her jump.The electricity in her wings flashed defensively, by their lights she watched in fascination as Shettima stepped out from a shadowed corner of her cubicle, his charcoal colored wings spread around him like a cloak. Omotola grinned in greeting. He smiled back then moved around checking out the room.“I thought you wouldn’t get my message’’ he whispered, took me a while to find where you sleep, I stumbled into Orchid’s cubicle while she was shaving her legs, her room so pink and bright I could barely find a dark place big enough to escape with.’’ he made a puking face and gave another rare smile as Omotola chuckled."What took you so long?"“My own cubicle has been renovated with bright fluorescents lights to stop me le
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